Cloud Security Scanner

A SaaS-based website vulnerability and threat detection service.

Cloud Security Scanner utilizes data, white hat penetration testing, and machine learning to provide an all-in-one security solution for domains and other online assets. CSS detects web vulnerabilities, illicit content, website defacement, and backdoors to prevent possible financial loss caused by damage to your brand reputation.


Comprehensive Risk Detection
Cloud Security Scanner comprehensively detects any risks to your website and online assets, such as web vulnerabilities, weak passwords, website defacement, and Trojan attacks. The system scans all source code, text, and images for vulnerabilities.
High-accuracy Detection
Developed through penetration testing, WTI has built-in multi-layer verification rules to ensure high accuracy of vulnerability detection. The system uses comprehensive decision making and model-based analysis, to provide accurate detection of content risks.
Excellent Customer Service
Submit any questions about the scanning results to our team of experts. Our team will quickly and a thoroughly handle any questions or concerns you might have.
Unlimited Scanning
Run scans quickly without installation, upgrading, or maintenance. Just log in to the console to initiate scan tasks and obtain real-time scan results and alarms. Launching a scan is easy and can be done from anywhere and at any time. Run unlimited scans within the service period.


  • Deep Vulnerability Assessment

    Weak Passwords

    Protects against FTP, SSH, RDP, SMB, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, MYSQL, MSSQL, MongoDB, MemCache, Redis, Oracle, Subversion, LDAP, PPTP, VPN, HTTP basis login, WebForm login form, and other threats

    Website Injections

    Safeguards your online infrastructure from SQL injection, command execution, code injection, SSRF injection, expression injection, JAVA expression injection command execution, deserialization, XPATH injection, and other injection vulnerabilities

    File Inclusions

    Manages local/remote file inclusion (LFI/RFI), arbitrary file read, arbitrary file upload, XXE, arbitrary file deletion, and more

    Logic Vulnerabilities

    Protects against JSON data hijacking, identity authentication security, verification code limitation bypass, business consistency security, business data tamper, authentication permission recall logic, business authorization (horizontal/vertical arrogation) security, business procedure derangement, and business interface calling security

    Front-end Vulnerabilities

    Ensures protection against cross-site (XSS) Request Forgery (CSRF), ClickJacking, Jsonp hijacking, HTTP head injection CRLF, and URL redirection


    Manage and mitigate WebServer misconfiguration, middleware misconfiguration, and container misconfiguration

    Information Leaks

    Manage and control configuration file, test file, directory traversal attack, back-up file, SVN, GIT, compression package, temporary file, interface exposure, Heartbleed bug, and more

  • Comprehensive Detection of Related Assets

    Detection of Related Assets

    Comprehensively detects assets related to the target domain, such as sub-domains, Web server IP addresses, and provides detailed asset fingerprints. WTI can go further to comprehensively detect weaknesses to prevent any possible springboard attacks.

    Big Data Support

    Covers more than 100 million worldwide active IP and Web asset fingerprints, including versions of applications, operating systems, ports, protocols services, as well as SSL certificates and WHOIS data

  • Website Defacement and Malware Inspection

    Website Defacement

    Provides quick detection of any defacement on web pages, such as pornographic content, sensitive content, and other illicit content to help protect your brand image.


    Monitors websites in real time by using multi-dimensional model integration, quickly detects any Trojans or malware injected into your web pages.

  • Instant Alert and Professional Reports

    Evidence and Resolutions

    Provides professional detection and resolutions for the vulnerabilities and threats.

    Instant Alert

    After detecting incidents, the system will provide instant alerts and notifications as an emergency response.

    Professional Reports

    Generates professional risk reports with expert analysis

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