Apsara Stack (Coming Soon)

A comprehensive cloud platform based on Alibaba Cloud’s distributed architecture that enables enterprise customers to deploy and operate Alibaba Cloud services in their on-premises data center.

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As an extension of the Alibaba Cloud public cloud, Apsara Stack enables enterprises to improve utilization of their existing on-premises data center as well as install innovative services in security, and meet requirements in data sovereignty and compliance.

Apsara Stack will be globally available in the second quarter of 2018. Please refer to the Alibaba Cloud website for information and documentation updates regarding this new service.


Hyper-scale Cloud

Apsara Stack supports hyperscale cluster systems containing more than 6,000 servers per region to meet the requirements of operating large business systems and applications visited by a high number of users. Users can efficiently operate and manage those resources, applications, and data on the Apsara Stack platform through a unified management portal, which supports multi-tenancy mode.

Comprehensive Alibaba Cloud Services On-premises

Apsara Stack provides comprehensive cloud services such as IaaS, big data, Alibaba Cloud middleware and security products in your data center, and can be deployed in either hybrid or private cloud mode, to meet the requirements of various applications and solutions.

Exclusive Intelligent Cloud

Apsara Stack provides AI platform and Machine learning frameworks, and supports elastic GPU compute service. These features make Apsara Stack the best option for you to build an exclusive intelligent cloud to develop AI applications. Apsara Stack also provides a full suite of big data tools so that the sensitive data can generate business value without leaving your data center.

Reliable and Secure

Apsara Stack incorporates end-to-end security design and disaster recovery mechanisms to ensure a high standard of security and reliability. Combined with strong data analysis ability and a professional operations team, Apsara Stack IT security products provide users with total data security protection. Alibaba Cloud has passed multiple international certifications including ISO 27001 Information Security Management and Trusted Cloud certification.

Product Details

The diagram below illustrates the simplified product architecture of Apsara Stack, divided into different service layers and functions including IaaS, DaaS, PaaS, Disaster Recovery, Security Framework, and Management Portal.