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Training & Certification

Acquire technical and business capabilities with Alibaba Cloud Training & Certification courses


Enhance your capability

• Understand Alibaba Cloud technology and infrastructure
• Learn best practices with hands-on experiments
• Get ready for ACP certification exams

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Enhance your value

• Verify your technical expertise
• Demonstrate your capabilities with Alibaba Cloud
• Become a certified Alibaba Cloud technical specialist

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Learn from experts

Our training courses are taught by qualified Alibaba Cloud professionals, providing a guaranteed learning experience.

Refresh your cloud skills

Training courses are continuously updated, based on the services currently available on Alibaba Cloud. Taking these courses will allow you to keep your skills and Alibaba Cloud knowledge up-to-date.

Demonstrate your capability

Verify and rank your Alibaba Cloud skills via ACP certification exams according to the level of ACP certification acquired.

Drive your career forward

Fast-track your career with Alibaba Cloud ACP certifications, and gain recognition for your Alibaba Cloud skills by employers, colleagues, partners, and customers.

Latest Updates

Training course update

Training course ACP11001 is now available.

Certification exam update

ACP Elastic Computing certification exam is now available.

Version 2.0 online

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