Internet Champion Global Accelerator Program

Internet Champion Global Acceleration Program (ICGAP) is a platform co-created by Alibaba Cloud and our internet business clients, ecosystems partners to empower internet companies, startups, and SMBs to connect, learn and flourish, and will also assist established businesses in all industries with their digital transformation journey.

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Technology Jumpstart

• Take 2 hours free online course with certification

• Join monthly Internet Champion Day

Business Booster

• Train with Alibaba Global Courses Series

• Get fast Access to the Alibaba Ecosystem

Global Recognition

• Quick onboard of Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest and VC Resources

• Join Alibaba Cloud Internet Champion Night to Promote Your Business

Join Internet Champion Day and Tech Talks to become the next Internet Champion.
We offer full sets of offline and online events that enable you to leverage innovation and cutting-edge technologies to grow, compete, and take solid step to transform in the digital era.
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Internet Champion Day
This is the program’s series offline effort that inspires local business in a “bootcamp”, where you can deep dive into Alibaba Cloud’s technologies, learn from Internet unicorns, connect with experts from China and around the world.
Tech Talks
Get professional certification and what you need from Alibaba Cloud Academy to Succeed in The Internet Sector.
Alibaba Cloud Academy will be hosting a series of online and offline “Tech Talks” to share cutting-edge technologies and Cloud solutions for various industries. During our Tech Talks, listeners will have the opportunity to interface with the experts from Alibaba Cloud, and, for offline events, have an opportunity to work with our on-site hands-on Lab. The audience will also receive valuable coupons to our online professional certification courses which teach users how to use Cloud-related technologies.

Mysql Database Concepts and Operations

After learning this MySQL series courses, the trainees will master the MySQL relevant basic concept, deployment procedure, HA solution, commonly used backup and recovery method and daily inspection skills, thus having a comprehensive understanding of MySQL database. Learn More>
$ 10.00

Operate and Manage a Relational Database on the Cloud

In this Clouder you will learn about the basic concepts of RDS, the benefits of using it and understand its key features. It also includes demos that further introduce database/account management, security settings, read-only instances, database backups and third-party tool integration. Learn More>
$ 10.00

Introduction to Big Data Platform on the Cloud

In this Clouder you will learn how to utilize data to make better business decisions. Optimize Alibaba Cloud's big data products to get the most value out of your data, including loading, anlalyzing and get better insight from the semi-structured log data using Alibaba Big Data platform. Learn More>
$ 10.00

Tech Companies On Their Way to Becoming Champions

Alibaba Cloud’s comprehensive suite of services and innovative technology helped those internet companies win.

Alibaba Cloud opened a region in Jakarta in early 2018, since then, Tokopedia decided the strategic direction to leverage Alibaba Cloud’s IaaS, Big Data, and AI capabilities to support all Tokopedia services going forward.

E-commerce, Asia Pacific

Tokopedia currently runs 20+ full-stack core applications with close to 1000 VMs and various kinds of managed services in a reliable, scalable, and cost-effective IT infrastructure on Alibaba Cloud. Besides that, Tokopedia is also leveraging the end-to-end big data solutions to get quick insights from its huge offline and incremental data sets. Learn More

Not only did Alibaba Cloud provide HelloToby with top-notch stability and highly scalable computing power, but their support staff is also accommodating during the onboarding process.

Innovative Technology, Asia Pacific

Being able to deliver state-of-the-art service with zero service disruptions and highest security standards was the reason HelloToby chose Alibaba Cloud. More importantly Alibaba Cloud's flexibility and easy-to-use API allowed HelloTobby to launch new pages for SEO and customize deployment. Learn More

We have found that Alibaba Cloud’s DNS is more reliable than any other DNS service provider in China and the U.S. In fact, our service availability with the number of mobile carriers has increased significantly from 50% to 200% after switching to Alibaba Cloud.

E-commerce App, USA

As BorderX Lab caters to a global audience, we required a robust IT infrastructure to connect consumers with merchants while managing different applications running in multiple data centers across countries. Alibaba Cloud is well established, reliable and they understood exactly our infrastructure needs as an e-commerce company. Also, the global presence of Alibaba Cloud, especially its strong presence in China, was one of the primary reasons we chose Alibaba Cloud. Learn More

There is no doubt that they (Alibaba Cloud) are one of the leading players for international companies looking for a reliable hosting solution for mainland China.

Digital Marketing Service Provider, Australia

While many of our clients already had a website in simplified Chinese before they started using our solution, these websites could simply not be accessed from within Mainland China due to local Internet regulations. That’s where Alibaba Cloud helped. And our clients are now achieving fast loading time for their websites in China.” Learn More

There were two things that impressed me the most. One thing is the smooth ICP application process Alibaba Cloud provides. The other thing is the CDN service. According to my benchmark result, Alibaba Cloud wins on the number of edge servers, average response time, average download speed in all major ISPs and provinces.

Website Building Platform, USA

As an international website building platform, obtaining an ICP license for China is very important to our users. The actual process of obtaining an ICP license though is quite complex. With Alibaba Cloud’s built-in and easy-to-follow ICP application process, it has helped with our user experience a lot. Also, we switched from another CDN provider to Alibaba Cloud because the previous CDN network was a bit spotty and can be slow sometimes in some areas. Learn More

Champions Are Refreshing These Industries

Alibaba Cloud provide high-performance cloud technology and solutions to help internet enterprises in various business scenarios perform at its best. And our Internet Champions are refreshing the following industries by leveraging Alibaba Cloud Technology.


Alibaba Cloud equips financial services providers with professional solutions with high scalability and high availability features. Learn More>


The advanced cloud technology protecting and powering Alibaba can be accessed through Alibaba Cloud’s e-commerce solutions. Learn More>


An array of powerful multimedia services providing massive cloud storage and efficient content delivery for a smooth and rich user experience. Learn More>


Cloud gaming solutions enable enterprises to develop advanced and unique games with a better in-built user experience and with a much lower response time. Learn More>

Champions Start With These Products

Alibaba Cloud products help you to build your business system on the internet faster and cost effectively.
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Events & Resources To Guide You Through ICGAP Journey


A Cloud Guide to Successful eCommerce Promotions

How Alibaba Cloud helps retailers and SMEs thrive during e-commerce promotional periods.


Preparing for a Web Hosting Migration to Alibaba Cloud

How should businesses prepare before migrating to the cloud? This whitepaper offers a comprehensive answer.


Scaling Up: eCommerce and Alibaba Cloud for SMEs

Learn how Alibaba Cloud helps SMEs to attract customers and grow their e-commerce offering.

Learn from our experts through our webinars Learn from our experts through our webinars
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  • • Image Search: Adding a New Dimension to Product Search with Machine Learning
  • • Redefining the Financial Services Landscape: A Journey of Innovation with Alibaba Cloud
Get to know the latest technologies and trends Get to know the latest technologies and trends
  • • How to Register for an Internet Content Provider (ICP) Number for Hosting in China
  • • Navigating through China's Cybersecurity Legislation
  • • Deploying Static Websites Using OSS and CDN on Alibaba Cloud
Find the next Alibaba Cloud event near you Find the next Alibaba Cloud event near you
  • • Alibaba Cloud Internet Champion Day Indonesia 2019 (Wednesday, January 9, 2019, 13:00 - 17:00 GMT+08:00, Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta)
  • • Alibaba Cloud Internet Champion Day Japan (Tuesday, January 29, 2019, 13:00 - 17:15 GMT+09:00, 東京ミッドタウン日比谷BaseQ)

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