Anti-DDoS Premium

By leveraging Anycast to redirect malicious traffic to globally distributed scrubbing centers close to the source of the internet traffic, Anti-DDos Premium protects servers against volumetric DDoS attacks.

Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS Premium is a value-added DDoS protection service. This service is used to protect servers against volumetric DDoS attacks and ensure the availability of business. By modifiying DNS records to redirect malicious traffic through Anti-DDoS Premium’s dedicated IP address, Anti-DDoS Premium, protects your online presence.

Core Features

Dedicated IP Resources
Based on dedicated resources, traffic quarantining, and customizable forwarding rules, Anti-DDoS Premium can mitigate malicious traffic without impacting your business.
Global DDoS Mitigation
Leverages Anycast to redirect malicious traffic to scrubbing centers that are close to the traffic source. The scrubbing centers also work as backups for eachother to ensure service availability.
Ulimited Protection
Antime diversion and full capacity mitigation upgrades the security of your business to successdully defend against DDoS attacks anytime and from anywhere.
Insurance Plan
Provides an entry-level Anti-DDoS Premium solution for users with relative low attack risk.


  • Complete Business Protection

    Protects website and non-website business against DDoS attacks, including on-cloud and on-premises business.

  • Smart Traffic Scrubbing

    Automatically mitigates malicious traffic and learns business traffic baselines to precisely identify and blacklist dangerous IP addresses.

  • DDoS Attack Reports with Multiple Metrics

    You can view the global distribution of attack sources, and view DDoS attack reports with multiple metrics to guide better decision making.


Anti-DDoS Premium

Anti-DDoS Premium

Supports global traffic scrubbing and continuous protection to safeguard your business development.

You can use Anti-DDoS Premium to protect your business against massive DDoS attacks by redirecting malicious traffic to any of the globally distributed scrubbing centers that are deployed close to the traffic source. With unlimited protection and practiced smart algorithms, Anti-DDoS Premium aims to successfully defend against all volumetric DDoS attacks to better safeguard your business.


  • Unlimited Protection

    Provides continuous protection and full capacity to defend against all DDoS attacks without the need to predict the volume of each attack.

  • Distributed DDoS Traffic Mitigation

    Provides globally distributed scrubbing centers to mitigate DDoS attacks launched from anywhere in the world.

  • Smart Protection for Business

    Based on years of development, Anti-DDoS can be applied to different scenarios to safeguard your business.