ApsaraDB RDS for PPAS

An on-demand database hosting service for PPAS with automated monitoring, backup and disaster recovery capabilities

Based on PostgreSQL, ApsaraDB for PPAS is a database service that has been jointly developed by Alibaba Cloud and EnterpriseDB, and is compatible with Oracle. The service enables easy data migration and supports Oracle PL/SQL, data types, advanced functions, and table partitioning.


High Compatibility
Compatible with Oracle data types and PL/SQL.
Lowers the workload by 90% compared with migrating to other databases.
Automated Deployment
Completes the deployment process in five minutes.
The process is fully automated to avoid human errors.
Local Disaster Recovery
Enterprise level high availability with dual redundancy.
Two zones in one region. Offers enhanced protection and availability.
Offers a cost-efficient solution and reduces migration cost.
Oracle database administrators and developers can use this service without much learning effort.


  • Incremental Data Migration

    With Alibaba Cloud Data Transmission Service, you can incrementally synchronize your on-premise Oracle database to ApsaraDB for PPAS, and shorten the downtime during system migration.

    Downtime-free migration solution

    The service first synchronizes all Oracle data to the cloud, and then performs incremental synchronization to update the data persistently. Developers can verify data integrity, test query performance in the cloud, and perform optimization tasks. After the integrity of the data has been verified and all system software has passed the debugging tests, you can migrate your service from the on-premise Oracle to ApsaraDB for PPAS in the shortest downtime.

  • High performance table partitioning

    Provides high performance when implementing table partitioning and strong compatibility with Oracle. For tables with more than 100 partitions, the performance is 50 times higher than that of native PostgreSQL.

    50 times better performance and Oracle compatibility

    ApsaraDB for PPAS is built on the open source PostgreSQL database, whose table partitioning feature is based on triggers. You need to manually create triggers. ApsaraDB for PPAS offers a new solution for table partitioning, which supports the Oracle statement CREATE TABLE... PARTITION BY, and provides DBA_TAB_PARTITIONS and DBA_TAB_SUBPARTIONS catalog views.

  • Full-text Search and GIS Support

    You can directly perform full-text searches and process GIS data using the same SQL engine. This simplifies the development process and avoids the complexity of interactions among multiple systems.

    Custom features for the GIS industry

    Full-text search allows you to query and select natural language documents, and sort these documents by relevance. The most common search is to find the documents that contain the specified keywords, sort them by similarity, and return the results. Meanwhile, PPAS also integrates PostGIS extensions, which enable you to easily manage the coordinates in the database, and perform relational queries on production data.

  • OSS Storage Expansion

    Removes the storage limit in RDS systems. Provides unlimited OSS storage for external tables.

    Readable, writeable, and unlimited storage

    With external tables, you can use the CSV files stored in OSS as local data tables. The service also allows you to perform JOIN queries involving local tables, to read and write data directly, and to flexibly increase the database size to meet your needs for the management of hot and cold data lifecycles.

  • Data Warehousing

    Supports OSS data exchange with HybridDB for PostgreSQL. Enables data warehousing with PostgreSQL-based OLAP databases.

    Integration with HybridDB for PostgreSQL

    After you have migrated your Oracle database system to Alibaba Cloud, you can easily integrate OLTP and OLAP systems based on the BI capability of OLAP data warehouses provided by HybridDB for PostgreSQL. This further enhances business performance and enables lower costs.

How it works

  • Migrate Oracle to the Cloud
  • Brings Together OLTP and OLAP
Migrate Oracle to the Cloud

Migrate Oracle to the Cloud

Creates more values to cloud migration

Migrating Oracle databases to the cloud is the first step. The service provides enterprise level high availability and local disaster recovery, and can integrate with HybridDB for PostgreSQL to implement OLAP solutions that scale based on your needs.


  • Easy Migration

    Lowers the workload of changing application architecture by 90% compared with migrating to other databases.

  • More Values

    Offers local disaster recovery and improves high availability with upgraded protection at the same cost.

  • OLAP Extensions

    Integrates with HybridDB for PostgreSQL to provide real-time reporting and OLAP capabilities 100 times better than traditional solutions.

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Brings Together OLTP and OLAP

Brings Together OLTP and OLAP

A Comprehensive Migration Solution

ApsaraDB for PPAS is highly compatible with Oracle and minimizes the changes to existing applications and reduces migration costs. You can use Data Transmission Service (DTS) to incrementally import data. This reduces the downtime during system cutover and enables you to perform parallel tests on the target system without affecting your service. You can also import BI and report data to HybridDB for PostgreSQL and use an MPP data warehouse to quickly analyze the data for better decision making.


  • Data Migration

    DTS supports incremental data migration, which makes it easy to perform system cutover and verify the functionalities of the system.

  • Unlimited Storage

    Offers unlimited OSS storage and removes the storage limit in RDS.

  • OLAP Analysis

    HybridDB for PostgreSQL provides 20 to 100 times performance enhancement in SQL analysis.

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