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    Dwidayatour Case Study


    Established on July 19, 1967, PT Dwidaya World is one of the largest travel agents in Indonesia. Under the brand name Dwidayatour, they have more than 60 branches in major cities throughout Indonesia. Each year several prestigious awards are awarded to Dwidayatour, including the 'Top Travel Agent' by several leading airlines such as Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways, KLM Royal Dutch, Garuda Indonesia, Eva Air, and Lufthansa German Airlines.

    The Challenge

    Dwidayatour saw rapid growth in demand for its online travel and ticketing services, and to meet this expansion, the company needed to scale its systems quickly but cost-effectively. As Prasetya Setiawan, Vice President of IT Dwidayatour explains, "We wanted the freedom to scale to whatever computing capacity we needed to support our services. We were also looking at an alternative cloud service provider that would offer high levels of flexibility and cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality."

    Why Alibaba Cloud

    Based on a recommendation, Dwidayatour approached Alibaba Cloud. "Alibaba Cloud offered an end-to-end service providing everything we need for a cloud-based data center. We also have a lot of faith in the stability of the Alibaba Cloud platform. This was an important criterion because we can't afford to let our customers down. Our services must be constantly available," says Prasetya.


    By using Alibaba Cloud, Dwidayatour avoids concerns over the length of procurement cycles, managing a sizeable data center, or the number of IT staff to manage such infrastructure. Because Dwidayatour can scale its Alibaba Cloud infrastructure on-demand, the company doesn't have to plan procurement months in advance, which in turn simplifies budgeting processes.

    Most importantly for Prasetya, he is confident that Alibaba Cloud can help Dwidayatour drive the business forward, and for this reason the company has moved all of its core services to Alibaba Cloud.

    Looking ahead, Dwidayatour plans to extend the value of its investment in Alibaba Cloud through new services. Prasetya says, "We are assessing Security and Big Data services relating to securing our websites and generating more user insight. We will certainly adopt more Alibaba Cloud services over time to continue driving rapid growth."


    Dwidayatour successfully deployed Alibaba Cloud services using its own internal resources. Prasetya describes the process as "smooth," saying that the documentation available on Alibaba Cloud was simple to understand and follow. "If we had any questions, we would contact our Cloud Architect manager who was very supportive and helpful," says Prasetya.

    Dwidayatour leverages multiple Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances to support its apps and solutions. The company uses Relational Database Service (RDS), ApsaraDB for Redis for in-memory caching, and Server Load Balancer for distributing incoming traffic, Object Storage Service (OSS) for storage and Content Delivery Network (CDN) to distribute content.

    The diagram below illustrates Dwidayatour's cloud architecture using Alibaba Cloud: