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Schneider Electric leverages the large-scale storage and high-powered computation off Alibaba Cloud to deploy its remote energy management platform.

    Schneider Electric Case Study


    As one of the world’s top 500 companies, Schneider Electric specializes in electricity distribution and automation management, and has operations in more than 100 countries.

    The company offers an online, user-friendly energy management application known as Remote Energy Management (REM), a platform that facilitates remote collection and storage of data and provides instant access to real-time information. The application allows customers with real-time and useful information, generates insights including energy usage statistics and analysis, enables setting up of energy consumption alarms and energy modeling.


    Schneider Electric required a cloud solution for its energy management platform to manage high computational operations, which were essential for catering to client requirements. As the business involves storage and analysis of huge amounts of data, the company also needed a convenient and scalable storage solution to facilitate operations efficiently.

    Why Alibaba Cloud?

    Schneider Electric wanted a truly global cloud network to power its application, including access to the China market with its very high barriers to entry. Alibaba Cloud therefore provided the global coverage Schneider Electric needed, as well as providing advanced infrastructure to manage heavy traffic on its cloud-based energy management application.

    With the support of Alibaba Cloud's click and deploy infrastructure, Schneider Electric was able to make the transition from a traditional equipment provider to a unique and innovative online service provider. Crucial to Schneider Electric's success was Alibaba Cloud's flexible Elastic Compute Servers (ECS) with auto scaling features and load balancing capabilities to underwrite strong reliability and manage traffic in real-time.


    Products Used: Elastic Compute Service, Table Store, MaxCompute, Server Load Balancer and ApsaraDB for RDS

    The REM platform utilizes smart meters together with gateways to collect energy consumption data, which is remotely stored in Alibaba Cloud Table Store at a centralized location. The company uses massive clusters of ECS servers to concurrently process huge amounts of data and thereby help clients to analyze energy consumption patterns.

    Via Table Store, a NoSQL database service, we can store massive volumes of customer energy usage data with different structures. This product ensures that the addition of a new data type doesn’t alter the standard data structure. Also, its K-V data storage method maintains the query efficiency even if the data volume increases exponentially.

    The Server Load Balancer monitors and directs traffic to clusters and maintains an equitable distribution of load on each cluster, ensuring consistent performance of the deployment.

    Final Word

    “The elasticity and scalability provided by Alibaba Cloud ECS ensures that our IT infrastructure can flexibly expand alongside our business growth. What’s more, Alibaba Cloud Table Store offers a convenient and flexible storage solution to efficiently handle massive volumes of data for.”