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Elastic and secure virtual cloud servers to cater all your cloud hosting needs.

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ECS g8m (ARM) Instance

Best Price Performance Instance Is Open for Free Invitational Preview

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7th Gen ECS

Alibaba Cloud 7th Gen ECS Is now available, fully equipped with TPM chips and increase instance computing power by up to 40%.

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Advanced Computing Performance

Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) provides fast memory and the latest CPUs to help you to power your cloud applications and achieve faster results with low latency.

Deploy ECS instances with just a few clicks from the easy-to-use console and scale capacity up or down based on real-time demands.

High Availability

Alibaba Cloud ECS provides the highest SLA commitment for both single instance and multiple instances in multiple availability zones among the top cloud providers worldwide. Alibaba Cloud gained lots of experience of running infrastructure at large scale while maintaining high availability. We are currently supporting the world's largest e-commerce platforms such as Taobao and Tmall and we work closely with scientists from DAMO Academy to accurately predict, prevent and mitigate infrastructure issues without impacting our customers.

Technology Leadership

On top of the world-class customized components from our various vendors, Alibaba Cloud invested heavily on the Research & Development of our ECS product. Over the time, we developed X-Dragon compute platform, including the self-developed SOC, hardware acceleration card, as well as the Dragonfly lightweight hypervisor.Our Technology leadership provides a foundation for the high performance, availability, elasticity, scalability and security you enjoyed in our ECS products.


As the largest cloud provider in China and the 3rd largest cloud provider worldwide by revenue , Alibaba Cloud ECS has the scale to provide high elasticity that can meet your business needs instantly. We can provide hundreds of thousands of vCPUs in minutes for a single customer in a single region, that is because of our sophisticated smart placement algorithm, dynamic and automatic planing as well as our optimization of both hardware and software.


  • High Availability

    Alibaba Cloud adopts more stringent IDC standards, server access standards, and O&M standards to ensure data reliability and high availability of the cloud computing infrastructure and ECS.

  • Security

    Alibaba Cloud has passed a host of international information security certifications, such as ISO 27001 and MTCS, which demands strict confidentiality of user data and user information, as well as user privacy protection.

  • Elasticity

    Elasticity is a key benefit of cloud computing. Alibaba Cloud provides elastic computing, storage, networking, and business architecture planning and allows you to combine your businesses as needed.

  • Reliable

    Alibaba Cloud ECS offers an industry-leading SLA, with a commitment of 99.975% availability for individual instances and a commitment of 99.995% availability for multiple zones within the same region.

  • Flexible Billing Methods

    ECS provides multiple billing methods to cater to the cost-effectiveness requirements in different scenarios. Annual/monthly subscription, Pay-As-You-Go, Real time bidding subscription, Reserved instance. Exclusive network bandwidth billing methods are also provided to help you save more on resources.

  • Deploy and Grow Globally

    Choose from 27 international regions with multiple availability zones in each region and manage all regions from a single global account.

Product Updates

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      SAP on Alibaba Cloud

      SAP on Alibaba Cloud

      Alibaba Cloud has SAP certifications for a range of ECS instances

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      Gaming Solution

      Gaming Solution

      Stay flexible and reactive to the real-time needs of your business with ECS

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      Hybrid Cloud

      Hybrid Cloud

      ECS provides fast memory and the latest CPUs to power your cloud applications

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      IT Service Providers

      IT Service Providers

      Scale your resources on demand with our high-performance ECS

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      24/7 Technical Support

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      ECS Features

      Features that meet your needs in every scenario

      Flexbile Puchasing Options

      ECS provides flexible purchasing models such as subscription model, pay as you go, reserved instances, as well as preemptible instances to meet your different business needs.

      Auto Scaling >

      You can make an Autoscaling group and your ECS instances in the group can automatically scale-out or scale-in according to the metrics or triggers or your choice such as CPU utilization or network utilization.

      Auto Provisioning

      Auto Provisioning makes it easier for you to take advantage of preemptible instances. It will automatically pick the instances across instance families, availability zones and purchasing models according to your strategy such as 'lowest cost' and utilize preemptible instances as much as possible to maintain you ECS fleet at your desired capacity.

      CPU options

      ECS allows you to turn off hyperthreading that is beneficial to certain workloads such as HPC. ECS also allows you to shut down certain amount of vCPUs in order to save licensing costs.

      Dedicated Host Clusters

      ECS provides Dedicated Host Clusters (DDH) so that the physical servers are dedicated to you without other tenants on it. You can place your virtual machines onto those servers according to your needs.

      Rely on Alibaba Cloud's Worldwide Data Centers

      Alibaba Cloud has 84 zones strategically located across 27 regions in the world, providing reliable computing support for billions of customers.

      • No.1

        Market Share in Asia Pacific

        IaaS and IUS Market Share - Gartner IT Service Report 2019

      • 27

        Global Data Center regions
      • 2,800 +

        CDN Nodes around the Globe
      • 84

        Available Zones


      US East


      US West
















      China (Hong Kong)


      China North


      China South


      China East






      China West







      Data centers and availability zones


      Alibaba Cloud Marketplace includes a set of free and commercial software from global famous vendors that you can run on your ECS instances. Explore Marketplace


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      Fortinet FortiGate (PAYG) NGFW (HA Supported)

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      Windows Server 2016 with SQL Server 2016 Standard

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      Microweber CMS

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      Operating Systems

      Public images are licensed by Alibaba Cloud, which are highly secure and stable. Public images include Windows Server system images and mainstream Linux system images. For more information, see Public image overview

      Alibaba Cloud Linux


      Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 64bit

      From $ 43.000 USD/month


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      SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications 12 SP2

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      What is Elastic Compute Service (ECS)?

      Elastic Compute Service (ECS) is a high-performance, stable, reliable, and scalable IaaS-level service provided by Alibaba Cloud. It is more convenient and efficient compared with physical servers. You can immediately acquire ECS instances and scale computing resources on-demand. ECS provides a variety of instance types that suit various business needs and help boost business growth.

      Are fees still incurred after a pay-as-you-go ECS instance is stopped automatically due to an overdue payment or is manually stopped?

      When the payment for a pay-as-you-go instance becomes overdue, the instance is automatically stopped and taken out of service.

      You can stop a running pay-as-you-go instance in the ECS console or by calling the StopInstance operation. When the instance is stopped, its status changes to Stopped. Billing of pay-as-you-go instances in the Stopped state depends on their network types.

      • VPC: The No Fees for Stopped Instances (VPC-Connected) feature takes effect on pay-as-you-go instances in VPCs. After the feature is enabled, pay-as-you-go instances in VPCs start being billed when they are created, stop being billed when they enter the Stopped state, and resume being billed when they are started again. With the feature enabled, the vCPUs, memory, and public IP addresses of a VPC-type ECS instance in the Stopped state will not incur any additional costs, but its data disks will continue to be billed. For more information, see No fees for stopped VPC instances.
      • Classic network: ECS instances in classic networks will continue to be billed, even when they are in the Stopped state.

      To which types of ECS instances is the No Fees for Stopped Instances (VPC-Connected) feature applicable?

      The No Fees for Stopped Instances (VPC-Connected) feature is applicable to ECS instances that meet the following requirements:
      • The network type of the instances is VPC.
      • The instances use the pay-as-you-go billing method.
      • The instances do not use local disks.

      I have set Stop Mode to No Charges After Instance Is Stopped when stopping an instance. When I start this instance again, its public IP address changes. How do I keep the IP address from changing?

      When an instance enters the No Fees for Stopped Instances state, its public IP address is released. When the instance is started again, it is assigned a new public IP address.

      To retain the original public IP address of the instance, you can convert the IP address to an Elastic IP Address (EIP) before you stop the instance. For more information, see Convert an ECS public IP address in a VPC to an Elastic IP Address and ConvertNatPublicIpToEip.

      Notice: After the IP address is converted to an EIP, you will be charged for the EIP while the instance is in the No Fees for Stopped Instances state. For more information, see Billing method of the EIP documentation.

      Why has a pay-as-you-go bill been generated for my instance? What are the fees on the bill? You can copy your instance ID and perform the following steps to view the bill details:

      1.Log on to the ECS console.

      2.In the top navigation bar, choose Billing > User Center.

      3.In the left-side navigation pane, choose Spending Summary > Instance Spending Detail.

      4.Set the search criteria.

      How are enhanced SSDs billed?

      Enhanced SSDs support both subscription and pay-as-you-go billing methods. For more information, visit the Pricing page.

      How is the public network usage of ECS instances billed?

      For details, see Billing of Internet bandwidth.

      For more information, see Pricing FAQ.

      What are enterprise-level instances? What are entry-level instances?

      Enterprise-level instances are a series of instance families released by Alibaba Cloud in September 2016. Enterprise-level instances feature high performance, consistent computing power, and balanced network performance. These instances have exclusive and consistent computing, storage, and netw