Copy a custom image

Last Updated: May 08, 2018

Copying an image is a process in which a custom image is copied from one region to another region. Copying images across regions allows you to deploy a backup image system, or an identical application environment, in different regions.

When a request of copying a custom image is initiated, Alibaba Cloud copies the snapshot that the custom image is created from the source region to the target region, and then creates a custom image from the copied snapshot in the target region. The speed of the process of copying the snapshot between regions depends on the network status. Moreover, Alibaba Cloud supports processing concurrent requests of copying images and your request maybe in a long queue. Therefore, it may take long time to complete the copying images operation.


  • Currently, copying images is only allowed among regions in mainland China. However, you can open a ticket to apply for coping images to an international region, and indicate the source region, the destination region, and the image ID in your ticket. For more information about Alibaba Cloud regions, see Regions and zones.

  • If your custom image is larger than 200 GB, when you click Copy Image, you are directed to open a ticket to complete copying the image.

Copy a custom image

To copy a custom image, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the ECS console.

  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Snapshots & Images > Images.

  3. Select a region.

  4. Select the custom image you want to copy, and in the Actions column, click Copy Image.

    Note: If your custom image is larger than 200 GB, when you click Copy Image, you are directed to open a ticket to complete copying the image.

  5. In the Copy Image dialog box, the ID of the selected image is displayed, and you have to complete the configurations:

    1. Select the target region. Currently, copying images is only allowed between regions in mainland China.

    2. Specify a name for the image to be displayed in the target region, and give a brief description of the image to ease future management.

    3. Click OK.

  6. Click the target region and check the progress. When 100% progress is displayed, the image is copied successfully.

    Note: When the progress is not 100% and the status of the image is Creating, you can click Cancel Copy to cancel the copying process. After the process is canceled, the image information is removed from the target region.

    ECS_Cancel Copy

Next step

After the copied image is ready, it is in the Available status, and you can check the snapshot for creating the custom image in the Snapshot List of the ECS console.

You can use the custom image to create an ECS instance or change a system disk.


For more information about copying images, see FAQs about copying images.

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