SMC can migrate one or more migration sources to Alibaba Cloud. Migration sources refer to IDC servers, virtual machines, cloud hosts on other platforms, or other types of servers that you want to migrate. Migration sources are also known as source servers. This topic aims to help you understand the migration process of SMC.

When SMC performs a migration, it performs operations both on the migration source and in the SMC console. You must import information from the migration source to the SMC console, and then complete the migration task in the SMC console. The migration process is as follows:
  1. Preparations (before you start)
  2. Perform operations on migration sources
    1. Download and decompress the SMC client package.
    2. Run the SMC client.
  3. Step 2: Create and start a migration task
    1. Create a migration task.
    2. Start the migration task.
    3. View the migration status and perform the next step.