Elastic IP Addresses (EIPs) are charged and billed on a Pay-As-You-Go basis.


The billing method of Pay-As-You-Go means you are billed after each EIP is used. Pay-As-You-Go EIPs are charged based on traffic. The Pay-As-You-Go EIP features are as follows:
  • You can release a Pay-As-You-Go EIP at any time. After a Pay-As-You-Go EIP is released, the bill for the last day or hour is generated and fees are deducted in the next day or hour. For more information, see Release an EIP.
  • After an EIP is associated with an ECS instance in a VPC, the EIP is free from the instance fee. If the EIP is associated with a NAT Gateway, Server Load Balancer (SLB) instance, secondary Elastic Network Interface (ENI), or High-Availability Virtual IP Address (HaVip), the instance fee is charged and billed.

For more information about the billing method of EIPs, see Pay-As-You-Go.