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How Cloud Hosting Can Boost Your SEO

SEO strategies play a vital role in attracting traffic and boosting your business’ visibility.


SEO strategies play a vital role in attracting traffic and boosting your business’ visibility. On the other hand, cloud hosting is also rapidly evolving, as more and more SMEs and even large enterprises are happily switching to it!

If you have already implemented SEO for your site, and want to inculcate cloud hosting as well, here’s everything you need to know how these two solutions go about together.

We all know how a reliable cloud service lets you access your data remotely without being restricted to just one device. So, let’s see some more advantages of cloud hosting and how it affects your SEO.

How Cloud Hosting Boosts your SEO?

Faster Page Loading

Unorganized server infrastructure, poorly maintained server site and bad server location are all culprits of slow page load times.

But cloud computing combats all these problems and allows for faster page loads. That’s because in cloud computing, the resources are scattered across multiple interconnected servers. To run your website smoothly, these isolated resources can be derived from servers easily, as and when needed. Such a convenient system allows for faster page loads and better handling of traffic.

This in turn directly boosts your SEO, as search engines favor websites that load quickly.

Unrestricted hosting location

With cloud hosting, you don’t really have to worry about server locations.

We know that search engines give attention to geography and consider locally hosted websites first in the results. This technique is good for people looking for physical local businesses. But, it is not much of a help when you seek a web-based service that serves different geographical locations. That’s when cloud computing steps in.

Cloud hosting does not restrict you to only local servers. Rather, the servers are abstract to let businesses expand their services all across the globe and create several geo sites cost-effectively.

Boost in Uptime

Your search engine rankings are greatly affected by website downtimes. 

Every time your site is down, the search engines will lower your DA (Domain Authority) rating, resulting in a lower rank on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Downtimes are more frequent if you rely on a physical server, as the hardware is prone to failure.

Cloud hosting is much more reliable to boost uptime, as it backs up all your data and comprises of multiple interconnected servers. If one server fails, the other one takes its position to keep your site up and running.

With increased uptime, the keywords on your site will automatically be more likely to get recognized by search engines, thereby boosting your SEO and traffic.

Avoid the Spam Bots

Spambots are probably the most annoying thing businesses have to deal with.

These bots spam your site and leave automated malicious links in the comments section, decreasing the DA (Domain Authority) rating of your site. This further lowers your ranking in SERPs, as search engines don’t consider websites that have spam links.

Now you can always delete these links manually, but it is quite a tedious task.

With cloud hosting, you don’t have to do that. Cloud computing provides myriads of tools for protection against spambots.


The biggest advantage of cloud hosting is the fact that how reliable it is to use. If your site is down most of the time, naturally your SEO ranking will be hit badly. 

But with cloud hosting, you will get quick help or solutions from cloud providers for any glitches or problems you might be facing with your site. 

Better Maintenance and Flexibility

Another great thing about cloud hosting is that the providers get to offer better services and top-class maintenance to customers, as the IT systems, server sites and isolated resources are situated at improved settings.

Since the entire IT infrastructure is located at one place, the cloud hosting solution becomes much more cost-effective and flexible. The cloud providers can also offer various advanced tools and consoles, so clients can manage their website remotely with ease.

These advanced utilities help businesses plan efficient SEO strategies.


It's obvious that most people today use the Internet via smartphones. This is why, it is important for every site owner to optimize their website for mobile use. As a matter of fact, smartphones have less computing ability and petite screens as compared to PCs. So with traditional servers, it becomes a bit challenging to make your website mobile-ready.

In cloud hosting, the providers offer advanced analytics and data to the clients for effective customization of their site. With these readily available tools, business owners can easily tailor their site for mobile accessibility- which is extremely important for SEO.


Malware attacks are becoming more and more apparent each day, affecting the SEO of websites.

If search engines detect malicious software on your website, your site’s ranking is pushed down in SERPs.

Cloud computing provides better security to your site from phishing, click-jacking, malware attacks and so on. Cloud providers offer top-notch security to customers in order to keep their data backed up and their site up and running at all times. 

Cloud hosting is a secure solution that provides much needed protection to websites, so their SEO ranking remains upright.

Wrap Up

Cloud hosting has myriads of benefits when it comes to SEO.

Compared to traditional hosting, cloud hosting can certainly boost your SEO ranking with the help of the latest technologies, maintenance consoles and advanced tools. 

Hope this post helps you understand how cloud hosting and SEO go together in boosting your website’s traffic and increase your business’ visibility. It’s high time for every website owner to switch to the cloud and take advantage of its perks in search engine optimization.

This article is originally published on Cloud Hosting Services site.

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