Community Blog Jump Start Your Digital Transformation with a 12-Month ECS Free Trial

Jump Start Your Digital Transformation with a 12-Month ECS Free Trial

We have extended the validity period of our free trial to 12 months for ECS instances, and increased the amount to up to $450-$1300 for 40+ products!

Alibaba Cloud has just extended the validity period of the Free Trial offer to 12 months for ECS instances! In order to help SMEs grow and transition from a traditional IT infrastructure to the cloud, we have also increased the Free Trial amount to $450-$1300, providing individuals and SMEs access to over 40 products.

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"We are at the inflection point in which businesses of all sizes should and could migrate to the cloud," Zhang Jianfeng, President of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, at the 2019 Alibaba Cloud Summit in Shanghai.

Many large enterprises have already migrated to Alibaba Cloud, but the cloud migration needs of SMEs are far from being satisfied. Studies show that for SMEs, the workload deployed to public cloud platforms is still under 20% of the total workload. In other words, 80% of the workload by SMEs is still deployed in Internet data centers (IDCs), on-premises data centers, and servers maintained by the enterprises themselves. Alibaba Cloud hopes that by increasing the amount and extending the duration of the free trial offer, SMEs can better overcome the obstacles of migrating to the cloud and reduce cloud deployment costs.

Taking Full Advantage of the Latest 6th Gen Instances

With our exclusive X-Dragon architecture and the latest Intel CPUs, Alibaba Cloud's 6th-Generation ECS instances can deliver up to 30% faster computing performance and provide greater stability, with an SLA commitment of 99.975% for individual instances. You can now experience the latest 6th-Gen ECS servers for free with our Free Trial.

Through this offer, SMEs and individuals can now add T6 burstable instances into their cloud migration plans without any cost commitments. T6 ECS instances are perfect for web application servers, development or testing environments, lightweight applications, and microservices. T6 instances are more cost effective compared with their predecessor, T5, and can reach a maximum bandwidth of 6 Gbit/s.

In the following sections, we'll take a quick look at how ECS instances can help you accelerate your online business.

Building Websites and Establishing Your Brand Online

The first cloud migration step of a conventional business is typically the deployment of its official website to the cloud. A website is just a channel in which potential customers can approach and obtain more information about your enterprise or products. Typically in such scenarios, the number of visits to such websites is predictable and the main requirement is sound reliability, making T6 instances the perfect choice for enterprises.

With the free trial, you can get a T6 instance with 2-core CPU and 2GB memory, as well as 40 GB ultra cloud/SSD disk storage, with a baseline CPU computing performance per vCPU of 20%. Based on our experience over the years, most enterprise websites register an average CPU usage of no more than 20%, which means that T6 instances can easily handle the performance demands of most SME websites.

Reliability-wise, ECS instances have advantages over physical servers. The service level agreement (SLA) of ECS has been given a major upgrade to further reinforce the reliability of services:

  • In the per-instance dimension, Alibaba Cloud provides an SLA commitment that the service availability of a single ECS instance in a service cycle is not lower than 99.975%.
  • In the per-region multi-zone dimension, Alibaba Cloud provides an SLA commitment that the service availability of the ECS instances deployed in multiple zones of the same region in a service cycle is not lower than 99.995%.

Developing Software and Conducting Tests for Internet Enterprises

T6 instances are also helpful for Internet enterprises that are focused on software development. During software development and testing, the development environment and testing environment need to be deployed onto a dedicated server that is isolated from the production environment. The functions and characteristics of burstable instances make these instances an ideal choice for deployment to the development and testing environments.

Dedicated servers are not ideal for development and testing environments as the resource consumption only peaks during deployment, unit testing, and automatic testing of the entire system. Outside of these periods, the servers are generally idle or use very few resources. For the most part, the burstable instance's baseline performance (20% in this case) can satisfy the needs of internet enterprises.

What's more, a burstable instance can store the computing capacity of CPUs not used in 24 hours in the form of CPU credits. Upon requests for the use of resources, the CPU credits can be consumed to provide CPU baseline performance of up to 100% CPU usage.

Jump Start Your Cloud Journey with A Free Trial

In addition to the T6 burstable instances, Alibaba Cloud also provides other types of instances for free to individuals and SMEs.

Individual Account users are eligible for a free 1-Core 1 GB instance for 12 months or a 2-Core 2 GB instance for 3 months, while Enterprise Account users are eligible for a free 2-Core 2 GB instance for 12 months or a 2-Core 4 GB instance for 3 months.

So why wait? Head on to Alibaba Cloud's free trial page to kick start your low-cost cloud migration journey today!

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