This topic provides a complete list of regions and zones of Alibaba Cloud.


A region is a geographic area where data centers can be deployed. The region of an Alibaba Cloud resource cannot be changed after the resource is created. The following table describes the information about all regions of Alibaba Cloud, including the region IDs and the cities where the regions reside.
Note Available regions vary with services. You must consider regions available for different services.
  • Regions in mainland China
    Region City Region ID Number of zones
    China (Qingdao) Qingdao cn-qingdao 2
    China (Beijing) Beijing cn-beijing 12
    China (Zhangjiakou) Zhangjiakou cn-zhangjiakou 3
    China (Hohhot) Hohhot cn-huhehaote 2
    China (Ulanqab) Ulanqab cn-wulanchabu 3
    China (Hangzhou) Hangzhou cn-hangzhou 8
    China (Shanghai) Shanghai cn-shanghai 10
    China (Shenzhen) Shenzhen cn-shenzhen 6
    China (Heyuan) Heyuan cn-heyuan 2
    China (Guangzhou) Guangzhou cn-guangzhou 2
    China (Chengdu) Chengdu cn-chengdu 2
    China (Nanjing) Nanjing(China (Nanjing) is one of the local regions and is in invitational preview.) cn-nanjing 1
  • Region outside mainland China
    Region City Region ID Number of zones
    China (Hong Kong) Hong Kong cn-hongkong 3
    Singapore (Singapore) Singapore ap-southeast-1 3
    Australia (Sydney) Sydney ap-southeast-2 2
    Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) Kuala Lumpur ap-southeast-3 2
    Indonesia (Jakarta) Jakarta ap-southeast-5 3
    Philippines Manila ap-southeast-6 1
    India (Mumbai) Mumbai ap-south-1 2
    Japan (Tokyo) Tokyo ap-northeast-1 2
    US (Silicon Valley) Silicon Valley us-west-1 2
    US (Virginia) Virginia us-east-1 2
    Germany (Frankfurt) Frankfurt eu-central-1 2
    UK (London) London eu-west-1 2
    UAE (Dubai) Dubai me-east-1 1
When you select a region, you must consider the following factors:
  • Geographical locations
    Select a region based on the geographical location of you and your users.
    • Regions in mainland China

      In mainland China, we recommend that you select a region that is the closest to the geographical location of your users to speed up access. However, in terms of network infrastructures, Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) network quality, quality of service (QoS), and ease of use and configurations on Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances, Alibaba Cloud regions in mainland China are almost the same. BGP networks ensure fast access to all regions in mainland China.

    • Outside mainland China

      Bandwidths provided in regions outside mainland China are applicable to users in those regions. If you are in one of the mainland China regions, you may experience a long latency when you select regions outside mainland China. We recommend that you do not select these regions.

  • Connection between Alibaba Cloud services
    If you use multiple Alibaba Cloud services together, take note of the following items:
    • ECS instances, ApsaraDB for RDS instances, and Object Service Storage (OSS) buckets that are created in different regions cannot communicate with each other over internal networks.
    • Server Load Balancer (SLB) cannot balance requests from ECS instances deployed in different regions. ECS instances that you purchased in different regions cannot be deployed on the same SLB instance.
  • Resource price

    The price of resources may vary with regions. For more information, see Pricing page.

  • ICP license filing

    When you select a region, you must consider the special requirements of some areas. For example, if you purchase an ECS instance in a region in mainland China and use the instance as a web server, you must apply for an ICP license.

    If you need to apply for an ICP license, take note of the following items:
    • If you want to apply for an ICP license for services in Beijing, select the China (Beijing) region.
    • If you want to apply for an ICP license for services in Guangdong, select the China (Shenzhen) region.
    Note The Communications Administration of each province in China has specific approval requirements for ICP licenses. For the latest requirements, see the content published on the ICP license application website of the local Communications Administration.


A zone is a physical area with independent power grids and networks in a region. The network latency of connections between instances within the same zone is lower.

Zones within the same region have access to each other, but faults within a single zone do not affect the others. We recommend that you choose a deployment method based on your business requirements for disaster recovery and network latency.
  • If your application requires high disaster recovery capabilities, we recommend that you choose multi-zone deployment to create your instances in different zones of the same region.
  • If your application requires low network latency, we recommend that you choose single-zone deployment to create your instances in the same zone.