Server Migration Center (SMC) is a migration platform developed by Alibaba Cloud. SMC allows you to migrate data from one or more migration sources to Alibaba Cloud. Migration sources can be data center servers, virtual machines, cloud hosts on third-party cloud platforms, and other types of servers. Migration sources are also known as source servers.


SMC allows you to migrate data from one or more source servers to Alibaba Cloud. SMC provides the following features:
  • Incremental data migration

    You can use SMC to synchronize incremental data that is generated in the source server during the migration without interrupting your services. For more information, see Migrate incremental data from a source server.

  • Data migration from multiple source servers
    • You can select multiple migration tasks in the SMC console to migrate data from multiple source servers.
    • You can call the API operations of SMC to create and run migration tasks, query the migration progress, and manage migration tasks. For more information about the API operations of SMC, see List of operations by function.
  • Multi-threaded transfer acceleration

    You can enable multi-threaded transfer acceleration to maximize bandwidth utilization and improve transmission efficiency in high-bandwidth scenarios. For more information, see Enable multi-threaded transfer acceleration.

  • Overview of migration progress

    When migrating data from multiple source servers to Alibaba Cloud, you can view the migration status of each source server.

    The overview page in the SMC management console displays the statuses of all your migration sources and tasks. The progress information allows you to identify and troubleshoot problems that occur during migration.


  • Support for migration from diverse platforms and environments
    • SMC supports diverse versions of Windows and Linux operating systems. For more information about the versions of operating systems that are supported by SMC, see Limits.
    • SMC allows you to migrate data from user-created data centers, on-premises virtual machines, and third-party cloud platforms to Alibaba Cloud. On-premises virtual machines include VMware, Virtual Box, Xen, and KVM. Third-party cloud platforms include Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google GCP, Huawei Cloud, Tencent Cloud, UCloud, Telecom Cloud, QingCloud, and so forth.Support for migration from diverse platforms
  • No dependency on the underlying environments of source servers
    • SMC supports physical-to-cloud (P2C), virtual-to-cloud (V2C), and cloud-to-cloud (C2C) migration.
    • SMC supports diverse file systems and disk types.
  • Migration without downtime

    During data migration, you do not need to stop services that run on the source servers.

  • Easy-to-use, lightweight, and flexible configuration
    • The SMC client is lightweight and free of installation.
    • SMC provides various migration solutions and supports on-demand configuration.
    • After migration tasks are started, the migration process is automatically managed.
  • Secure and stable migration with a high success rate
    • SMC supports whitelist-based verification, transmission channel encryption, and resumable transmission, providing high security and stability.
    • SMC has a high migration success rate because it provides high compatibility with the specifications of Alibaba Cloud server systems.

Migration process

SMC consists of a client and a management console. The following figure shows the migration process of SMC. For more information, see Migration process.smc2


When you use SMC, you are only charged for Alibaba Cloud ECS resources that you create during migration. For more information, see Pricing.