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GCash partnered with Alibaba Cloud to overcome challenges by adopted a mix of solutions including IaaS, the MaxCompute data warehousing platform, the Elastic MapReduce big data platform and a Web Application Firewall.

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With Alibaba Cloud, Garuda Indonesia managed to reduce network latency significantly. Through this cooperation, Garuda Indonesia managed to migrate over 85 VMs and 3 databases to Alibaba Cloud within 2 weeks with minimum business disruption.

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Transforming Businesses and Shaping Innovation

See how companies large and small are leveraging Alibaba Cloud to grow and improve their business.

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  • AIRec
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  • AnalyticDB for MySQL
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  • ApsaraDB for Cassandra
  • ApsaraDB for HBase
  • ApsaraDB for MariaDB TX
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  • ApsaraDB for OceanBase
  • ApsaraDB for PolarDB
  • ApsaraDB for Redis
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  • Data Management - DMS
  • Data Transmission Service - DTS
  • Database Backup - DBS
  • Dataphin
  • DataV
  • DataWorks
  • DevOps Solution
  • DingTalk
  • Direct Mail
  • Disaster Recovery
  • DNS
  • E-Commerce Solution
  • ECS Bare Metal Instance
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  • Elastic IP address - EIP
  • Elasticsearch
  • E-MapReduce
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  • Intelligent Robot
  • Key Management Service - KMS
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  • Machine Translation
  • MaxCompute
  • mPaaS
  • NAT Gateway-NAT
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  • PolarDB
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  • Realtime Compute for Apache Flink
  • Resource Access Management - RAM
  • Resource Orchestration Service
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  • Teambition
  • Tracing Analysis
  • Virtual Private Cloud - VPC
  • VPN Gateway
  • Web Application Firewall - WAF
  • Web Hosting
  • Elastic GPU Service - EGS
  • Omnichannel Data Mid-End
  • Organizational Data Mid-End
  • ZOLOZ Real ID
  • ApsaraMQ for RabbitMQ
  • Managed Service for Grafana
  • Robotic Process Automation - RPA
  • PAI-Lingjun
  • Energy Expert
  • EasyDispatch
  • Intelligent Visual Production
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  • Tongyi Qianwen (Qwen)


Alibaba Cloud empowers Perhutani, a state-owned enterprise, with essential cloud services to create a robust and reliable infrastructure for critical geospatial data. This partnership provides the scalability, flexibility, and security critical for developing powerful and efficient geospatial applications, supporting the development of Java and Madura islands.

Agriculture Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector

Swire Properties

Swire Properties utilized Alibaba Cloud’s innovative technologies to enhance agility, scalability, stability, and security throughout its operations.

Real Estate Hongkong Enterprise/Public Sector


By offering a cost-effective and robust hosting solution, Alibaba Cloud enabled Chainbase's rapid expansion and smooth data migration without downtime, halving infrastructure costs and enhancing efficiency and security.

Web 3.0 Japan SME/Startup


Alibaba Cloud helped GetCourse deploy a scalable, robust, and cost-effective cloud infrastructure capable of meeting its dynamic business requirements and empowering teaching enthusiasts with the ability to build self-hosted online academies powered by the cloud.

Education Indonesia SME/Startup


Partnering with Alibaba Cloud helps Mekari yield 50% performance boost and 60% latency cut, serving 35000+ Indonesian local businesses with better digital transformative solutions.

Technology Indonesia SME/Startup


Alibaba Cloud provided TOKYO SAUNIST, JAL and AQTIA's collaborative project, with cloud services to efficiently manage a robust backend infrastructure and operations at minimal cost, and the ongoing collaboration and support enabled rapid progress for the project.

Aviation Japan Enterprise/Public sector Technology

Press Metal

Press Metal advanced its sustainability journey by adopting Alibaba Cloud's solutions for precise, real-time carbon tracking, aligning with its vision for carbon neutrality by 2050.

Manufacturing Malaysia Enterprise/Public Sector


myTV SUPER, empowered by Alibaba Cloud's solutions, has significantly enhanced its data analytics while optimizing storage efficiency, solidifying its its position in Hong Kong's competitive digital entertainment landscape.

Media Hong Kong (China) Enterprise/Public Sector

Blockchain Solutions Limited

Utilizing Alibaba Cloud's Elastic GPU and global infrastructure, Blockchain Solutions Limited's flagship, Funverse, redefined metaverse platforms, aligning with their vision of seamless and secure digital solutions.

Web 3.0 Hong Kong (China) SME/Startup


Pictureworks is leveraging Alibaba Cloud's robust infrastructure and expertise to enhance its AIGC technology, delivering superior photo quality with flexible, location-independent capabilities and ensuring its solutions remain competitive.

Technology Malaysia SME/Startup


Bayarlah utilized Alibaba Cloud's comprehensive services to streamline its payment platform, ensuring enhanced security, operational efficiency, and the scalability necessary for empowering MSMEs with advanced digital payment capabilities.

Financial Services Malaysia SME/Startup

Bank Nagari

By implementing the advanced technology and comprehensive cloud services of Alibaba Cloud, Bank Nagari has successfully established a highly secure, reliable, and scalable e-channel platform to enhance customer service.

Financial Services Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector


With Alibaba Cloud’s comprehensive cloud computing services and solutions, Techsun is able to deploy its CRM SaaS platform easily to meet increasing demand in a rapidly evolving market while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction and robust data security.

Technology Indonesia SME/Startup

Heep Hong Society

Utilizing Alibaba Cloud's advanced technology, Heep Hong Society launched an effective online fundraising platform that overcame weather challenges and improved their fundraising reach and efficiency, marking a significant achievement in their mission to aid children and young people.

Non-Profit Hong Kong (China) SME/Startup


By leveraging Alibaba Cloud data centers in Singapore, Piufoto can seamlessly execute efficient AI processing while mitigating the challenges of cross-border data transfers.

Media Singapore SME/Startup


FathomX leveraged Alibaba Cloud's advanced solutions to significantly reduce lead times for computational resources, cut infrastructure costs, and enhance its capability to scale and deploy AI-driven medical diagnostic services globally.

Healthcare Singapore SME/Startup


MUA DAO, in collaboration with Avalanche, leverages Alibaba Cloud's scalable, highly efficient, and secure cloud infrastructure services—encompassing computing, storage, database, networking, and intelligent operations platforms—to construct and facilitate immersive Metaverse spaces within the Cloudverse.

Web3 Singapore SME/Startup

Flat Ads

By harnessing the cutting-edge technology and comprehensive product offerings of Alibaba Cloud, Flat Ads significantly enhanced the technology capabilities of its advertising services and market competitiveness while improving user satisfaction.

Media Singapore SME/Startup

Bank BTN

Bank BTN leveraged Alibaba Cloud's IaaS and PaaS solutions for its mobile banking architecture, ensuring compliance, high performance, and uninterrupted service.

Financial Services Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector


By harnessing the power of Alibaba Cloud's Big Data solutions, Danamas successfully streamlined operations and swiftly gained valuable insights through efficient data analysis of large volumes of data.

Financial Services Indonesia SME/Startup


By adopting Alibaba Cloud's Object Storage Service (OSS) and leveraging its Philippines data centers, CHiNOY TV successfully shortened production cycles, enhanced the quality of its programs, and delivered a smoother experience to viewers, all while achieving optimal cost efficiency.

Media Philippines Enterprise/Public Sector

Trusta Labs

By leveraging Alibaba Cloud's capabilities in data storage, real-time computing, and deep learning algorithms, Trusta Labs was able to rapidly develop on-chain reputation and risk identification features, effectively serve diverse customer needs.

Web3 Hong Kong (China) SME/Startup

J&T Cargo

By harnessing the cutting-edge technology and comprehensive product offerings of Alibaba Cloud, J&T Cargo can build a massive-scale computing cluster and data warehouse platform that delivers high performance, availability, scalability, and cost savings.

Logistics Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector


EasyParcel utilizes Alibaba Cloud's Cloud-Native products and Database Migration solutions to accelerate digital transformation progress, improve operational efficiency, and ensure reliable service delivery during peak demand periods.

Logistics Malaysia Enterprise/Public Sector


By leveraging a range of products and services from Alibaba Cloud, CHARLES & KEITH was able to migrate their data to the cloud and establish a clear blueprint for their digital transformation journey.

Retail Singapore Enterprise/Public Sector


QBiz has rapidly expanded its payment business in the local market in Indonesia, leveraging Alibaba Cloud's services to ensure compliance, stability, speed, efficiency, and security.

Financial Services Indonesia SME/Startup


Futureverse's partnership with Alibaba Cloud has helped them overcome challenges and achieve key results in their pursuit of AI and metaverse technology innovation, their large model training process was significantly optimized and accelerated on Alibaba Cloud's PAI Lingjun AI infrastructure.

Technology New Zealand SME/Startup


JULO partnered with Alibaba Cloud for their digital transformation by utilizing a range of Alibaba Cloud services, such as ECS, SLB, Function Compute, ACK, and RDS, to build a strong and reliable infrastructure.

Technology Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector


This cooperation enabled Synagie to optimize its IT infrastructure with Alibaba Cloud's solutions and achieve their sustainability goal through reducing their carbon footprint in a cost-effective way by Alibaba Cloud's Energy Expert.

E-Commerce Singapore Enterprise/Public Sector


Alibaba Cloud uses the latest reinforcement learning AI technology to improve field service dispatch capabilities and efficiency, helping 5G MAX PTE LTD fulfill customers’ service scheduling and rescheduling requirements in real-time.

Logistics Singapore SME/Startup

Fenrir Inc.

Alibaba Cloud's mature, flexible, and auto-scaling functions have enabled Fenrir to deliver a new EC platform to handle the rapid growth in traffic.

Technology Japan SME/Startup

CviLux Group

CviLux Group utilizes Alibaba Cloud's Data Mid-End solutions, MaxCompute, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and DataV to transform data into insights, improve operational efficiency, shorten deployment cycles, and ensure long-term applicability and innovation.

Manufacturing Hong Kong (China) Enterprise/Public Sector


Alibaba Cloud's best practices in terms of security ensure that COMBO users have a stable and secure user environment, enabling COMBO to provide Web3 game developers with stable, highly available and low-latency development tools.

Web 3.0 Hong Kong (China) SME/Startup


Alibaba Cloud's mature, flexible, and cost-effective IT infrastructure and big data solutions have enabled StarTimes to deliver high-quality and affordable entertainment to customers in multiple markets.

Media Africa Enterprise/Public Sector


UQPay utilizes Alibaba Cloud's multiple products and database solutions to maintain strong competitiveness, comply with local regulations, and ensure reliable services to users during peak demand periods.

Financial Services Singapore SME/Startup


Workcentric leverages Alibaba Cloud's ECS, ALB, OSS, ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL, Security Center, and Web Application Firewall solution to improve the efficiency of its system while staying compliant.

Technology Philippines SME/Startup

Bridge A.I.

Alibaba Cloud offers reliable, secure, and cost-effective technical solutions and support services to optimize the cloud architecture for Bridge A.I.

Education Hong Kong (China) SME/Startup


ONEMT leveraged Alibaba Cloud's suite of cloud technology to explore the international markets, reduced operational costs, optimize its IT infrastructure, improve system stability and scalability, and enhanced user experience.

Gaming United Arab Emirates SME/Startup


Alibaba Cloud's mature, flexible, and cost-effective solutions have enabled 6Estates’ cross-border team to deliver powerful and secure document AI solutions to customers in multiple markets.

Technology Singapore SME/Startup


MACAU Pass needs a reliable solution to support business expansion and provide technical support such as fast, reliable, and compliant cross-regional networks. Alibaba Cloud provides capabilities to stably run business in compliance with local laws and regulations. Alibaba Cloud also provides professional technical support and efficient solutions to help MACAU Pass better expand its business.

Technology Macau (China) Enterprise/Public Sector

BES Global

BES Global leveraged Alibaba Cloud's suite of cloud computing service and database to explore the international markets, enhance data security, optimize its IT infrastructure, and improve system stability and scalability.

Technology Singapore Enterprise/Public Sector


This cooperation enabled Com7 to optimize its IT infrastructure with Alibaba Cloud's solutions and improved Com7's operation and maintenance.

Retail Thailand Enterprise/Public Sector


NiftyIN ensures the security of its production environment and data by using Alibaba Cloud's stable, secure, flexible and high-performance IDC and servers, thus ensuring the security of its users' digital assets. In addition, high availability of the cloud computing infrastructure from Alibaba Cloud, providing NiftyIN with a safe and smooth digital experience.

Technology Hong Kong (China) Web 3.0


JAS leveraged Alibaba Cloud's suite of cloud service, database, storage, and cloud migration solutions to enhance data security, optimize its IT infrastructure, and improve system stability and scalability.

Aviation Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector

University of Auckland

Cloud Enterprise Network enabling the University of Auckland to deliver faster, more reliable access to existing learning systems for students overseas who are unable to travel to New Zealand.

Education New Zealand Enterprise/Public Sector


By leveraging Alibaba Cloud's vast experience in the e-commerce industry and solutions, Ztore was able to stay ahead of the competition and meet its dynamic business demands successfully.

E-Commerce Hong Kong (China) Enterprise/Public Sector

ZhongAn International

Through the adoption of Landing Zone, ZhongAn International has established a set of account and authorization system based on business line isolation, environmental isolation, and security compliance. Significant improvements have been made in financial accounting, cost management, and authorization management.

Financial Services Hong Kong (China) Enterprise/Public Sector

Chow Sang Sang

Alibaba Cloud has deployed abundant resources in the Asia Pacific region. They provide stable, secure, and reliable products and services, which helped Chow Sang Sang deliver a smooth and secure digital experience. The highly-integrated services of Alibaba Cloud helped speed up construction of the systems by about five times, in addition to helping Chow Sang Sang save a considerable amount on local deployment and hardware procurement. These advantages were the key factors in Chow Sang Sang's decision to begin their digital journey with Alibaba Cloud.

Retail Hong Kong (China) Enterprise/Public Sector

Sing Tao News

Alibaba Cloud help Sing Tao News Corporation successfully deploy and run its news core system on the cloud through the Enterprise Support Plan

Media Hong Kong (China) Enterprise/Public Sector


IJOOZ leveraged Alibaba Cloud's suite of computing, database, storage, and analytics solutions to explore the international markets, enhance data security, optimize its IT infrastructure, and improve system stability and scalability.

Technology Singapore Enterprise/Public Sector


By leveraging Alibaba Cloud's strengths, DGW Group was able to jump-start its digital transformation and provide leading agricultural solutions to the people of Indonesia.

Agriculture Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector


Tokocrypto utilized Alibaba Cloud’s highly reliable cloud computing capabilities, comprehensive industry solutions and world-class security and compliances to meet customer needs.

Technology Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector


Raiz is able to handle the massive amount of daily transactions and large scale of customer data, and the good quality of service, while staying compliant with local regulations, thanks to Alibaba Cloud's robust offering in Indonesia.

Financial Services Indonesia SME/Startup


"EIP BGP Pro" was deployed as the system infrastructure to ensure communication quality even in the China (Hong Kong) region, so Pocketalk successfully expanded its service in China.

Technology Japan Enterprise/Public Sector


With Alibaba Cloud's highly secure and reliable cloud computing services, ABS-CBN is able to reliably protect its data and virtually produce content anywhere in the world.

Media Philippines Enterprise/Public Sector


Ms-meta.HK is able to develop its Metaverse offering owing to Alibaba Cloud's powerful and secure cloud services, ideal for rendering large and realistic scenes in the Metaverse.

Web 3.0 Hong Kong (China) SME/Startup

W Tech

Thanks to the availability of high-security and robust features provided by Alibaba Cloud, W Tech was able to meet its various needs while expanding its solutions coverage across Southeast Asia (SEA).

Technology Malaysia SME/Startup

AI Rudder

AI Rudder utilized Alibaba Cloud’s highly reliable cloud infrastructure, robust features, and world-class data centers to expand its business quickly and smoothly.

Technology Indonesia SME/Startup


With Alibaba Cloud's cutting-edge cloud computing services, Asiaray is able to provide intelligent and accurate advertising services to its customers.

Media Hong Kong (China) Enterprise/Public Sector


Alibaba Cloud works with Accenture to provide Sephora China with a broad set of cloud computing products and services, helping Sephora China improve the customer experience.

Retail France Enterprise/Public Sector


Alibaba Cloud provides Kiplepay the confidence to serve its growing users and business through reliable, resilient, and scalable services.

Financial Services Malaysia SME/Startup


Thanks to Alibaba Cloud's robust offering in the financial services sector, PAYLATER Malaysia was able to expand its reach across Southeast Asia while also meeting the expectations of its customers.

Financial Services Malaysia SME/Startup


LAWSGROUP successfully set up a fast, secure, and highly available cross-region enterprise network thanks to Alibaba Cloud's global networking solutions.

Retail Hong Kong (China) Enterprise/Public Sector


Danet utilized Alibaba Cloud’s powerful cloud computing and CDN capabilities to bring entertainment to the fingertips of its users.

Technology Vietnam Enterprise/Public Sector

Bank Sumut

Bank Sumut is able to provide innovative, secure, and reliable financial services to its customers, while staying compliant with local regulations, thanks to Alibaba Cloud's robust offering in Indonesia.

Financial Services Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector


WIZ.AI utilized Alibaba Cloud's robust IaaS solutions to successfully host and manage its smart Talkbot service and deliver flexible deployment options to global clients.

Technology Singapore SME/Startup


Matrix leveraged the Alibaba Cloud’s comprehensive suite of computing, storage, and network security solutions to host its global trading platform with high performance, resiliency, and scalability.

Financial Services United Arab Emirates Enterprise/Public Sector


Youpik leveraged Alibaba Cloud's e-commerce solutions and industry know-how to provide an innovative social commerce platform for customers in Thailand.

E-Commerce Thailand SME/Startup


Gitiho successfully deployed its learning site on Alibaba Cloud to ensure high availability, improve response rate, and prevent server performance issues.

Education Vietnam SME/Startup


Technimal was able to reduce latency and costs for its industrial IoT solution by taking advantage of Alibaba Cloud's solutions.

Technology Thailand SME/Startup

Genetic Plus

Genetic Plus created an innovative Virtual Builder Platform to meet their clients’ digital needs by adopting Alibaba Cloud’s advanced computing tools, technologies, and artificial intelligence solutions.

Technology Thailand SME/Startup

Digital Intelligence

Digital Intelligence expanded its customer insights and revenue streams using Alibaba Cloud’s global infrastructure and digital solutions.

Technology Thailand SME/Startup


Silot took advantage of Alibaba Cloud's comprehensive IaaS and data intelligence services to build its innovative social and e-commerce platform, Kaya.

Technology Indonesia SME/Startup

Pakistan Stock Exchange

Alibaba Cloud helped PSX optimize and secure its critical data while boosting the response time of its website to provide investors with a value-added service.

Financial Services Pakistan Enterprise/Public Sector


CIBI leveraged Alibaba Cloud's comprehensive financial-grade cloud services to manage its business at scale while remaining compliant with local regulations.

Financial Services Philippines Enterprise/Public Sector


TVB took advantage of the scalability provided by Alibaba Cloud to maximize its application performance and reduce costs by dynamically scaling computing resources to meet the fluctuating demands.

Technology Hong Kong (China) Enterprise/Public Sector

Tao Kae Noi

Alibaba Cloud helped Tao Kae Noi to improve operational efficiency and expand business in mainland China through its comprehensive suite of cloud offerings.

Retail Thailand Enterprise/Public Sector

Next Kitchen X Rich United Technology

Alibaba Cloud, partnering with Rich United Technology, turned Next Kitchen at the University of Macau into a smart restaurant, offering an all-new catering experience for the faculty and students.

Retail Macau (China) SME/Startup

Bumame Farmasi

Alibaba Cloud equipped Bumame with the necessary tools to cope with the traffic surge for its ever-growing healthcare application and services.

Healthcare Indonesia SME/Startup


Fynance leveraged Alibaba Cloud Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) and enterprise security solutions to build a secure and scalable supply chain finance platform.

Financial Services Singapore SME/Startup

Djakarta Warehouse Project (DWP)

Alibaba Cloud provided the right tools and services for the Djakarta Warehouse Project to bring its offline events online and scale seamlessly.

Technology Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector


Alibaba Cloud and HEROZ established a solid IT infrastructure for Kishin Analytics, a platform that supports professional Shogi research using AI.

Technology Japan Enterprise/Public Sector


Alibaba Cloud's cutting-edge image recognition AI helps automate vehicle image privacy protection for IDOM Inc.

Technology Japan Enterprise/Public Sector

China CITIC Bank International

China CITIC Bank International built a powerful all-in-one banking super app with Alibaba Cloud services to seamlessly serve different financial needs of its customers.

Financial Services Hong Kong (China) Enterprise/Public Sector

YF Life

Alibaba Cloud and HKBN fostered stable, high-quality cross-region network connectivity for YF Life to ensure fast, reliable, and secure data transmission and network communication.

Financial Services Hong Kong (China) Enterprise/Public Sector

Yunpai Networks

Yunpai Networks greatly benefitted from adopting Alibaba Cloud's Elastic Cloud Phone service, reducing the O&M complexity of its cloud gaming platform and improving its business flexibility.

Gaming Mainland China SME/Startup


Alibaba Cloud provided JakLingko with scalable, secure, and highly available cloud infrastructure, allowing it to successfully integrate multiple modes of public transportation in Jakarta.

Technology Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector


HashMicro was able to provide highly available and reliable solutions for its customers through Alibaba Cloud's world-class cloud services and strong presence in ASEAN.

Technology Indonesia SME/Startup


KasPro successfully scaled its applications with Alibaba Cloud, providing better services for its customers while remaining compliant with local regulations.

Financial Services Indonesia SME/Startup


Jotun accelerated its business success in Mainland China owing to Alibaba Cloud's robust cloud ecosystem and market expertise in the region.

Technology Norway Enterprise/Public Sector


Chilibeli developed its social commerce platform on Alibaba Cloud to overcome security and availability issues.

E-Commerce Indonesia SME/Startup

White Channel

White Channel leveraged Alibaba Cloud CDN and ApsaraVideo VOD solution to enhance the overall performance and user experience of its OTT platform.

Technology Thailand SME/Startup


G-bits scaled its mobile game to 10 million players and doubled its operational efficiency with MongoDB and Alibaba Cloud.

Gaming Mainland China Enterprise/Public Sector


ADVANCE is committed to providing enhanced AI services and Alibaba Cloud will continue to support the it through innovative cloud infrastructure services.

Technology Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector


VisionGroup deployed a wide variety of cloud solutions to inject agility, scalability, and flexibility into its blockchain solution.

Technology Singapore Enterprise/Public Sector

Hundsun & IHS Markit

Hundsun & IHS Markit China is able to expand into the Mainland China market seamlessly owing to Alibaba Cloud's technical expertise and familiarity with the local market.

Financial Services United Kingdom Enterprise/Public Sector


AdaPundi leveraged Alibaba Cloud's offering to fast-track the growth of its financial services while staying in line with local security standards.

Financial Services Indonesia SME/Startup

Funsoft Mobindo

Funsoft modernized its technology posture to efficiently manage the growing traffic and ensure high availability for improved user experience.

Education Indonesia SME/Startup


Comm360 leveraged Alibaba Cloud's services to modernize its infrastructure and for worldwide coverage of its PTT applications.

Technology Singapore Enterprise/Public Sector


Xendit leverages Alibaba Cloud's leadership in the fintech industry and local expertise to scale its business effortlessly.

Financial Services Indonesia SME/Startup

Teman Bumil

Alibaba Cloud helped Teman Bumil to run its app continuously without any performance or availability issues.

Healthcare Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector


Alibaba Cloud offered ND LABS a gateway to achieving their ambitious expansion plans with secure, reliable, and intelligent data storage services.

Technology Singapore SME/Startup


Speedwork chose Alibaba Cloud as its technology partner to help the company build a solid technology foundation for its digital commerce platform.

Retail Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector


UBX leverages Alibaba Cloud's ZOLOZ Real ID eKYC solution to improve the efficiency of its system while staying compliant.

Financial Services Philippines SME/Startup


Seekster is the largest tech platform in Thailand that helps customers hire trusted professionals for services, ranging from plumbing to house cleaning and more.

Technology Thailand SME/Startup


DONGMAN is an online comic platform exclusively co-operated by WEBTOON. DONGMAN provides digital comic reading services with the latest original stories in various genres, including romance, comedy, action, fantasy, and horror.

Technology Mainland China SME/Startup


Founded in 2001, Newegg is a technology-focused e-commerce company based in North America, with a global customer reach including Europe, South America, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East.

E-Commerce United States Enterprise/Public Sector


Founded in 1876, Henkel has experienced more than 145 years of success. Henkel operates worldwide with leading innovations, brands, and technologies.

Technology Germany Enterprise/Public Sector


Established in 1989, Senheng has since gone through 6 rounds of transformation programs and is today the biggest Consumer Electronics retailer in Malaysia in terms of revenue.

Retail Malaysia Enterprise/Public Sector


Regaltech is a leading integrated solution provider that uses digital and smart solutions to help its customers become more efficient and sustainable.

Technology Malaysia SME/Startup


LunchBox is a smart, personalized digital point of sale (POS) solution for restaurants to run a successful business.

Technology Singapore SME/Startup

Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group

Founded in 1929, the Group’s iconic brand “CHOW TAI FOOK” is widely recognized for its trustworthiness and authenticity, and is renowned for its product design, quality and value.

Retail Hong Kong (China) Enterprise/Public Sector

Tonghai Financial

China Tonghai International Financial Limited is a Hong Kong-based financial services group, which is listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited.

Financial Services Hong Kong (China) Enterprise/Public Sector

Bamboo System Technology

Bamboo System Technology is a cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS) online learning platform and service provider based in Singapore.

Technology Singapore SME/Startup

Key Links

Key Links is a Hong Kong-based company that offers intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for homes, hotels, and workspaces to improve the quality and comfort levels across living and business environments.

Technology Hong Kong (China) SME/Startup


eBest is committed to bringing the world's best goods to Australia and providing customers with an online shopping experience with next day home delivery across thousands of products.

E-Commerce Australia SME/Startup

Royale International

Royale International was founded in 1993, providing a wide range of tailored logistics solutions to enterprises since its inception.

Logistics Hong Kong (China) SME/Startup


Playerzpot is India’s fast-growing fantasy gaming platform with users participating in online games such as cricket, football, and kabaddi.

Gaming India SME/Startup

Gadget MIX

Gadget MIX is a Singapore-based technology retailer that offers unique high-tech digital products to the highly-connected modern society.

Retail Singapore SME/Startup


INFT is one of Southeast Asia's most prominent digital payments partners that provides best-in-class financial and non-financial solutions.

Financial Services Singapore SME/Startup

Phnom Penh Derivative Exchange (PPDE)

Phnom Penh Derivative Exchange Plc. (PPDE) was established in 2016 and is headquartered in Cambodia. 

Financial Services Cambodia SME/Startup

BP Tapera

In order to help lower-income communities have decent housing, the government of Indonesia has implemented the Public Housing Savings (Tapera) program, which is managed by the Tapera Management Agency (BP Tapera).

Real Estate Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector

Preferred Networks

Preferred Networks, Inc. (PFN) is a Tokyo-based technology company that develops practical applications of deep learning, robotics and other advanced technologies for a range of industries to solve real-world problems that were previously unsolvable.

Technology Japan Enterprise/Public Sector

Yunfeng Financial Group

Yunfeng Financial Group is a listed company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Main Board and is one of the pioneers in financial technology.

Financial Services Hong Kong (China) Enterprise/Public Sector

HP China

HP entered China 35 years ago and ever since it has positively contributed to the development of Chinese economy.

Technology Mainland China Enterprise/Public Sector


Specializing in PC-based CNC controllers, SYNTEC Technology Co., Ltd. has long been engaged in the R&D of CNC hardware and software for machine tools.

Manufacturing Hong Kong (China) Enterprise/Public Sector is an industry-leading Map Data + AI platform that helps enterprises build, scale, and manage their mapping ecosystem. It is an enterprise-centric location data platform.

Technology Indonesia SME/Startup


Cycloan is a decentralized loan marketplace for tech SMEs and startups to secure working capital financing for their business needs through larger tech companies (as the primary source of funds).

Financial Services Singapore SME/Startup

Hang Seng Bank

Founded in 1933, Hang Seng Bank Limited is a Hong Kong-based banking and financial services company, currently serving nearly 3.5 million customers in Hong Kong.

Financial Services Mainland China Enterprise/Public Sector


PT Fliptech Lentera Inspirasi Pertiwi is an Indonesian FinTech company with the aim of helping people send money securely without any transaction fees.

Financial Services Indonesia SME/Startup


SparkFabrik is an Italian tech company supporting businesses in complex digital transformation processes by designing and building cloud-native applications, cloud systems, and infrastructures through modern DevOps techniques.

Technology Italy SME/Startup


Founded in 2019, Trames is a Singapore-based supply chain tech start-up, focused on streamlining the supply chain operations of organizations of all sizes through the provision of a highly collaborative and customizable freight management platform.

Logistics Singapore SME/Startup


DOKU is one of Indonesia’s leading payment technology companies and a pioneer in enabling digital transactions in the country.

Financial Services Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector


HungryPanda LTD is a London-headquartered specialist food delivery platform that connects consumers with businesses selling authentic Chinese food and groceries.

E-Commerce United Kingdom SME/Startup

Tiger Brokers

Tiger Brokers Singapore is the Singapore entity of UP Fintech Holding Limited, known as “Tiger Brokers” in Asia, a leading online brokerage firm focusing on global investors.

Financial Services Singapore Enterprise/Public Sector

Mask Factory

Mask Factory is mainly engaged in the production and sales of non-woven masks.

Manufacturing Hong Kong (China) SME/Startup

Windsor Brokers

A global forex and CFD trading investment firm founded in 1988, it runs a range of trading platforms.

Financial Services Cyprus Enterprise/Public Sector


Headquartered and listed in Singapore, CapitaLand manages a total of SGD 137.7 billion in assets as of March 31, 2021.

Real Estate Singapore Enterprise/Public Sector


Roundesk, a product of Agentis Intelligence, is an enterprise-grade video conferencing platform.

Technology Singapore Enterprise/Public Sector


UAE-based WEMART is one of the largest Asian supermarket chains in the Middle East.

Retail United Arab Emirates Enterprise/Public Sector

New Aim

New Aim is a leading Australian online business supplying thousands of innovative products to online marketplaces.

E-Commerce Australia Enterprise/Public Sector


Founded in 2009, enish is a leading mobile game development and publishing company that is based in the heart of Tokyo.

Gaming Japan Enterprise/Public Sector


Benefit.X redefines corporate credit and optimizes HR operations for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Financial Services Singapore Enterprise/Public Sector

Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia group currently operates 202 aircraft with an average age of less than five years.

Aviation Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector

Median Technologies

Median Technologies is a European MedTech company established in 2002 that offers medical imaging solutions.

Healthcare France Enterprise/Public Sector


Blackboard is a leading EdTech company, serving over 150 million users in higher education, K-12, corporate and government clients across 80+ countries.

Education United States Enterprise/Public Sector

PT Astra Financial

Established in 1981, Astra Financial is a rapidly growing retail financial provider in Indonesia.

Financial Services Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector


With over 340,000 investors as of March 2021, Tanamduit is one of Indonesia’s leading digital financial platforms.

Financial Services Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector

AI Surge

AI Surge is a SaaS provider that develops "automation-as-a-service" solutions for data intelligence, enabling businesses to extract more value from their data without the need of data experts.

Technology India Enterprise/Public Sector

Kartu Prakerja

Kartu Prakerja is a training fee assistance and incentive program for workers, laborers, job seekers, and micro- and small-business owners who are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and in need of increased competence.

Non-Profit Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector

Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB)

Established in 1978, Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) has grown to become one of Malaysia's largest fund management companies.

Financial Services Malaysia Enterprise/Public Sector


Kredivo is a leading digital credit platform in Indonesia that gives underbanked Indonesians access to instant credit financing for both online and offline purchases, as well as personal loans.

Financial Services Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector


Alibaba Cloud Global Application Acceleration Solution helps OpenLearning improve its network performance and develop broader partnerships into China and Asia Pacific.

Education Australia Enterprise/Public Sector


With a median age of 25 and a mobile subscription rate of over 100%, many Filipinos are embracing platforms and solutions like GCash—a micropayment service that transforms the mobile phone into a virtual wallet.

Financial Services Philippines Enterprise/Public Sector

Sena Traffic Sytems

Sena Traffic Systems Sdn. Bhd. is a fast-growing Malaysian company with a mission to provide intelligent and advanced traffic control and management system in Malaysia as well as for the overseas market.

Technology Malaysia Enterprise/Public Sector

EWE Group

EWE Global Express is an international Australian owned company with a diverse service offering in multi-modal logistics such as air and sea, land transport, contract logistics and international parcel.

Logistics Australia Enterprise/Public Sector

E-Commerce System Technology Limited (ECST)

E-Commerce System Technology Limited (ECST) is a leading IT service provider based in Hong Kong.

Technology Hong Kong (China) Enterprise/Public Sector


Casio is one of the top three well-known watch brands in Japan. Its versatile G-SHOCK brand has been popular for many years.

Retail Japan Enterprise/Public Sector

Qinglin Cloud

Qinglin Cloud, a professional Internet service company, provides technical and product-related consulting and services to help enterprises facilitate digital transformation and business expansion.

Technology Mainland China Enterprise/Public Sector

PuraPharm International (HK) Limited

PuraPharm International (HK) Limited is a Hong Kong-based company that is engaged in the research and development, production, marketing and sale of traditional Chinese medicine.

Healthcare Hong Kong (China) Enterprise/Public Sector

Melco Resorts & Entertainment

Melco Resorts & Entertainment Limited (Melco) is a developer, owner, and operator of entertainment casino resort facilities and casino gaming in Asia.

Hospitality Hong Kong (China) Enterprise/Public Sector


Tilkoblet is a data platform that provides easy security module scraping API services to Korean startups.

Technology South Korea Enterprise/Public Sector

KB Food Co.

KB Food Company is Australia’s largest seafood company operating at all levels of the supply chain including; catching, processing, manufacturing, importing, exporting and wholesaling.

Retail Australia Enterprise/Public Sector


Resorts World Genting is a premier leisure and entertainment resort headquartered in Malaysia.

Hospitality Malaysia Enterprise/Public Sector

Universitas Prasetiya Mulya

Universitas Prasetiya Mulya is a leading business school in Indonesia established in 1982 by the country’s prominent business leaders.

Education Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector

PT. Catur Sukses International

PT. Catur Sukses International (hereafter referred to as PT. CSI) is a large home appliances distributor in Indonesia established since 1986.

Retail Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector

115 Technology

Guangdong 115 Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company with independent intellectual property rights.

Technology Mainland China Enterprise/Public Sector

SyZyGy Limited

Incubated in Hong Kong and now operating in the Greater Bay Area (GBA), SyZyGy is a startup specializing in virtual experiences, gamified solutions, and IP content production.

Technology Hong Kong (China) Enterprise/Public Sector

Malong Technologies

Malong Technologies is an AI company that focuses on deep learning and innovation in computer vision.

Technology Mainland China Enterprise/Public Sector

Lagou Education

Lagou Education offers programming courses as part of its education programs.

Education Mainland China Enterprise/Public Sector


3vjia has built a material library that encompasses comprehensive material models and household decoration materials on the market, and has launched a smart design software service.

Retail Mainland China Enterprise/Public Sector

Onion Academy

Onion Academy, formerly known as Onion Math, was established in late 2013. It is an online education company that specializes in K-12 education.

Education Mainland China Enterprise/Public Sector


Shanghai Huadiao Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative technology company that focuses on the R&D of an IoT ecosystem based on the Internet and intelligent hardware.

Technology Mainland China Enterprise/Public Sector


Shanghai SUNMI Technology Co., Ltd. provides professional and cost-efficient intelligent commercial hardware for O2O platforms, software developers, and small and medium-sized vendors.

Technology Mainland China Enterprise/Public Sector

Peanut Diary

Peanut Diary is known for its intelligent shopping guide app. As a social media e-commerce platform, it already had 60 million registered users as of July 2019, with an overall transaction volume of CNY 42 billion.

E-Commerce Mainland China Enterprise/Public Sector


Beijing MosoInk Information Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative company that focuses on technology research and platform operations in digital publishing and mobile education.

Technology Mainland China Enterprise/Public Sector

STO Express

As one of the most rapidly developing logistics enterprises, STO Express has been proactively exploring ways to empower business growth based on technological innovation.

Logistics Mainland China Enterprise/Public Sector

Luen Fung Hang Insurance Company Limited

Established in 1983, Luen Fung Hang Insurance Company Limited is a pioneer in Macau’s insurance industry.

Financial Services Macau (China) Enterprise/Public Sector

Perfect Diary

Established in 2017, Perfect Diary is the first cosmetics brand of Guangzhou Yatsen E-Commerce Co. Ltd. and a unicorn startup company in Guangzhou.

E-Commerce Mainland China Enterprise/Public Sector


AutoNavi is a leading provider of digital map content, navigation, and location-based solutions in China.

Technology Mainland China Enterprise/Public Sector


Xianyu (Idle Fish), is a used goods platform that relies on the e-commerce system of Alibaba Group.

E-Commerce Mainland China Enterprise/Public Sector

Sina Weibo

Sina Weibo is a social media platform that is aimed at helping users build better connections.

Technology Mainland China Enterprise/Public Sector


Shimo is an online document editing and processing tool that provides similar features as Google Docs and Quip.

Technology Mainland China Enterprise/Public Sector


Shenzhen JL-Tour (JLT) has been providing hotel and ticketing services for leading online travel agencies (OTA) for many years.

Hospitality Mainland China Enterprise/Public Sector

Century Mart

Century Mart (Shiji Lianhua) is a supermarket chain with over 170 branch stores across China.

Retail Mainland China Enterprise/Public Sector


RedMart, a part of the Lazada Group, is an online supermarket in Singapore.

E-Commerce Singapore Enterprise/Public Sector


Based in Singapore, CYBERhythm offers an all-in-one cloud security platform that works across multi-cloud environments.

Technology Singapore Enterprise/Public Sector

The University of Western Australia

Alibaba Cloud provided UWA with an agile method to connect remote students in China with the University’s education services through its global and reliable network solution.

Education Australia Enterprise/Public Sector


Hiverlab is an award-winning, innovative media technology company based in Singapore.

Technology Singapore Enterprise/Public Sector


Futuready is a pioneer of online insurance brokerage in the Indonesian market.

Financial Services Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector


Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, Halosis is a fast-growing social commerce startup that aims to empower passionate entrepreneurs and innovators in selling their products.

E-Commerce Indonesia SME/Startup


Yuque is a professional cloud-based knowledge base for team collaboration in documentation.

Technology Mainland China SME/Startup

BCB Blockchain

BCB Blockchain is a one-stop-shop for providing technology infrastructure and developing a blockchain protocol for smart cities.

Technology Singapore Enterprise/Public Sector


Tanahmu serves as a platform that enables six categories of industry players to trade under a brand new agro-ecosystem.

Agriculture Malaysia Enterprise/Public Sector


As India’s No.1 smart cloud camera company, VMukti is a pioneering force behind M2M Video Communication’s IoT transformation

Technology India SME/Startup


Kumu is a dynamic and powerful live-streaming entertainment platform designed for GenZ and Millennial Filipinos.

Technology Singapore Enterprise/Public Sector

Digital, located in Jakarta, Indonesia, is a digital asset exchange platform founded in 2018.

Financial Services Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector

Sprint Asia

Sprint Asia is an Indonesia based digital infrastructure and technology services company.

Financial Services Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector


Tokopedia is the leading marketplace platform in Indonesia, with a mission to democratize commerce through technology.

E-Commerce Indonesia SME/Startup


Duolingo is the world's largest language-learning app, serving over 300 million learners worldwide, with the mission of making education free and accessible to everyone.

Technology United States Enterprise/Public Sector


Indodana (owned by PT Artha Dana Teknologi) is one of the leading online lending companies in Indonesia.

Financial Services Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector


Sabah Credit Corporation (SCC) aims to support the socio-economic development of its population.

Financial Services Malaysia Enterprise/Public Sector


BIGBANG Inc. is a video game app production company responsible for the "Sengoku Chronicles" franchise.

Gaming Japan Enterprise/Public Sector


DANA is a leading digital wallet provider in Indonesia, where its mobile payment gateway is used for both online and offline transactions.

Financial Services Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector

Kopi Kenangan

Kopi Kenangan makes high-quality and affordable fresh coffee for its Indonesian customers, with 345 stores by June 2020.

Retail Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector


MAP is a leading lifestyle retailer in Indonesia, with more than 2,600 retail stores and a diverse portfolio across more than 150 brands.

Retail Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector


As one of the largest IT services companies in Australia, FUJIFILM CodeBlue is dedicated to helping SMEs through tailored IT services.

Technology Australia Enterprise/Public Sector


AQUMON is a Robo-Advisory firm based in Hong Kong with the mission of bringing professional wealth management service to every individual.

Financial Services Hong Kong (China) SME/Startup


By using Alibaba Cloud, NAVITIME is able to build a secure and highly efficient infrastructure that seamlessly connects Japan and China.

Technology Japan Enterprise/Public Sector

EVI Services

EVI Services Ltd. is the largest information technology service provider in Hong Kong's preschool education market.

Education Hong Kong (China) Enterprise/Public Sector


PinMe is the company behind a growing e-restaurant solution in Hong Kong.

E-Commerce Hong Kong (China) SME/Startup


PrestoMall, formerly known as 11street Malaysia, is the largest homegrown online marketplace in the country of Malaysia.

E-Commerce Malaysia Enterprise/Public Sector

Align Tech

Align Technology is a global medical device company that is changing lives through better smiles.

Healthcare United States Enterprise/Public Sector


ApsaraDB for OceanBase helps Alipay deliver reliable services during various seasonal promotions.

Financial Services Mainland China Enterprise/Public Sector

Taobao is one of the world’s largest e-commerce websites.

E-Commerce Mainland China Enterprise/Public Sector

Daya Adicipta Motora

PT. Daya Adicipta Motora is one of the main distributors of Honda motorcycles, bikes, and bike parts in West Java, Indonesia.

Technology Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector


Yippi is the popular smart phone app that features an immersive messaging platform and an entertainment hub.

Technology Malaysia Enterprise/Public Sector


Investree is Indonesia's leading B2B marketplace lending platform for SMEs

Financial Services Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector


PT Financial Services Sharing (DanaRupiah) is an online lending company.

Financial Services Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector


Founded in 2006, Yeeyi is one of Australia's largest platforms for Chinese news, general information, and local classified ads.

Technology Australia Enterprise/Public Sector


AqualisBraemar ASA is a large, multi-national company that offers a wide variety of consulting services.

Technology Singapore Enterprise/Public Sector


PT Bintraco Dharma represents a large community of subsidiary companies built through strategic partnerships.

Retail Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector


RuangGuru is the top online learning platform provider in Indonesia.

Education Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector


PT Jalur Nugraha Ekakurir, or JNE for short, was founded in 1990, and has been providing speedy express deliveries in Indonesia ever since.

Logistics Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector, formerly known as VeryCD, founded in 2002, is one of the top 100 internet companies in China.

Gaming Mainland China Enterprise/Public Sector

PT. Bina Sarana Sukses

PT. Bina Sarana Sukses (BSS) is a large contractor and heavy equipment company in Indonesia, focusing on the mining industry.

Technology Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector


Indofun Games is the leading mobile game provider in Indonesia.

Gaming Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector


Adira Finance was established in 1990, and is now one of the biggest financing companies in Indonesia.

Financial Services Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector


Akulaku is a multinational that specializes in finance technology and e-commerce, based in Jakarta and founded in 2014.

E-Commerce Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector


Splio is a SaaS New Loyalty Marketing Platform that combines such services as New Loyalty Engine and Marketing Automation with Mobile activation.

Technology France Enterprise/Public Sector


PT. Lyto Datarindo Fortuna is one of the largest online game publishers in Indonesia.

Gaming Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector


As a leading integrated media company, MNC Group holds Indonesia's largest and most extensive multi-platform media portfolio.

Technology Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector


Headquartered in Hong Kong, Cobalt is one of the largest knitwear groups in the world. 

Retail Hong Kong (China) Enterprise/Public Sector

Vantage FX

Vantage FX is a CFD (Contract For Difference) broker specializing in Forex, Indices, Commodities and Global Share CFDs.

Financial Services Australia Enterprise/Public Sector


Skykiwi, is currently a comprehensive Internet company that combines platform and media services to clients across New Zealand.

Hospitality New Zealand Enterprise/Public Sector

El Corte Inglés

Headquartered in Madrid, El Corte Inglés is the largest department store group in Europe and ranks third worldwide.

Retail Spain Enterprise/Public Sector


Asakita (CreditOn) is a leading online lending platform in Indonesia.

Financial Services Indonesia SME/Startup

Sejahtera Group

Sejahtera Group is the parent company of Sales1CRM, a SAAS company focusing on CRM services.

Technology Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector

Blue Power Technology

Blue Power Technology, one of the IT experts in Indonesia can provide various IT solutions, including IT infrastructure and IoT, all on Alibaba Cloud.

Technology Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector


Passpod is a Digital Tourist Pass that provides seamless connectivity and offers on local attractions anywhere in the world.

Hospitality Indonesia SME/Startup


DiGiCOR is an ISO accredited multi-national company established in 1997.

Technology Australia Enterprise/Public Sector

Ally Fashion

Ally Fashion and Alibaba Cloud work towards a better shopping experience that mixes online and offline seamlessly.

Retail Australia Enterprise/Public Sector

Revenue Monster

See how Revenue Monster builds a reliable, secure, and highly available Fintech as a Service platform on Alibaba Cloud.

Financial Services Malaysia SME/Startup


Alibaba Cloud's ability to connect with the China market was a huge advantage and enables LifeByte to expand into new markets.

Financial Services Australia SME/Startup


FreshGo and Alibaba Cloud bring "New Retail" Strategies to local HK fish markets.

E-Commerce Hong Kong (China) SME/Startup


Atilze transforms the Agricultural landscape in Malaysia with Atilze Sensor Hub technology for Smart Fertigation System on Alibaba Cloud.

Agriculture Malaysia SME/Startup


Alibaba Cloud brings new cutting-edge technology, global security standards, and operational effectiveness to TNG.

Financial Services Malaysia Enterprise/Public Sector


GTR partnered with Alibaba Cloud to become the leader for airport and cargo handling in ASEAN.

Logistics Malaysia Enterprise/Public Sector


Alibaba Cloud and Soar work together to give a clearer picture of the earth.

Technology Australia SME/Startup

Uno Insights

Alibaba Cloud gives Uno Insights the faster deployment speed for faster analysis.

Technology Australia SME/Startup


Alibaba Cloud gave ChartDesk the best combination of cost, reliability, and robustness to accomplish their business goals.

Logistics Singapore SME/Startup


Alibaba Cloud enables Cynopsis to grow as they expand into new Asian markets.

Financial Services Singapore Enterprise/Public Sector

Chemist Warehouse

For Chemist Warehouse partnering with Alibaba Cloud furthered their Asian business aspirations.

Healthcare Australia Enterprise/Public Sector


Learn how mobile attribution just got easier with Appsflyer on Alibaba Cloud.

Technology United States SME/Startup


Video solutions that blends technology, fun, and innovation on Alibaba Cloud.

Technology Hong Kong (China) SME/Startup


From cleaning supplies to manufacturing Kärcher is redefining their retail business with Alibaba Cloud.

Technology Germany Enterprise/Public Sector


Tax refunds went digital with Oniontech on Alibaba Cloud. Read more to see how!

Technology South Korea SME/Startup


Where technology meets health and beauty.

Technology South Korea Enterprise/Public Sector


Technology that enables users to input signals with their gaze on Alibaba Cloud.

Technology South Korea SME/Startup


After migrating to Alibaba Cloud, Rocketbots has increased performance by 25 percent through optimized instances.

Technology Hong Kong (China) SME/Startup

Emperor Group

Alibaba Cloud supports Emperor Group's vast portfolio of businesses that includes financial services, property, entertainment, and more.

Real Estate Hong Kong (China) Enterprise/Public Sector


Lazada used Alibaba Cloud to support its thriving e-commerce business in Southeast Asia.

E-Commerce Singapore Enterprise/Public Sector


Since partnering with Alibaba Cloud in 2017, Indonet's marketshare has increased by 100%.

Technology Indonesia Enterprise/Public Sector

Territory Studio

By leveraging Alibaba Cloud, Territory can concentrate on creativity and innovation.

Technology United Kingdom Enterprise/Public Sector

Costa Cruises

Costa Cruises and Alibaba Cloud help travelers find rest and relaxation on the open seas.

Hospitality Italy Enterprise/Public Sector


Ford and Alibaba Cloud team up to go all-in in digital China.

Manufacturing United States Enterprise/Public Sector


Shiseido leverages Alibaba Cloud to better connect with customers and power their new retail strategy in China.

Retail Japan Enterprise/Public Sector


Alibaba Cloud helps OpenRice create an open platform for restaurateurs and foodies alike.

Technology Hong Kong (China) SME/Startup


Alibaba Cloud allows NCX to develop and deploy new FinTech products quickly.

Financial Services Australia SME/Startup

Digital Crew

To help customers make data-driven marketing decisions, Digital Crew relies on Alibaba Cloud.

Technology Australia Enterprise/Public Sector


Unleashing the power of Alibaba Cloud's Image Search for e-commerce customers worldwide.

E-Commerce New Zealand Enterprise/Public Sector


PicsArt uses Alibaba Cloud to bring their app closer to users in China.

Technology United States Enterprise/Public Sector


Alibaba Cloud helped Cityray improve operational efficiency, reduce CapEx, and expand its China business.

Technology Hong Kong (China) Enterprise/Public Sector


Alibaba Cloud has supported TeamViewer’s development in overseas markets and especially in China.

Technology Germany Enterprise/Public Sector

Remark Holdings

When confronting technical complexity and expansion, Remark Holdings turned to Alibaba Cloud to grow their businesses.

Technology United States Enterprise/Public Sector


By working with Alibaba Cloud, IHG meshes technology with best-in-class hospitality.

Hospitality United Kingdom Enterprise/Public Sector


MBRGI is a foundation with a vision to improve the Arab world through humanitarian, developmental and community work

Non-Profit United Arab Emirates Enterprise/Public Sector

I.T. eShop

ITeSHOP and Alibaba Cloud drive a new shopping experience.

E-Commerce Hong Kong (China) Enterprise/Public Sector

South China Morning Post

Alibaba Cloud allows SCMP to cut down on operational costs while supporting business growth and increased demand.

Technology Hong Kong (China) Enterprise/Public Sector


Alibaba Cloud is the best way for a U.S. or an international company to fire up a website in China and get ICP support.

E-Commerce United States SME/Startup


AirAsia Leverages Alibaba Cloud to thwart online bot attacks.

Aviation Malaysia Enterprise/Public Sector

Pacific Coffee

Pacific Coffee serves more than just coffee with Alibaba Cloud, they provide an experience.

Retail Hong Kong (China) Enterprise/Public Sector


Cozitrip is looking to grow the business across Australia and China and showcase their key differentiator in AI technology.

Hospitality Australia SME/Startup

HK Express

Relies on Alibaba Cloud to handle online booking requests.

Aviation Hong Kong (China) Enterprise/Public Sector


Through clever coding and a hosting environment optimized for China clients are now achieving fast load time for their websites in China.

Technology Australia SME/Startup


Building a relationship and technical interoperability is essential for us to support our customers and solve real problems every day.

Technology United States Enterprise/Public Sector


“It is easy to deploy and migrate ECS and RDS products. The performance of the Alibaba Cloud server is extremely flexible, stable, and reliable."

Technology Hong Kong (China) SME/Startup

Dubai Parks and Resorts

The launch of their new ticketing portal on Alibaba Cloud now means they can sell fun anywhere in the world.

Hospitality United Arab Emirates Enterprise/Public Sector


Startups can just focus on the product and leverage the latest technologies more easily than ever.

Technology United States SME/Startup


DataVisor relies on Alibaba Cloud to keep their data safe and secure in the cloud.

Technology United States SME/Startup


"Alibaba Cloud's deployment has resulted in our performance enhancement by 400% and a customer shopping experience second to none."

E-Commerce United Arab Emirates Enterprise/Public Sector


Alibaba Cloud provided HelloToby with top-notch stability and highly scalable computing power

Technology Hong Kong (China) SME/Startup


Conversant leverages Alibaba Cloud to reduce latency for a major TV company.

Technology Singapore SME/Startup


Blogmint relies on Alibaba Cloud to cope with more than 100% traffic growth each month.

Technology India SME/Startup


As one of the world’s top 500 companies, Schneider Electric specializes in electricity distribution and automation management.

Technology France Enterprise/Public Sector


Teridion is a U.S and Israeli based cloud solutions provider and they specialize in cloud optimized routing for dynamic content delivery.

Technology United States SME/Startup


Catchpoint Systems is a leading Digital Performance Analytics company that provides insights into customer-critical services.

Technology United States SME/Startup

Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga is a comprehensive yoga training and fitness mobile application.

Technology Mainland China SME/Startup


Snapask is a mobile app that provides on-demand online academic support.

Technology Hong Kong (China) SME/Startup

Zheshang Securities

Zheshang Securities entrusted Alibaba Cloud to power their operations in China because of its leadership in the China cloud market.

Financial Services Mainland China Enterprise/Public Sector

BorderX Lab

BorderX Lab a company that draws on big data and A.I to help users buy online.

Technology United States SME/Startup


Worktile is betting on cloud computing social media and mobile to enhance task management systems through an on-demand collaboration app. 

Technology Mainland China SME/Startup

A.I. Nemo

A.I. Nemo is a Chinese artificial intelligence startup leveraging the cloud to handle on-demand video calls and live video conferences for multiple users at the same time.

Technology Mainland China SME/Startup


TwoSigmas is a Cambridge-based organization specializing in e-learning solutions that connect Chinese students across the globe

Education United Kingdom SME/Startup


Learn how DeepIR is using Alibaba Cloud Express Connect for fast and secure private network communication.

Technology Singapore SME/Startup


Optimate is a marketing platform that helps marketing teams to unify, optimize, measure and execute an entire marketing strategy

Technology Singapore SME/Startup


e-Chauffeur is a Chinese taxi hailing app that leverages elastic computing and cloud security to enhance their customers' experience.

Technology Mainland China SME/Startup


Changba is a top ranking and free social karaoke mobile app

Technology Mainland China SME/Startup


ZhenHub is a cloud-based inventory and order management system for eCommerce retailers to automate logistics.

E-Commerce Hong Kong (China) SME/Startup

Blue Map

Blue Map gathers environmental data from over 20 platforms and solutions throughout China and found a solution to collate information on the cloud.

Technology Mainland China SME/Startup

CloudCC, a subsidiary of CloudCC Technology, is a cloud computing service provider offering cloud platforms and applications.

Technology Mainland China SME/Startup

Yao App

Yao App is a mobile O2O pocket pharmacy platform in China which connects users with drug stores and pharmacists.

Retail Mainland China SME/Startup


Lens Technology is a Chinese listed company specializing in the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of touch-panel technology

Technology Mainland China Enterprise/Public Sector

Blue Power

Blue Power is expanding throughout China and Asia via CDN and cloud technology.

Technology Hong Kong (China) SME/Startup


Linkbynet is a French I.T. managed service company

Technology France Enterprise/Public Sector


Laps Solutions is a leading E-Commerce, CRM & ERP solutions provider that helps organizations embrace the power of cloud-based technologies

Technology Hong Kong (China) SME/Startup

The Gate Academy

Gate Academy offers various examination preparation courses for candidates looking for employment in the public sector.

Education India SME/Startup


TO THE NEW is a digital technology company that offers end-to-end product development services to businesses across the globe.

Technology India SME/Startup

TerraLocus Technologies

TerraLocus Technologies is a company focused on innovation and providing high-quality products in diverse domains and markets.

Technology India SME/Startup


AlphaEDU is a teaching company utilizing information technology to enable students to access their platform at any time and place.

Education Canada SME/Startup

Amused Group

Amused Group is a cultural and creative industries company.

Technology Mainland China SME/Startup


Greendify is a leading e-commerce company that buy and sell pre-owned consumer electronics.

E-Commerce Hong Kong (China) SME/Startup


Spotlightx is a Hong Kong-based company running a B2C mobile app that allows businesses to provide high-quality online service to consumers.

Technology Hong Kong (China) SME/Startup


Established on July 19, 1967, PT Dwidaya World is one of the largest travel agents in Indonesia.

Hospitality Indonesia SME/Startup


Discover how Indonesian company, YOGRT, is reaping the rewards of choosing to run its social network platform on Alibaba Cloud.

Technology Indonesia SME/Startup

Double 11 Global Shopping Festival

The world's largest global shopping festival is running 100% on the cloud for the first time with an increased focus on green technologies and sustainability.

E-Commerce Mainland China Enterprise/Public Sector


Cainiao is the logistics arm of Alibaba Group.

Logistics Mainland China Enterprise/Public Sector


Tmall and Tmall Global is one of Alibaba's signature e-commerce platforms. For many international brands seeking to break into the China market Tmall is usually their first stop.

E-Commerce Mainland China Enterprise/Public Sector


Alibaba Cloud provides CodeBlue a secure, scalable and cost-effective public cloud solution and a smooth cloud migration to support its increasing IT services in Australia.

Technology Indonesia SME/Startup


Alibaba Cloud provides Bonjour all-in-one omnichannel data solution to speeding up its digital transformation process and affordably realize the combination of offline and online sales.

Retail Hong Kong (China) SME/Startup

EASI Global

Alibaba Cloud helped EASI Global to expand its business while keeping costs low

E-Commerce Australia SME/Startup

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