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“With more than 3,000 designer members from over 30 countries around the world. Valsfer relies on Alibaba Cloud’s scalable cloud computing resource to cope with increasing traffic to the Valsfer marketplace.”

Valsfer Case Study


Valsfer is a startup headquartered in Silicon Valley, specializing in original designer products and accessories for the home. It brings together the aesthetic quality of European and American design with high-end production capabilities into everyone’s daily life. Let good designs make good lives.

It currently has selected over 1000 original design works out of more than 3000 designer members from over 30 countries around the world. And it is offering a platform for the exchange of value between talented product designers across the world, and the brands that are looking to create the defining products of the future.


Valsfer creates a marketplace platform to connect talented product designers and manufacturer partners around the world. Building a marketplace platform requires reliable computing resources. Managing computing infrastructure is a huge challenge for a startup company.

Why Alibaba Cloud

“Alibaba Cloud is a leading cloud provider in China and has established good region/zone coverage globally. Beyond the technology, Alibaba Cloud also offers guidance to help Valsfer establish its business in China.”

“As a startup company headquartered in Silicon Valley, having Alibaba Cloud’s help to set up business in China allows Valsfer to bring more value to China market in a timely manner,” said Rita Wang, CEO of Valsfer.

The Results

After launching Valsfer’s marketplace on Alibaba Cloud, Valsfer is able to continually enjoy reliable and secure cloud infrastructure. “Having the flexibility to scale up cloud resources truly offer agility for Valsfer to grow business”, says Jiecho, CTO of Valsfer. “Alibaba Cloud’s support in working with the local government is also helpful for an international business looking to bring more value to that market."

Velsfer is now leveraging Alibaba Cloud CDN, Elastic Compute Service (ECS), Object Storage Service, Server Load Balancer and ApsaraDB for RDS.