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    Cloudaxis Case Study


    Cloudaxis is a group of creative technologists that are passionate about developing software and deploying it on highly functional, cost-efficient cloud platforms. Cloudaxis is based in Hong Kong.


    There has always been concern from customers regarding security in using the public cloud, and that concern might prove to run deep in using a Chinese company. We sometimes foresee that our clients will insist on using other platforms since Alibaba Cloud comes from China, where so many services and products are illegally copied.

    Why Alibaba Cloud?

    Our initial use of Alibaba Cloud products came from the demand of one of our customers, who had other services running on AWS for the HK/Singapore market but who later needed a strong presence in Mainland China.

    The Results

    The primary benefit for us in using Alibaba Cloud is the strength of the platform both inside and outside of Mainland China. In contrast, AWS is much weaker inside of Mainland China than outside, and the two regions are not interconnected.

    As our business is in consulting and software development in HK/South China, Alibaba Cloud allows us to propose a solution that is open to both the West and Mainland China at the same time. This is an attractive proposal for us.

    Final Word

    We would recommend Alibaba Cloud as it is a stable international platform that will allow companies to run workloads in and outside of Mainland China.