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"Partnering with Alibaba Cloud allows Mishi to focus on building better products and improving services to our customers and in turn helping to grow the business."

    Bitcoin Blackmailing Leads Mishi to Alibaba Cloud for WAF Solution


    Mishi are a leading food delivery platform with a mission to discover great tasting food and deliver it to customers across Melbourne. The Mishi app allows users to conveniently click and order a range of food and cuisines, as well as full access to view culinary menus, photos, and prices. Users can opt to locate restaurants nearby or search by food category, including Australian, Chinese, Cantonese, Thai, and Japanese cuisine. Online payment is available via MasterCard, Visa or WeChat Pay and prompt delivery is made to the customer’s door or nominated location.

    The Challenge

    In October 2017, Mishi was blackmailed by a threat to bring its entire platform down unless a payment of one Bitcoin was transferred before October 20th or three Bitcoins before October 22nd. The IT team at Mishi attempted to defend against this anonymous threat but the entire site was brought down by an attack on October 18th. As an online-to-offline (O2O) business, the attack was debilitating to Mishi’s business, practically ceasing all online visibility and trade. All restaurants and customers active on the Mishi platform were affected.

    Why Alibaba Cloud

    Mishi was first introduced to Alibaba Cloud through various startup events and local startup communities in Victoria. Mishi herein discovered Alibaba Cloud’s reputation for security capabilities and customer service. The company subsequently decided to investigate Alibaba Cloud WAF Pro and Enterprise versions as a countermeasure to repeat attacks. However, during this period, the Mishi platform again suffered several attacks due to a lack of internal security resources.

    The Results

    To solve this business-critical challenge, Alibaba Cloud quickly assembled a team to mitigate the looming threat of further attacks. Mishi then received repeat attacks on October 19th and again four days later on October 23rd. Leveraging their new Alibaba Cloud WAF solution, Mishi was able to successfully defend against the attacks without any interruption to their online platform.

    Mishi later expressed their gratitude for the responsiveness and speed of action displayed by Alibaba Cloud to combat these malicious attacks.

    We really appreciated the great effort and professional services that Alibaba Cloud demonstrated and we feel secure with our site now on Alibaba Cloud’s trusted platform,” explains Mishi’s CEO Tobias Zeng.

    Architecture & Technology

    After seeking advice and resources from the cloud architect team at Alibaba Cloud, Mishi is now able to analyze web traffic logs, deploy security resources and propose custom rules to defend the site against future attacks in a timely manner.

    “As a Chinese-owned global business with Australian resources, Alibaba Cloud provides some of the best cloud services that other competitors can’t,” says Mr Zeng.

    Alibaba Cloud’s local servers in Australia have since helped to increase load speed and provide a built-in firewall which have helped Mishi to reduce their operating costs. According to Mishi’s CEO, this is a key factor for running a business in Australia.

    The most important benefit, however, for Mishi has been Alibaba Cloud’s technical support which provides 12/7 tech support, fast response times, and bilingual cloud solution architects. This support also proved to be the most compelling reason behind Mishi’s initial decision to choose Alibaba Cloud.

    Final Word

    “Partnering with Alibaba Cloud allows Mishi to focus on building better products and improving services to our customers and in turn helping to grow the business. It gives the organization peace of mind knowing that Alibaba Cloud is always available and ready to help fend off security threats from around the world.”
    Mishi CEO Tobias Zeng

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