Data Analytics Solutions

Harness the value of Big Data through our suite of data analytic solutions

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With a full suite of big data analytics tools, Alibaba Cloud helps uncover the value of your data, which can be utilized to drive corporate, business and functional strategies such as customer service, supply chain, operations, and marketing.


  • Personalized Customer Service
    Data-driven technologies enable recommender systems that heighten the customer journey to increase consumer awareness and purchasing decisions.
  • Consumer Insights
    Precision marketing builds upon customer preferences to support retailers to retain customers, strengthen brand loyalty and acquire new customers.
  • Business Intelligence
    Analysis of business data from multiple sources provides in-depth insights into product preference, brand perception and future trends that drive strategic decision-making.
  • Smart Supply Chain
    Data-driven smart sales forecasting and demand predictions will lower cost of stock, and optimize inventory management for both retailers and upstream suppliers.


  • Large-scale Computing and Storage
  • Flexible Data Modeling and Easy Portal Building
  • Visual Job Monitoring
  • Easy to Use Interface