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Alibaba Cloud presents a comprehensive suite of Cloud Migration services designed to simplify your journey and empower your business with enhanced scalability, agility, and cost-effectiveness.

As a global leader in cloud computing, Alibaba Cloud understands the challenges and complexities associated with migrating your applications and data to the cloud. With our cloud migration framework, we offer a reliable and secure pathway for businesses of all sizes to unlock the full potential of the cloud environment.

In October 2021, Alibaba Cloud launched its first local data center in the Philippines. Start your migration journey today and unlock the full potential of the cloud!

Why Alibaba Cloud Philippines

  • No.1

    According to Gartner, Alibaba Cloud ranks 1st among cloud service providers in Asia Pacific.

    Source: Gartner Market Share: IT Services, Worldwide, 2019, 13 April 2020

  • First Local Data Center

    First Local Data Center launched in the Philippines in Oct 2021

  • No.3 Worldwide

    According to Gartner, Alibaba Cloud ranks 3rd among cloud service providers in terms of market share in the world.

    Source: Gartner Market Share: IT Services, Worldwide, 2019, 13 April 2020

  • Secure and Reliable

    120+ Security & Compliance Accreditations Worldwide

Alibaba Cloud Migration Whitepapers

Cloud Adoption Framework

This whitepaper is intended for CIOs and CTOs to understand migration strategies, total cost of ownership (TCO), organization alignment, business values, and cloud adoption roadmap. It provides comprehensive guidance for enterprises to plan, execute, and optimize the cloud adoption process.

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Cloud Migration Methodology and Tools

These whitepapers provide references for infrastructure leads or members of the Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) to understand the migration process to Alibaba Cloud with our four-step cloud migration framework and how Alibaba Cloud uses a landing zone to help financial services customers build a secure, compliant, manageable, and scalable cloud environment.

Download "Alibaba Cloud Migration Whitepaper" >
Download "Building a Secure and Compliant Landing Zone for Financial Services Institutions" >

Customer Success Stories

"GCash partnered with Alibaba Cloud to overcome those challenges. It adopted a mix of solutions including IaaS, the MaxCompute data warehousing platform, the Elastic MapReduce big data platform and a Web Application Firewall. With guidance from Alibaba Cloud’s engineers, GCash deployed those solutions while following three golden principles: develop in grayscale; monitor deployments and create a contingency plan."

With a median age of 25 and a mobile subscription rate of over 100%, many Filipinos are embracing platforms and solutions like GCash—a micropayment service that transforms the mobile phone into a virtual wallet. GCash is one of two FinTech companies owned and operated by Mynt. It offers a range of payments, transfers, investment, savings, insurance and credit services to its over 55 million registered users and currently has more than 600,000 social sellers & partner merchants across the Philippines.

"Alibaba Cloud’s solution offerings and approach for the storage requirement are strategic, highly scalable and more cost effective, which stand out against the competitors."

ABS-CBN is one of the Philippines’ leading media and entertainment companies, with service offerings across different media platforms, catering to a wide array of audience segments of over 120 million people in the Philippines and abroad.

"Partnering with Alibaba Cloud, UBX continues to pave the way for unbanked and underserved Filipinos towards financial inclusivity through advanced digital banking technologies, while achieving better customer experience."

UBX is the fintech venture studio and fund spun out of UnionBank of the Philippines. UBX is predicated on a future where financial services are invisible: seamlessly embedded into the experiences and activities that truly matter to businesses and people.

Migration Journey to Alibaba Cloud in 4 Steps

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Step 1: Assess Migration

Assess the business value, migration workload, migration method, and costs


Evaluate Migration Needs

Evaluate the challenges and objectives for migration, understand the cloud environment and the tolerance to maximum downtime, current or potential risks of failure, and the compatibility of the current system to the target cloud platform
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Estimate TCO of the Cloud Environment

Calculate the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of cloud infrastructure and compare it with costs of other cloud vendors using Cloud Migration Hub
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Prepare the Resource Inventory List

Analyze your current resource inventory to forecast cloud infrastructure requirements and migration workloads to gain more visibility on migration time, method, and scheduling
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Cost Analysis: How to use Cloud Migration Hub (CMH) to carry out TCO Analysis

Resource Analysis: How to use Cloud Migration Hub (CMH) to obtain resource list online

Resource Analysis: How to use Cloud Migration Hub (CMH) to obtain resource list offline with an agent

Tailor Your Migration Journey with Alibaba Cloud Experts

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Step 2: Plan and Customize Migration

Customize the planning of cloud deployment based on your business requirements to guarantee maximum compatibility and stability after migration


Design Migration Strategy

Gain a full understanding of Alibaba Cloud’s solutions for migrating your IT infrastructure to Alibaba Cloud, including application migration, data migration, and database migration-related tools, utilities, and methodologies, to plan and implement an IT infrastructure migration
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Map Products

Blueprint the overall architecture and map the appropriate cloud products and services based on your business needs to ensure high availability, scalability, and performance.

Prepare for Cloud Governance

Pre-plan the IT resources of different accounts, including landing zone deployment, resource structures, identity and permission management, and security and regulatory compliance, to facilitate a smooth and cost-efficient migration
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Test the Cutover Solution

Verify the cutover strategies to ensure the feasibility of the cutover solution, such as validating applications to ensure the cutover process is in order, identify gaps and issues, and designing cloud backup strategies for cutover applications
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Resource Preparation: How to use Cloud Migration Hub (CMH) to prepare migration resources

Planning: How to use Cloud Governance Center to set up landing zone

Account Management: How to use Cloud Governance Center to create new accounts by using Account Factory

Migration Project Management: How to use Cloud Migration Hub (CMH) to manage migration Projects

Tailor Your Migration Journey with Alibaba Cloud Experts

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Step 3: Migrate to Alibaba Cloud

Migrate application servers, containers, databases, and data to Alibaba Cloud with tailored products and services


Migrate Application Servers

You can use Alibaba Cloud Server Migration Center (SMC) to migrate one or more source servers to Alibaba Cloud. Source servers can be servers in data centers, VMs, servers on other cloud platforms, and servers of other types. You can also use third-party migration tools such as saasame for the migration of on-premise VMs and images.
For agentless migration of VMWare virtual machines, you can use Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Backup Recovery (HBR) to ensure cost-effective disaster recovery and migration for data stored in VMware virtual machines.

Migrate Containers

You can migrate containers to Alibaba Cloud with your own self-built platform or the tools we provide. First create and configure resources on the target clusters, then migrate data to corresponding Alibaba Cloud services. For example, migrate images to Container Registry, databases to ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL and PolarDB, and data storage to Object Storage Service and File Storage NAS. Next you can choose to migrate applications with your self-built CI/CD platform, or with Alibaba Cloud Velero. Last, test the services of your business after migration, and update the DNS configuration to switch traffic to ACK clusters.
You can also migrate docker image files with Alibaba Cloud Image Syncer to Alibaba Cloud Container Registry.

Migrate Databases

Alibaba Cloud Database Migration solution provides a low-cost self-service database migration experience. Both homogenous migration such as MySQL to MySQL, or heterogenous migration such as Oracle Database to PolarDB, are supported. You can smoothly migrate databases from 100s of GB to multiple TBs in size with minimal business impact.
You can also leverage the Oracle Database Migration solution to migrate your legacy Oracle databases to Alibaba Cloud to save on long-term costs and take advantage of improved scalability, reliability, robust security, high performance, and cloud-native features.

Migrate Data

You can migrate data from a local IDC to Alibaba Cloud OSS, or from an on-premises Network Attached Storage (NAS) server to Apsara File Storage NAS or OSS for long-term storage. You can also migrate the data of a web-based service provider from a cloud service to Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS). Please refer to Data Online Migration for detailed migration instructions based on your business needs.

Data Migration: How to Use Data Transport to Migrate Data from AWS S3 to Alibaba Cloud OSS

Server Migration: How to Migrate an AWS EC2 Instance to Alibaba Cloud with Server Migration Center

Database Migration: How To Migrate from an AWS RDS MySQL to an Alibaba Cloud RDS MySQL

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Step 4: Manage Resources on the Cloud

Monitor resource usage and application performance, manage operations and permissions, and facilitate future infrastructure deployment.


Monitor Cloud Resources

Monitor the usage of the cloud resources, and the status and health of your business to ensure the availability of your application when an alarm is triggered
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Manage Operations

Manage O&M permissions in a centralized manner, monitor all O&M operations, and reproduce O&M scenarios in real-time to facilitate identity authentication, access control, and operation audit
Learn More >

Ensure Business Continuity

Improve business availability on the cloud with secure, efficient, and cost-effective backup services, cross-AZ and cross-region disaster recovery, and the deduplication and AES-256 encryption features.
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Automate Infrastructure Deployment

Manage identical future infrastructure deployment with Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to reduce errors that will compromise the cloud infrastructure and application deployment.
Learn More >

Data Backup: How to use Hybrid Backup Recovery (HBR) to backup and protect data on the cloud

O&M Security: Best Practice for Hybrid Cloud O&M Security by using Bastionhost

Leverage Our After-Sale and Training Services to Ease Your Migration Journey to Alibaba Cloud

Featured Products

Assess Migration
Plan and Customize Migration
Migrate to Alibaba Cloud
Manage Resources on the Cloud
Assess Migration
Plan and Customize Migration
Migrate to Alibaba Cloud
Manage Resources on the Cloud

Cloud Migration Hub

Plan your migration with automatic and intelligent system surveys, cloud adoption planning, and migration management

TCO Analysis for Cloud Migration

Full-Coverage System Survey

Business Analysis and Presentation

Migration Assistance and Integration

Cloud Governance Center

Set up and manage an Alibaba Cloud multi-account environment in one stop

Compatibility with Your Existing Solutions

Automatic Setup of a Multi-Account Environment

Quick Account Creation

Visual Continuous Governance

Server Migration Center

Migrate servers in self-managed data centers, virtual machines (VMs), third-party cloud servers, or servers of other types to Alibaba Cloud

Multiple Migration Scenarios

Automated Server Migration

Automatic Server Restoration

Migration Result Verification

Data Transmission Service

Migrate and synchronize data between data engines, such as relational databases, NoSQL and OLAP

High-Speed Data Migration

Real-Time Data Replication

Easy-to-Use Management Console

Automatic Monitoring

Data Transport

Migrate TB-level or PB-level data to Alibaba Cloud securely and efficiently while reducing costs

High-Speed Data Transmission

Point-to-Point Device Encryption

Low Logistics and Network Costs

Quick and Easy Scaling

Object Storage Service (OSS)

Store and access any amount of data from anywhere with industry-leading scalability, durability and performance

99.9999999999% (12 9's) Durability

Enterprise-Ready Security

Easy Data Migration

Cost-Effectiveness and Easy Consumption

Container Registry

Migrate images with secure image management and easy permission control

Support for Multiple Regions

Image Security Status Scan

Stable Service Build Creation

Seamless Integration with Cloud Services


Automate performance monitoring of all your web resources and applications in real time

Ready to Use With No Coding

End-to-End Monitoring

Flexible Alarms

Maintenance Efficiency Improvement

Log Service

Support the collection, consumption, shipping, search, and analysis of logs for comprehensive system monitoring

Fully-Managed Service

Easy Integration and Configuration

Real-Time Response

Comprehensive APIs and SDKs

Hybrid Backup Recovery

Provide secure and efficient backup, disaster recovery and archive services

Up to 70% TCO Reduction

Up to 30:1 Deduplication and Compression Ratio

AES-256 Encryption

99.9999999999% Data Durability

Database Backup

Provide a secure and cost-efficient solution for continuous data protection

Real-time Incremental Backup

Encrypted Data Transmission and Storage

Support for Multiple Environments

Pay-As-You-Go Billing Method

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Security and Compliance

We are committed to providing stable, reliable, secure, and compliant cloud computing infrastructure services across major jurisdictions around the world.
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  • ISO 27001
  • SOC2 Type II Report
  • C5
  • MLPS 2.0
  • MTCS

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