Take the pulse of digital transformation to empower smarter sports with innovations in cloud computing and big data.

Unlock the potential of operational data and fans data to deliver an enhanced experience beyond sports with inclusive technology.

Alibaba Cloud provides the best-in-class cloud computing infrastructure and cloud services to help sports and event organizers operate more efficiently, effectively, and securely. Now, let’s explore the fascinating technologies behind the scene and see how they digitally transform our lives beyond sports.

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Tech Beyond Sports

Demystify the technologies behind sports and deliver experience beyond sports.

Events Simulation Services (ESS)

Events Simulation Services (ESS) is a visual cooperation platform that helps digitize event operation lifecycle utilizing cloud rendering and digital venue technology.

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Digital Badge

Digital badge is a cloud solution that embeds access control, health management and communication with digital accreditation. Working together with DataV, a cloud-based data visualization solution, the solution enables epidemic situation awareness, and helps prevent and mitigate public health risks.

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Fan Video Hub

Fan Video Hub is a smart content curation service powered by Cloud AI technology. It automatically collects and filters video content, and generates new videos to be fed to the screen in the stadium. The solution helps enhance the fan experience by delivering a new and cheerful atmosphere.

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Press Conference on Cloud

Press conference on cloud is powered by Alibaba Cloud’s all-in-one audio and video streaming solution plus CDN for both livestreaming and on-demand services. Compared to the conventional media conference, the innovative new approach helps broaden the media reach virtually, and eliminates the need to be physically present at the conference venue.

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Explore Solutions Beyond Sports

Internet of Things (IoT)

Alibaba Cloud IoT solution is a suite of cloud products and services that lets you build innovative applications to gather, process, analyze, and act on digital intelligence generated by connected devices, without maintaining a separate infrastructure.

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The evolution and constant development of the Internet has led to a boom for services such as video surveillance, video-on-demand (VOD), and live video broadcasts. Alibaba Cloud Multimedia Solutions offer a suite of powerful cloud-based services for you to create, implement, and deliver digital media content.

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Security is undoubtedly an essential element for all organizations. Alibaba Cloud security solutions provide multi-layer protection for data and applications on the cloud, along with the powerful digital intelligence analysis capabilities of our computing platform.

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Sports Solutions

The intersection between sports and technology is constantly evolving. Alibaba Cloud‘s Sports Solutions leverages tomorrow’s technology for today's stadiums, athletes, and fans. Our solutions build smarter stadiums, gives athletes a competitive edge driven by digital intelligence, and delivers a more immersive experience to fans around the world.

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