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AI Challenges

This Competition focuses on the prediction of anti-VEGF treatment outcomes on patients with diabetic macular edema (DME). In this synchronous competition, you’ll build a machine learning model to predict treatment response of patients with DME. You’ll work with thousands of images collected in hospital settings to help predict patients’ response to anti-VEGF treatments. If successful, you will help ophthalmologists customize treatment plans and ensure timely and effective treatments for patients.

This challenge encourages developers and innovative enterprises around the world to think outside the box, break boundaries, and leverage accessible weather data to analyze the interplay between meteorological changes and various aspects of life, probe into the correlation between multi-source heterogeneous data, and raise the public awareness of the value of AI-assisted weather forecasting and green innovations.

AI Courses and Certification

To help developers learn AI and machine learning, Alibaba Cloud Academy designs special courses and a certification, which is free for all participants of the Landing AI program. The courses include the following topics:

1.Introduction of Python programming language and the development environment.
2.Gain a simple understanding of Machine Learning and AI.
3.Understand Machine Learning techniques at a higher level.
4.Understand the perceptron algorithm of Machine Learning.

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Reference Datasets on Tianchi

User Behaviour Dataset from Alibaba

This is the largest recommender system dataset from real industrial scenes. The UBA is collected from Alibaba advertisement system, explicitly presents user behavior data for accurate interest modeling.

Watch and Buy: A Large-Scale Multimodal Dataset for Fashion Identification in Livestreaming

This dataset contains 70,000 video clip and clothing item matched pairs. A total of 1,042,178 images are annotated with 1,654,780 bounding boxes.

3D-FUTURE: 3D Furniture Shape with Texture

3D-FUTURE provides 20,240 realistic indoor images and the associated 16,563 unique 3D furniture models with rich geometry details and informative textures.

Youku-VESR Dataset

There are more than 10K samples in Youku-VESR dataset, including the videos of different contents, different noise categories and different noise scales.

MUGE: A Multimodal Understanding And Generation Evaluation Benchmark

MUGE consists of a benchmark of tasks for multimodal understanding and generation, including Image Captioning, Text-to-Image Generation, and Multimodal Retrieval Task on the E-commerce domain.

Barley Remote Sensing Dataset

This dataset provides UAV remote sensing detection of land tags for barley, wheat, corn and other crops in Xingren City, Guizhou, and provides a data basis for crop classification and production capacity prediction.

DiaKG: an Annotated Diabetes Dataset for Medical Knowledge Graph Construction

The dataset includes basic research, clinical research, drug usage, clinical cases, diagnosis and treatment methods, etc. It contains 22,050 entities and 6,890 relations in total.

More Datasets on Tianchi

Tianchi provides datasets for research use. More than 700 top-tier academic papers have used Tianchi datasets for research.

Webinars and Tech Talks

Opening Session at APTOS Congress

Dr. Xian-Sheng, Hua, Head of DAMO Academy, announced the 2nd AI Challenge at APTOS Annual Meeting.

Effective and Reproducible Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers for Pancreatic Cancer Clinical Trails

Dr. Le Lu, the lead of the global Medical AI R&D efforts at Alibaba's DAMO Academy, shares his insights from his 15 years of Medical AI working experience.

Intelligent AI Weather Forecasting

In this webinar, experts from Alibaba DAMO Academy and ColorfulClouds Tech., will share their professional understanding for intelligent weather forecast.

Introduction of Global AI Innovation Challenges

Connect global developers to join the latest AI and Big Data competition with enormous datasets that collected and labeled from reality.