PolarDB Global Hackathon 2023

Explore PolarDB in the limitless, open-theme innovation challenge.

Hackathon Overview
PolarDB, the new-generation cloud-native relational database service developed by Alibaba Cloud, is fully compatible with MySQL, PostgreSQL and highly compatible with Oracle. PolarDB is developed by Alibaba Cloud, it provides high performance and high availability of commercial database with ease to use. This contest inspires developers and enterprises to use PolarDB to empower innovation.
Open to Global Developers and Enterprises
Leverage PolarDB to Build Innovative Projects
$30,000 USD Cash Prizes for Winners

Prizes and Benefits

The final winners will get prizes including cash and customized gifts.

1st Prize: 1 Team
$10,000 USD Cash Prize (Pre-Tax)
Winner Certificate
Exclusive Merchandise
2nd Prize: 2 Teams
$5,000 USD Cash Prize (Pre-Tax)
Winner Certificate
Exclusive Merchandise
3rd Prize: 3 Teams
$2,000 USD Cash Prize (Pre-Tax)
Winner Certificate
Exclusive Merchandise
Innovation Award: 8 Teams
$500 USD Cash Prize (Pre-Tax)
Winner Certificate
Exclusive Merchandise


  • Dec 30th, 2022
    Registration Starts
  • Jan 10th, 2023
    Submission Opens
  • 6 PM (UTC+8), Feb 28th, 2023
    Deadline for Submission
  • Mid-March, 2023
    Result Announcement

How to Join?

Please follow the steps below to register for the hackathon, get free PolarDB instances and submit your entry.

Register for Hackathon on Tianchi

Please make sure you have registered on Tianchi first.

Get PolarDB Free Trial

Follow this guide to get PolarDB instances for free and start building your solution.

Submit Your Solution

Please make sure your submission meets the requirements.

Enrollment Rules and FAQ:
  • Contestants must have signed up for an Alibaba Cloud account to register for the hackathon. And in order to activate PolarDB, Contestants must either add a payment method or pass student verification.
  • Contestants can compete either individually or on a team of up to 5 members. The members of the team cannot be changed after the team merger deadline. The cash prize will be only given to one participate for each winning team and cannot be separated.
  • A qualified submission must use PolarDB for MySQL or PolarDB for PostgreSQL. You can also get additional points by using other recommended tools.
  • Members of Alibaba Group can participate in the contest, but are excluded from the prizes.

Submission Requirements & Judging Creteria

In the challenge, contestants are required to use PolarDB for MySQL or PolarDB for PostgreSQL to build projects, and below are the submission requirements and judging criteria.

Submission Requirement
Please note, all the submitted files must be in English

PPT slides are REQUIRED for sharing your project idea and design, explain how you use PolarDB in your project and present a demo of your project. You may use this template to make your slides.

Presentation video is optional but highly recommended for judges to have better understand about your project.

Zip file containing your source code and your sample application is highly recommended. Please also provide the README for judges to run the application.

Judging Creteria
In addition to the scores you can get below, by uploading your presentation video to YouTube or sharing your project on GitHub, you can get 5% additional scores. If you upload your work to YouTube or GitHub, please attach the link to your submission slides.

Technical Implementation: 40%

    How well the application was executed by the developer and how well PolarDB was executed in the submission. Using PolarDB advanced features is highly recommended. Please read the Hackathon guide to learn more about the features.

Commercial or Social Value: 30%

    The submission is commercially viable, or has social value; the project plan is complete and has clear goals. The submission is innovative, distinct from well-developed industry themes and solutions, and outperforms existing products. The value and innovation of the submission are clearly demonstrated.

Innovation and Creativity: 20%

    The originality and creativity of the project.

Usage of Alibaba Cloud products: 10%

    In addition to PolarDB, one or multiple Alibaba Cloud products are consumed by your account(s) and used in your solution, including for training models or building your working demo.

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