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Program Overview

Alibaba Cloud Tianchi is proud to be partnering with SIGKDD, IJCAI-PRICAI and CVPR to host big data competitions this year. As a way to encourage talented students from around the world to participate in competitions to use technology to tackle practical and real-world problems, Alibaba Cloud is offering exclusive awards to the brightest minds.


Besides the competition rewards, university and college students who passed Student Verification and meet the requirements below can receive exclusive prizes below.

Achievement Award

1.Pass Student Verification.
2.Rank in the top 10% in two or more competitions.

Progress Award

1.Pass Student Verification.
2.Rank in the top 10% in one competition.

Growth Award

1.Pass Student Verification.
2.Rank in the top 20% in one competition.

AAEP Special Award

1.Verified as a student at an AAEP member institution.
2.Obtained a Growth Award, Progress Award, or Achievement Award.


Each participant is only eligible to win one of the following awards: Growth Award, Progress Award, or Achievement Award.

Only AAEP Special Award recipients can receive more than one award. That is, only students at an AAEP member institutions can obtain an AAEP Special Award in addition to a Growth Award, Progress Award, or Achievement Award.

How to Obtain an Award?

*It is required to verify your identity if you are going to use PayPal instead of credit card.
**If you are qualified, you will be notified and receive your award or awards after the competition results are announced.

Getting Started with the Competitions

Free Training Courses and Certifications

Verified Students can receive 10 Alibaba Cloud Apsara Clouder Certifications with training courses free of charge as well as one ECS instance for free for one year.

Tianchi “Getting Started” Competition: Alibaba Cloud Malware Detection Based On Behaviors

Tianchi's "Getting Started" competitions are designed for training purposes, with the goal of helping students develop practical skills used in the big data field.

About Tianchi

Alibaba Cloud Tianchi is a global platform of tech competitions focusing on big data with a community of over 400,000 data scientists from 98 countries and regions worldwide. The platform is designed with the goal of training and fostering practical skills essential to the big data field, and offers tutorials in a practical learning environment to allow students to get started in the data-mining world on a step-by-step basis.