NAT Gateway is a paid service. This topic describes the billing method and billable items of Internet NAT gateways.

Billing method of Internet NAT gateways

Internet NAT gateways support the pay-by-data-transfer billing method, which allows you to pay for the actual data transfer after each billing cycle ends. You can create and delete pay-by-data-transfer Internet NAT gateways as needed without paying subscription fees. For more information, see Pay-by-actual-usage.

Billing adjustment

If the payment of an Internet NAT gateway is overdue, top up your account balance in the console. After you pay the outstanding amount, the Internet NAT gateway is resumed. For more information, see Overdue payments and Top up your account balance.

Billing of related services

After you create an Internet NAT gateway, you must associate an EIP with the Internet NAT gateway. This enables the Internet NAT gateway to access the Internet. You are charged for the EIPs that are associated with Internet NAT gateways. For more information, see Subscription and Pay-as-you-go.

Note If you have purchased a NAT service plan before January 26, 2018, you can associate static public IP addresses in the NAT service plan with an Internet NAT gateway to enable Internet access. In this case, you are charged for the Internet NAT gateway and the NAT service plan that is associated with the NAT gateway. For more information, see Billing of NAT service plans.