This topic provides an overview of the relevant information related to pay-as-you-go billing method for NAT gateway instances.

Billing items

The fee of a pay-as-you-go NAT Gateway instance = unit instance price (USD/day) × duration of usage

  • The instance usage duration is calculated from the time at which the instance was created to when it was released. Fees of a pay-as-you-go NAT Gateway instance are calculated after the purchase and are billed on a daily basis. If your period of usage is less than one day during a billing cycle, the bill is rounded up to one day.
  • Different NAT Gateway specifications are provided to meet different demands. The instance fee varies by specification.
  • If you change the specification of an instance during its billing cycle, the instance fee is billed according to the highest specification.

Instance prices

Note Information provided in this topic is for reference only. The billing information displayed on the console at the time of purchase is the actual billing calculation.
Region Small (USD/day) Middle (USD/day) Large (USD/day) XLarge. 1 (USD/day)
China (Qingdao) / China (Beijing) / China (Zhangjiakou) / China (Hohhot) / China (Hangzhou) China (Shanghai) / China (Shenzhen) 1.829 3.505 6.858 12.192
US (Virginia) / China (Hong Kong) 2.438 4.572 8.991 15.849
Japan (Tokyo) 2.926 5.608 10.972 19.507
Singapore 2.743 5.334 10.363 18.287
Australia (Sydney) 3.657 5.334 13.716 24.383
Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) 2.606 5.068 9.845 17.374
US (Silicon Valley) 2.591 5.029 9.601 17.068
UAE (Dubai) 5.486 10.515 20.573 36.575
India (Mumbai) 2.606 5.068 9.845 17.374
Germany (Frankfurt) 3.292 6.309 12.344 21.945