This topic provides answers to some frequently asked questions about NAT Gateway billing.

How am I charged for using NAT gateways?

To enable Internet access for a NAT gateway, you must associate an elastic IP address (EIP) with the NAT gateway. You are charged for using NAT gateways and EIPs that are associated with the NAT gateways. For more information, see Billing overview.

What is the metering method for pay-as-you-go NAT gateways?

Pay-as-you-go NAT gateways are billed for the amount of consumed resources. Fees vary based on billing cycles. For more information, see Pay-by-data-transfer.

Why am I still charged for an EIP and a NAT gateway after I disassociated the EIP from a NAT gateway?

You are still charged for the EIP and NAT gateway because you did not release the EIP and delete the NAT gateway after you disassociated the EIP from the NAT gateway. To stop the billing, release the EIP and delete the NAT gateway. For more information, see Release a pay-as-you-go EIP and Delete a NAT gateway.