The following tables list the API operations available for use in NAT Gateway.

Note The endpoint of the NAT Gateway API is For more information, see the Make API calls topic in API Reference for Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

NAT gateways

API Description
CreateNatGateway Creates a NAT gateway.
ModifyNatGatewayAttribute Modifies the name and description of a NAT gateway.
ModifyNatGatewaySpec Changes the size of a NAT gateway.
ListEnhanhcedNatGatewayAvailableZones Queries the zones that support enhanced NAT gateways in a specified region.
UpdateNatGatewayNatType Upgrades a standard NAT gateway to an enhanced NAT gateway.
GetNatGatewayConvertStatus Queries the upgrade state of a NAT gateway.
DescribeNatGateways Queries NAT gateways.
DeleteNatGateway Deletes a NAT gateway.
EnableNatGatewayEcsMetric Enables the traffic monitoring feature for a NAT gateway.
ListNatGatewayEcsMetric Views the traffic monitoring data that is collected by a NAT gateway.
DisableNatGatewayEcsMetric Disables the traffic monitoring feature for a NAT gateway.
ConvertBandwidthPackage Converts a NAT service plan to an EIP bandwidth plan.

DNAT tables

API Description
CreateForwardEntry Creates a Destination Network Address Translation (DNAT) entry.
ModifyForwardEntry Modifies a DNAT entry.
DescribeForwardTableEntries Queries DNAT entries in a DNAT table.
DeleteForwardEntry Deletes a DNAT entry.

SNAT tables

API Description
CreateSnatEntry Creates a Source Network Address Translation (SNAT) entry.
ModifySnatEntry Modifies a SNAT entry.
DescribeSnatTableEntries Queries SNAT entries in a SNAT table.
DeleteSnatEntry Deletes a SNAT entry.