The following table lists available NAT Gateway API actions. The endpoint of NAT Gateway API actions is For more information on how to call NAT Gateway API actions, see the VPC API documentation.

API Description
CreateNatGateway Creates a NAT Gateway.
ModifyNatGatewayAttribute Modifies the name and description of a NAT Gateway.
ModifyNatGatewaySpec Modifies the specifications of a NAT Gateway.
DescribeNatGateways Queries created NAT Gateways.
CreateForwardEntry Adds a DNAT entry.
ModifyForwardEntry Modifies a DNAT entry.
DescribeForwardTableEntries Queries DNAT entries in a DNAT table.
DeleteForwardEntry Deletes a DNAT entry.
CreateSnatEntry Creates an SNAT entry.
ModifySnatEntry Modifies an SNAT entry.
DescribeSnatTableEntries Queries SNAT entries in a SNAT table.
DeleteSnatEntry Deletes an SNAT entry.
CreateBandwidthPackage Creates a NAT bandwidth package.
DescribeBandwidthPackages Queries NAT bandwidth packages.
ModifyBandwidthPackageSpec Modifies the bandwidth of a NAT bandwidth package.
ModifyBandwidthPackageAttribute Modifies the name and description of a NAT bandwidth package.
AddBandwidthPackageIps Adds a public IP address to a NAT bandwidth package.
RemoveBandwidthPackageIps Removes a public IP address from a NAT bandwidth package.
DeleteBandwidthPackage Deletes a NAT bandwidth package.
DeleteNatGateway Deletes a NAT Gateway.
Note You can call DescribeBandwidthPackages, ModifyBandwidthPackageSpec, AddBandwidthPackageIps, RemoveBandwidthPackageIps, and DeleteBandwidthPackage only if you purchased a NAT bandwidth package before January 26, 2018. If you did not purchase a NAT bandwidth package before January 26, 2018, use an EIP.