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Empowering Globalization with Alibaba Cloud's Global Network Infrastructure

The globalization of business enterprises and the fast development of the mobile Internet have fueled cloud migration on a large scale, but this has in some cases caused various global network issues in both online and enterprise applications. In this session, we will briefly introduce
Alibaba Cloud's latest worldwide cloud network infrastructure and how it's empowering enterprises through successful globalization strategies.

Tommy Wu

Senior Staff Product Manager

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13:15 - 13:35(UTC+08) On Live Up Coming

Why Global Accelerator? Product Overview

For multinational corporations, building globalized and cross-region applications requires developing a complicated network architecture, which can be extremely costly in terms of development and maintenance, and the resulting applications often also suffer from public network problems like high latency and frequent packet loss. Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator, an all-new PaaS, eliminates these issues and simplifies the entire process, enabling you to quickly accelerate your cross-region network transmissions and improve the availability and performance of your Internet-facing applications.

Roger Wang

Network Solution Architect

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Global Acceleration Solution and Its Application Scenarios

This session provides a more in-depth look at Alibaba Cloud's Global Acceleration Solution, our high-quality cross-region network acceleration solution which integrates Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator with the enterprise-level security capabilities of Anti-DDoS, Web Application Firewall (WAF), traffic routing, and high availability health checks. We will additionally go over the following points:
• Common challenges associated with corporate network acceleration
• Application Scenario 1: Enterprise and web application acceleration
• Application Scenario 2: Enterprise SaaS acceleration
• Application Scenario 3: Enterprise VPN acceleration
• Product Selection: Advice on how to use Global Accelerator, Security, DNS, and Global Traffic Manager based onyour specific requirements
• Best Practices including Back-to-Source CDN practices

Claude Wang

Network Solution Architect

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14:05 - 14:10(UTC+08) On Live Up Coming

Global Acceleration Demo

A short live demonstration of the Global Acceleration service in action

Claude Wang

Network Solution Architect

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14:10 - 14:20(UTC+08) On Live Up Coming

Partner Sharing Session - iCON Business Systems Ltd

iCON has over 30 years of experience serving multi-segments of SMEs and MNCs, offering top-notch consultation on hardware and network implementation, customized line-of-business applications, and enterprise infrastructure solutions. This session we're delighted to invite Edgar Wong, Senior Solution Architect in iCON, to share with us an impressive GA solution case study. A major railway corporation boosted the speed for accessing their office applications in Hong Kong for users in Australia by over 10 times.

Edgar Wong

Senior Solution Architect

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14:20 - 14:30(UTC+08) On Live Up Coming

Free Trial and Promotion

This session will introduce some of Alibaba Cloud's key promotional campaigns and best seller packages and simulate the total costs of ownership for specific application scenarios with consideration for the associated requirements to offer a clear overview of the solutions Alibaba Cloud has on offer.

Jennifer Lee

Network Product Marketing Manager

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Gain insights from the No. 1 cloud service provider in Asia on cross-region network acceleration.

Learn acceleration best practices and real industry cases in the areas of Internet Finance and New Retail.

Obtain a promotion package with some of Alibaba Cloud's best selling products including Global Accelerator, WAF, DNS and GTM.


Superior Network Quality:

10x the transmission speed of regular networks, with the potential for millions of queries per second for a single instance.

Enhanced Security:

Integration of Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS and WAF with instant upgrades to defend T-level attacks.

High Availability:

Worldwide smart routing and NxN multi-path redundancy. 99.95% SLA guaranteed.

Easy Deployment:

Easy to configure and deploy with an unified monitoring and operation system. Only few minutes needed to deploy Global Acceleration services.

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Global Accelerator

An network acceleration service that provides network acceleration for Internet-facing applications on a global scale with guaranteed bandwidth and high reliability.


A comprehensive DDoS protection for enterprise to intelligently defend sophisticated DDoS attacks, reduce business loss risks, and mitigate potential security threats.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

An intuitive and easy-to-use security service that protects website servers against intrusions and provides real-time monitoring to ensure the high availability of online applications.

Global Traffic Manager

A service that allows for the access of the nearest node based on the Domain Name System (DNS) architecture. The service also has built-in health checks that make monitoring web applications easy.


Free trials for Your First Month with Alibaba Cloud
You can obtain a one-month free trial of small I and small II Global Accelerator instances and 2-4 Mb basic bandwidth plans and cross-border bandwidth plans. Any enterprises that passes Alibaba Cloud's real-name authentication can apply for the free trial online.
Promotion Package with Global Accelerator, WAF, DNS, and GTM
Get up to 30% off when making 15,000 US dollars worth of purchases for the Global Accelerator, Security and DNS services. This package can be used together with the discounts below.
Product discounts
• 15% off for 1-2 years prepaid plans, and 25% off for 3-5 years of prepaid plans.
• From April 15, 2020 to April 1, 2021, Global Accelerator instances of the Small 1 type are offered at a discounted price. The original price before the discount is 165 dollars. The price after the discount is 16 dollars. Global Accelerator instances of the Small 2 type before the discount are 315 US dollars. The price after the discount is 240 dollars.
Free Apsara Clouder Technical Certificate
Receive a Cloud Certification for passing a short quiz on the Global Acceleration Solution, no class or training required!

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Start building with 50+ products and up to 12 months usage for Elastic Compute Service

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