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Build an Enterprise-Level Private Network with Cloud Enterprise Network - Transit Router (CEN-TR)

This article introduces the Cloud Enterprise Network - Transit Router (CEN-TR) and explains how it helps enterprises build exclusive global private networks.

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This article discusses Cloud Enterprise Network - Transit Router (CEN-TR), the core product of the enterprise-level cloud network. It explains how CEN-TR builds exclusive global private networks for large enterprises and multinational corporations with high network complexity. The enterprise's network construction adapts to their business changes quickly with the flexible and secure cloud network abilities.


Four Challenges for Enterprise-Level Networks in the Post-Pandemic Era


Chinese enterprises play an important role in today's global market. Mobile Internet enterprises and industrial Internet enterprises in China are rapidly planning and expanding globally. While expanding overseas, Chinese enterprises face different supervision and restrictions based on the local laws and regulations in those countries and regions. The implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has constrained enterprises to process and transfer data when conducting global business. Therefore, more enterprises consider and accept distributed business deployment.


The distributed deployment architecture of enterprise business has four common challenges:

1. Ultra-Large Network Scale and Complex Network Types

As the number of enterprises on the cloud increases, large manufacturing businesses may have hundreds of internal business systems. Therefore, these enterprises need ultra-large-scale cloud networks to support their business construction on the cloud. Large enterprises have an abundant offline infrastructure and office space. Thus, the hybrid cloud architecture support affects the enterprise experience of flexible and secure cloud networks.

2. Business Security Isolation and Complex Network Policies

As the network scale expands, the business roles in networks also increase. The network managers need to solve the flexible mutual access issue between different businesses based on secure service isolation. Technical combinations, such as ACL, security domain, and service chain, are required to implement complex network policies.

3. Network Quality Assurance for Key Business

The importance of each business is different internally with each enterprise. For example, you are downloading an important work file while other families are watching high-definition videos online. If you have no network assurance, the download will be slow or fail. When multiple businesses use the network simultaneously, the identification and network quality are problems for the enterprise-private network.

4. Efficient and Flexible Network Activation

In the post-pandemic era, enterprises see the importance of digitalization and rapid business transformation. It takes several weeks (or months) to install, activate, change, and debug a traditional offline network. Thus, enterprises are looking for solutions to activate the network quickly during business expansion and reduce network expenditures when business shrinks or adjusts. It is one of the biggest problems. The network needs to adapt to changes according to business demand in the period of rapid enterprise development.


The four key capabilities of CEN-TR aim to address the four challenges enterprises have while building an enterprise-level private network. It helps users build an exclusive enterprise-level private network in minutes.

Enterprise-Level Networking Scenarios That Require CEN-TR

The following three scenarios describe the enterprise-level networking capabilities of CEN-TR:

Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) for Enterprise Internet Business on the Cloud

With the rapid development of mobile Internet, enterprises from all walks of life use applications to serve customers. However, security isolation is required between the enterprise's internal production network and public business network. This prevents security threats from the public network affecting the internal production businesses of the enterprise. Large-scale networking, multiple routing tables, advanced network policies, and advanced routing features (BGP attributes) can meet the enterprise's needs and build Internet businesses on the cloud. Compared with the traditional DMZ construction mode, enterprises can benefit from the rich security service capabilities, IaaS, and flexible network capabilities. Thus, enterprises can address sudden business changes caused by large-scale marketing activities and emergencies.


Security Service Chain of the Enterprise's Private Network on the Cloud

Large enterprises and international companies have high security requirements on their private networks. The network border is protected by security configurations, while the east-west traffic within private networks needs to be protected and controlled with other methods. CEN-TR can implement a secure service chain on the cloud through massive routes and advanced network policies. This allows users to send different traffic to different security service pools for processing based on different security policy levels. By doing so, CEN-TR meets the enterprise's requirements on traffic path control for private networks.


Network Quality Assurance for Enterprise Distributed Business

The enterprise-private network carries all the internal services required for daily operations, which are the lifeblood of enterprise production. Excessive delays or business interruption caused by network congestion or packet loss will cause large irreversible damages to a business. Therefore, CEN-TR implements traffic labels, priority setting, and bandwidth ensuring for key business through Quality of Service (QoS). With these features, users can obtain network quality assurance for the critical traffic they care about based on corresponding importance.



Network construction is the first step for enterprise cloud migration. Alibaba Cloud provides industry-leading and enterprise-level networking solutions to help enterprises migrate to the cloud. Enterprises can build private networks with a flexible and secure cloud network, which helps achieve rapid business success. For more information about the Alibaba Cloud Cloud Enterprise Network solution and CEN-TR, please see the links below:

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