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Keynote Forum

ET City Brain, Let City Think

Wang Jian

Chairman of Technology Steering Committee of Alibaba Group

High Precision BDS for IoT Era

Chen Jinpei

Chief Executive Officer of Qianxun Spatial Intelligence Inc.

New Products Launch

Li Jin

Vice President of Alibaba Cloud

More than Just Connected - Alibaba Cloud IoT Strategy

Ku Wei

Vice President of Alibaba Group, General Manager of Alibaba Cloud IoT

Quantum Computing Cloud Accessed

Jianwei Pan

Member of CAS, Standing Vice President of USTC

Container Technology Session

Migrating Legacy Monoliths to Cloud Native Microservices Architectures on Kubernetes

Dan Kohn

Executive Director, Cloud Native Computing Foundation

The Docker Way: Modernize Traditional Applications without Action and Create New Cloud Native Micro-services Applications with Naturalness

Patrick Chanezon

Chief Evangelist of Docker

Migrating Legacy Monoliths to Cloud Native Microservices Architectures on Kubernetes

Dan Kohn

Executive Director, Cloud Native Computing Foundation

International Forum 1

Global CDN

David Habben

Regional Sales Manager - Media, Akamai Technologies, Inc., Akamai

Using Modern Cloud Technology to Power Big Data-based Fraud Detection

David Ting

VP of Engineering, Datavisor

Purepath to Cloud

Rafi Katanasho

Chief Technical Officer and VP of Solution Sales - APAC, Dynatrace

What Is Happening in The Datacenter Fabric

Yu Xi

Technical Director, OTT, Greater China, Cisco

International Forum 2

Embracing the Digital Edge for Smart IoT Implementations

Eric Hui

Director of Business Development - Emerging Ecosystems, Asia Pacific, Equinix (HK)

How to Enhance Your Cloud Security and Performance

Gordon Lee

Sr Product Manager, PCCW Global

AT&T's Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Johnny Ng

General Manager, Greater China AT&T APAC

IoT Device Weaponization - Malware as a Service

Scott Wu

CEO, Newsky Security

Cloud based Video Processing and Delivery

Tong Yu

Sr Director, Strategic Alliance, Harmonic

International Forum 3

Make Business Agile by Deploying Cloud-based Connection

Alexann Zhang

Founder & CEO, Oceanblue Cloud Technology

Facilitate Your Digital Expansion Overseas

Benjamin Detroye

CEO ASIA, Linkbynet

Hitachi Consulting Companies - Your New Retail Transformation Journey with Technology and Services

Eugene Wang

SVP China GM, Hitachi

Driving Digital Transformation to the Cloud

Graham Brant

CEO, QbitKloud

The Cloud Journey of Tokopedia

Mohammed Qasim Zaidi

CTO, Tokopedia

Journey to the Cloud: Challenges and Best Practices to Implement a Successful Cloud

Simon Tai

China Manager, North Asia, Splunk

Bolster Global Digital Economy

Terence Choi

CEO, Global Cloud Exchange

Ready, Set, Grow: Strategically Expand Your Business into ASEAN

Jiaxing Hong


Open-source Summit

How to Become Part of the MariaDB Developer Community

Ulf Michael Widenius

Creator of MySQL and MariaDB, Founder of MariaDB Foundation

Enterprise IT, Open-source and the Cloud

Cai Shu

Solution Architect, Greater China Region of Red Hat

Why Redis 4.0

Salvatore Sanfilippo

Founder of Redis

The Driving Force Behind PostgreSQL

Bruce Momjian

Co-founder of PostgreSQL Global Development Group, Senior Architect of EnterpriseDB