End-to-End Cloud-Native Application Management

Enable efficient, secure, and transparent management for CloudOps, DevOps, SecOps, AIOps, and FinOps


Cloud-native is now mainstream. The efficiency of multi-cloud management, the security and speed of cross-region image replication and management, and the complexity of daily operations are key cloud-native operations and maintenance (O&M) challenges. Alibaba Cloud provides a full-lifecycle cloud-native management solution for CloudOps, DevOps, SecOps, AIOps, and FinOps to help address these issues.

  • A Leader in Container Management

    Accelerate container-based application development and O&M based on Alibaba Cloud’s full-stack cloud-native capabilities and worldwide available container services, with proven experience recognized by Gartner

  • Efficient and Secure Image Management

    Improve the efficiency and security of DevOps with automatic high-speed image replication across regions in a global scale, and a multi-dimensional security guarantee based on image status scanning and image signature

  • Multi-Cloud Management

    Manage containerized applications in multi-region and multi-cloud environments with automatically integrated Argo for unified application traffic management and end-to-end full-link tracing and performance monitoring

  • Effortless Full-Scale System O&M

    Reduce O&M complexity with automated IT operations processes based on customizable prebuilt templates, and combine full-range system observability in one stop with minimal learning requirements

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Alibaba Cloud Cloud-Native Technology Powers Hangzhou Asian Games

The Hangzhou Asian Games has successfully migrated its core games technology services to Alibaba Cloud. These services use our cloud-native solutions to fully leverage the resource elasticity, flexible scheduling, and agile development capabilities, creating a safer, more efficient, sustainable, and inclusive experience for participants and audiences worldwide.

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Cloud-Native Applications Maturity Model

The Cloud-Native Applications Maturity Model is developed based on the guidelines presented by Cloud-Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), Alibaba Cloud best practices of solving real-life problems for customers, and technological development trends in key industries, to help businesses achieve rapid and efficient implementation of cloud-native technology.

Assess the maturity of your cloud-native applications for free

Level 1: Build

You have a baseline for cloud-native implementation in place and are in pre-production.

Level 2: Operate

The cloud native foundation is established and you are moving to production.

Level 3: Scale

Your business competency is growing and you are defining the process for scaling.

Level 4: Improve

You want to enhance the security of your cloud environment and improve the governance capability.

Level 5: Optimize

You are revising the decision made before and looking for optimization for you applications and infrastructure.

Level 1: Build

You have a baseline for cloud-native implementation in place and are in pre-production.

Level 2: Operate

The cloud native foundation is established and you are moving to production.

Level 3: Scale

Your business competency is growing and you are defining the process for scaling.

Level 4: Improve

You want to enhance the security of your cloud environment and improve the governance capability.

Level 5: Optimize

You are revising the decision made before and looking for optimization for you applications and infrastructure.

Complete End-to-End Cloud-Native Application Management

Build different cloud environments and manage clusters
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Auto Provision
Auto Scaling
Backup Cluster
Cross-Region Network Setting
Multi-Cloud Management
Deploy and monitor applications in multi-cloud/multi-cluster environmentsLearn More >Watch Video >
Image Replication
Image Signature
Auto Trigger Deployment
Multi-Cluster Deployment
Delivery Chain
Service Mesh
Tracing with OpenTelemetry Support
Enable fine-grained security control
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Secret Management
Policy Governance
Zero Trust
Authorization Policy
Perform daily maintenance operations based on AI technologyLearn More >Watch Video >
Cluster Security Inspection
Cluster Regular Inspection
Rule-Based Security Control
Abnormal Event Alerting
Resource Pressure/Quota
Node/Pod/Network Diagnosis
Node Pool Self-Healing
Manage cost analysis and control
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Cost Analysis By Cluster
Cost Analysis By Namespace
Cost Analysis By NodePool
Cost Analysis By Application
Multi-Cloud Bill Control

Featured Products


Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK)

A Kubernetes-based service that ensures high efficiency for enterprises by enabling them to run containerized applications on the cloud

Security and Management

Ease of Use

High Efficiency and Reliability

Alibaba Cloud Service Mesh

A fully managed platform that manages the traffic of microservice applications in a unified manner

Unified Traffic Management

End-to-End Observability

Refined Traffic Routing

Container Registry

A secure image hosting platform that provides containerized image lifecycle management

Multi-Region Image Repository

Image Security Status Scan

Stable Service Build Creation

Function Compute

A secure and stable, elastically scaled, O&M-free, pay-as-you-go, serverless computing platform

Efficient and O&M-Free

Elastic and Highly Available

Stable and Highly Reliable


A serverless event bus service that connects to Alibaba Cloud services, custom applications, and SaaS applications as a centralized hub

Rich Ecosystem

Compatibility with CloudEvents

Security/Event Observability and Governance

Microservices Engine (MSE)

A one-stop microservices platform compatible with mainstream open source microservices ecosystems in the industry

Enhancement Based on Open Source Capabilities

Non-Intrusive and Out-of-the-Box Solution

Fully Managed Service

Enterprise Distributed Application Service

A PaaS platform for various application deployment options and microservices solutions that helps you monitor, diagnose, operate and maintain applications

Full Compatibility with Apache Tomcat Containers

Application-Centric Middleware PaaS

O&M and Service Governance

AlibabaMQ for Apache RocketMQ

A distributed message queue service that supports reliable message-based asynchronous communication among microservices, distributed systems, and serverless applications

High Performance and Low Latency

High Reliability and Scalability

Secure Access Control

Message Queue for Apache Kafka

A fully-managed Apache Kafka service to help you quickly build data pipelines for your big data analytics

100% Compatibility with Apache Kafka

Full Management

High Availability

Auto Scaling

Secure and compliant key management and cryptography services to help enterprises encrypt and protect sensitive data assets

Flexible Resource Control

Automatic ECS Instance Creation/Release

Automatic Instance Health Check

Application Real-Time Monitoring Service

An end-to-end Alibaba Cloud monitoring service for Application Performance Management (APM)

Application Performance and Anomaly Monitoring

Frontend Monitoring for User Experience

Centralized Alarm and Report Platform

Log Service

A complete real-time data logging service for the collection, consumption, shipping, search, and analysis of logs

Fully-Managed Service

Easy Integration and Configuration

Real-Time Response

Learn About Cloud Native Technology From Alibaba Cloud in Minutes


What has Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes, also known as ACK, been doing over the years?

ACK · Container Elasticity

We went all-out to build more elasticity into our ACK containers - everything for powerful elasticity and a smooth autoscaling experience.

ACK · Observability

While container is dynamic and ephemeral, observability for container services needs to take one step further.

Serverless · Technology and Development

What is the thinking behind Alibaba Cloud's "All in Serverless"?

Serverless · Common Architecture Patterns

What is the architecture pattern of Serverless?

Serverless · Function Compute

What is Alibaba Cloud Function Compute?

Open Class on Cloud Native Technology

The term Cloud Native was originally used to describe the typical architectures and characteristics of cloud-based applications. With the evolution of containers, Kubernetes, Serverless and FaaS technologies, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) defined Cloud-Native as a basic technology that makes applications more elastic, fault-tolerant, and observable. It can also make applications easier to write and orchestrate. This technology can enable developers to make the best use of cloud resources, products and delivery capabilities.

Alibaba Cloud provides Public Courses on Cloud Native Technologies for developers, technical managers, and college students. This course is jointly developed by Alibaba Cloud and CNCF. The entire course is free of charge and requires no registration. We will provide you with:

  • A comprehensive knowledge system for you to build your own cloud-native skill set
  • An understanding of Cloud Native's essence and key ideas
  • An online testing for each chapter to verify your learning progress
  • Key best practices in Cloud Native from technical teams on the cutting edge of this technology
  • New hands-on experience for CNCF is available now, check here for setup guidance.

Security and Compliance

We are committed to providing stable, reliable, secure, and compliant cloud computing infrastructure services across major jurisdictions around the world.
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  • ISO 27001
  • SOC2 Type II Report
  • C5
  • MLPS 2.0
  • MTCS

Customer Success Stories

See how companies large and small are leveraging Alibaba Cloud to grow and improve their business

“Management was extremely easy. Compared with conventional cloud platforms, Container Service for Kubernetes reduced the cost of deployment and operation. Users can also easily scale out and scale in their application server.”

Founded in 2009, enish is a leading mobile game development and publishing company that is based in the heart of Tokyo. When constructing the system infrastructure for the game app De:Lithe - The King of Oblivion and the Angel of the Covenant, there was an urgent need to adopt a cloud platform that would enable smooth development of the service in the Tokyo region. enish utilized numerous services to reduce server costs by 30%. In particular, enish made full use of Container Service for Kubernetes, a fully-managed cloud container management service, to reduce the cost of deployment and operation.

"After comparing various services, only Alibaba Cloud was able to provide customers with a seamless communication experience between Japan and China. During development, Kubernetes, which we were familiar with, could be used with Alibaba Cloud, making it possible to deploy and launch the service within a short period of time."

- Kazuki Tanaka Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, NAVITIME Japan Co., Ltd.

NAVITIME has developed a variety of transportation-related businesses, which combines various means of transportation such as trains, airplanes, cars, buses, and walking. In order to release the service on the desired date, NAVITIME had to deploy the service to the cloud within a short period of time. Rather than deploying applications directly to virtual machine servers, NAVITIME decided to use a Kubernetes-based container service which NAVITIME had experience using internally. In just two weeks after the product was introduced, the system transition was completed and new services were released as scheduled.

“Investree deployed the application on Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes, which offers a more straightforward and customary way of transferring the application from on-premise to cloud. What’s more, since migrating a monolith architecture to microservices involves breaking up the monolith into its own, single service components, the migration took place in an incremental approach. This pattern reduces risk as individual components are built and implemented.”

Investree is Indonesia's leading B2B marketplace lending platform for SMEs. In consideration of SLAs, data portability, long-term costs, user management, and security, Investree decided to migrate the existing infrastructure to the public cloud. By leveraging the solution proposed by Alibaba Cloud, Investree completed the re-architecture from monolith to microservices; shortened its time of app development and deployment; reduced IT and resources expenditures; and improved reliability and agility.

"With Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes, BP Tapera is able to meet dynamic user requests and at the same time gain efficiency in infrastructure usage, such as auto scale-down when traffic is low and auto scale-up when traffic increases.”

The Public Housing Savings Management Agency (BP Tapera) is a public legal entity in Indonesia that was formed and mandated by law to manage public housing savings. BP Tapera was looking for a solution to run its core applications and non-core applications on top of a cloud platform. BP Tapera utilizes Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes to deliver its online application, which serves millions of users, and Alibaba Direct Mail service to communicate with its users. BP Tapera also uses Alibaba Cloud Express Connect to enable secure and reliable connection both through public and private networks.

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