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Alibaba Cloud empowers Indonesia's digital transformation efforts by enabling customers to meet local security standards and ensuring consistency in their operations, as well as by providing comprehensive solutions and personable client servicing that local businesses can adapt to and learn from.
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Hear their inspiring stories and find out how they are disrupting industry models, changing the way business is being done, and creating happy customers with help from Alibaba Cloud.


MNC introduces RCTI+ as the OTT (over-the-top) streaming platform that opens the user experience to new possibilities. OTT application is a very complex platform, and RCTI+ is an application that was built and now operating entirely on Alibaba Cloud. With Alibaba Cloud, RCTI+ is able to auto-scale in real time, and deliver quality programming at any capacity.

More about MNC:
15 million DAU
200k concurrent users

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Kopi Kenangan

Kopi Kenangan was founded in 2017. Now it has more than 400 stores across Indonesia, with the help of online business. With Alibaba Cloud, Kopi Kenangan successfully speeds up product development and customer service processes, creating a tailored customer experience.

More about Kopi Kenangan:
400++ branches
1,800 tps

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DANA is the leading digital wallet provider in indonesia. Currently, DANA serves 40 million users and 200,000 merchants across the country. With the help of Alibaba Cloud, DANA has been able to easily auto-scale resources and support large traffic volumes.

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As a key player in financial services industry, Investree needs to work with work with external parties to identify and validate its lenders’ and borrowers’ identities. It needs a technology that stable, reliable and minimal to no downtime. With Alibaba Cloud, Investree can do the real-time data analysis and focus on future innovation.

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Alibaba Cloud CXO Conversation Series

Prasetiya Mulya: How management system with Moodle help to accommodate Students needs

Digital Exchange: Build a Scaleable and Reliable Infrastructure with Support of Blue Power Technology (BPT) and Alibaba Cloud


White Paper | The Indonesian Fintech Industry

Learn the current situation and development trend of online fintech industry and the value of public cloud services. See how Alibaba Cloud could help its customers such as DANA, Akulaku, and Investree through its various service such as Regulatory Compliance, Security and Privacy, Network Availability and Latency, Scalability and Reliability, Disaster Recovery and Backup, AI and Analytics.

White Paper | Learn the Best Industry Practices of Cloud Adoption in Indonesia

The widespread movement of COVID-19 is posing significant challenges for all business across the world, however, it also accelerates the uptake of digital initiatives. Indonesian companies have been stepping up by adopting technology to drive best-in-class initiatives. In this booklet, you will find the use cases and architectures of cloud computing, security and big data across fast-growing Indonesian companies during COVID-19.

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