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Type Product Scenario

Infrastructure Security

Anti-DDoS Basic Anti-DDoS Basic


Basic DDoS protection integrated with ECS Get it Free >
Anti-DDoS Anti-DDoS BGP-based DDoS mitigation, low latency, X Tbit/s bandwidth, and anycast Buy Now >
Security Center Security Center Assets/Baseline/Compliance/Ransomware/Mining/Tamper-proofing/AccessKey pair leak-proofing/Attack source tracing/Cloud security configuration monitoring/Cloud asset risk monitoring 7-day Free Trial > Buy Now >
Web Application Firewall Web Application Firewall Professional, stable, one-stop solution to core security pain points of web applications, supporting multi scenario deployment and flexible access methods Buy Now >
Bastionhost Bastionhost Risky operation interception and operation playback
Multiple O&M protocols and automatic synchronization between cloud resources Buy Now >
Cloud Firewall Cloud Firewall Access control and IPS at the cloud perimeter, visualized east-west and north-south traffic, and interception of outbound traffic 7-day Free Trial > Buy Now >
Certificate Management Service (Original SSL Certificate) Certificate Management Service (Original SSL Certificate) Flexible HTTPS for websites and applications
Centralized management of certificates on and out of the cloud Buy Now >

Identity Security

ActionTrail ActionTrail Records of all operations
Real-time and visual reports Free Trial >
Resource Access Management Resource Access Management Multiple authorization methods and global validation upon one-time configuration Free Trial >
Identity as a Service (IDaaS) Identity as a Service (IDaaS) Provides account, authentication, authorization, application, and audit features Get it Free >

Business Security

Fraud Detection Fraud Detection Real-time analysis and accurate identification of risk management solution Activate Now >
Content Moderation Content Moderation Detection for pornography, violence, and terrorism in images, text, audios, and videos; Daily update of compliance intelligence Buy Now >
ID Verification ID Verification A digital ID verification solution to provide highly secure, convenient, and flexible remote ID verification Activate Now >
Captcha Captcha Provide authentication services that distinguish between bot scripts and natural person behaviors Buy Now>

Data Security Assurance

Sensitive Data Discovery & Protection Sensitive Data Discovery & Protection Sensitive data identification and data risk monitoring; Static and dynamic data desensitization to ensure asset security Contact Sales >
Cloud Hardware Security Module (HSM) Cloud Hardware Security Module (HSM) Cloud-based encryption and low costs
Full qualifications, compliant with commercial cryptographic standards Buy Now >
Key Management Service Key Management Service Cloud-based key hosting; Cloud service integration and encryption with ease Buy Now >
Cloud Config Cloud Config Audit of all behavior and interception of risky operations
Maintenance-free, no downtime, and quick deployment Buy Now >

Security Service

Managed Security Service Managed Security Service Expert hosting support
Routine security configuration, monitoring, and O&M Buy Now >
Penetration Test Penetration Test Simulates attacks to test your system security in full scale and in depthBuy Now >
Safely Deploy Your Global Business on Alibaba Cloud
Alibaba Cloud is the official cloud service partner of the Olympic Games and has been providing digital infrastructure for Alibaba Group. Based on extensive experiences, Alibaba Cloud provides high-performance cloud technologies to help your business operate at its best.
Massive DDoS attack blocked in a live scenario
Ultra-Low Traffic Attack Identification Misreporting Rate
Mainstream cheating programs identified
Alerts against hacker groups attacking behaviors

Security Scenarios

Online business operations are critical to enterprises in the e-commerce industry. Such operations may bring about specific issues, such as the system availability issues that arise due to a significant volume of inbound traffic, promotion abuse that comes along with promo codes and coupons, and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Such issues arise frequently, which may affect or bring a negative impact on online business operations. Based on extensive practical experience of Alibaba Group in the e-commerce industry, Alibaba Cloud provides comprehensive protection solutions that are designed for website operations.
  • Ensure the stable operation of business O&M systems.
  • Defend against web attacks and malicious frauds.
  • Protect business servers from intrusion and prevent data loss.
Based on the experiences on e-commerce business protection for many years, Alibaba Cloud takes care of your business and prevents server malfunctions caused by malicious activities and attacks. After identifying and protecting malicious features of the business traffic on website or applications, only the secure traffic are returned to the server. The website HTTPS is encrypted to prevent hijacking and tampering. It avoids the malicious intrusion of the website server and safeguards your business data.
  • Hackers blackmail, database leaks
  • Service unavailability due to competitor HTTP flood attacks
  • Web pages are tampered with or embedded in dark chains
Security is one of the important factors when enterprises consider whether to migrate their business to the public cloud, or determine the systems and data to be migrated to the public cloud. Alibaba Cloud provides comprehensive security solutions that can keep customer business safe in the public cloud from different dimensions.
  • Perform unified monitoring, management, and audit to guarantee standard operating procedures in the cloud.
  • Ensure the continuity of cloud-based business and defend against DDoS and web attacks.
  • Implement complete network isolation to ensure that communications between different regions in the cloud are compliant and under control.
  • Provide all-round protection at the server level to keep servers safe.
Based on years of practical experience in the security protection for enterprise data in the cloud, Alibaba Cloud extracts eight core capabilities from the data security maturity model (DSMM). These core capabilities are required for enterprises that want to safely deploy their business in the cloud. Enterprises can master and develop these capabilities at the levels of cloud, pipeline, and terminal.
  • Provide data lifecycle management.
  • Focus on key topics in protecting data security.
  • Improve the overall defense and response capabilities against risks.
In addition to the customers who deploy their business on Alibaba Cloud, the security solutions provided by Alibaba Cloud also cater to the security requirements of customers who operate business in data centers or customers of other cloud service providers. Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS Pro and Web Application Firewall (WAF) can protect both cloud and on-premises services. WAF also allows customers to deploy forwarding ports on servers to manage and control data in the cloud and forward data to the ports. For the customers who are unable to access cloud services for a period of time, Alibaba Cloud Security Center can help them protect their servers in the data center. This way, more customers can benefit from cloud security protection.
  • 1.Defend against DDoS attacks, web attacks, and server attacks that aim at on-premises assets.
  • 2.Share the information about the most recent attacks in the cloud with customers in their self-managed environments.
  • 3.Centralize the management and control of both cloud and on-premises assets by using unified security policies.
Alibaba Cloud uses DCDN, an acceleration service that optimizes CDN for dynamic content delivery to accelerate static and dynamic web content in a fast, reliable, and safe way. This solution fortifies DCDN with a full range of edge security functions, such as DDoS mitigation, WAF, Bot Manager, and precise access control, making it a Secure Content Delivery solution. You can add Alibaba Cloud DNS to the solution for fast and secure DNS service.
  • Accelerate static and dynamic content delivery with optimal acceleration strategy based on the request
  • Protect your online business from various threats, such as zero-day attacks and DDoS
  • Leverage rich Open APIs for easy DevOps on programmable orchestration and automation
Security and Compliance
EU Cloud CoC
ISO 27001
SOC Report
We are committed to providing stable, reliable, secure, and compliant cloud computing infrastructure services across major jurisdictions around the world.
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