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Cloud Firewall Obtained IPS Certification from ICSA Labs

This short article highlights Cloud Firewall's recent achievement from ICSA Labs.

By Alibaba Cloud Security

Recently, Alibaba Cloud Firewall achieved Cloud intrusion prevention system (IPS) certification from ICSA Labs, an independent division of Verizon. ICSA Labs, well-known worldwide for its authoritative security-based testing and certification, performed rigorous tests against Cloud Firewall. Alibaba Cloud became the only manufacturer to have passed ICSA Labs' assessment of cloud-native IPS capability in Cloud Firewall. Cloud Firewall is recognized for its stability, and ability to function under high-traffic and across complex deployment architectures.

Figure: The ICSA Labs Cloud IPS Certificate for Alibaba Cloud

The authority and rigor of ICSA Labs security-based certification testing are recognized by many of the world's large enterprises and leading security vendors. The security industry recognizes ICSA Labs Certification as a must-have for security vendors that are serious about launching products in the global marketplace. ICSA Labs Cloud IPS assessment is based on a complete reproduction of dynamic attacks in real scenarios. ICSA Labs assesses the intrusion detection and defense capabilities of the security solutions in testing using various escape technologies and traffic combinations. In addition to testing security product efficacy, the ICSA Labs Cloud IPS test set includes strict requirements for platform security, log records, and security management capabilities.

Since 2021, just two other security products in the world have stood out in ICSA Labs' assessment of network intrusion prevention systems. Being the first to earn ICSA Labs Cloud IPS Certification, Cloud Firewall is a pioneer in networking and security product assessments in the cloud. In the security testing performed by ICSA Labs, Alibaba Cloud Firewall defended against dozens of high-risk exploits and various complex evasion techniques in ICSA Labs' regularly-updated Cloud IPS core attack test set with a 100% success rate defending against exploitation of enterprise software vulnerabilities.


Cloud Firewall is different from traditional firewalls that focus on firewalling at Internet boundaries. Cloud Firewall exists in the Alibaba Cloud environment and is a FWaaS with intrusion prevention capabilities that better enable it to thwart attacks aimed at enterprise cloud vulnerabilities in a timely and accurate manner. Visit https://www.alibabacloud.com/product/cloud-firewall for more information.

About ICSA Labs

ICSA Labs, an independent division of Verizon, has been providing credible, independent, third-party security product testing and certification for many of the world's top security product developers and service providers for more than 30 years. The goal of ICSA Labs is to significantly increase user and enterprise trust in information security products and solutions. Enterprises worldwide rely on ICSA Labs to set and apply objective testing and certification criteria for measuring product compliance and performance. Visit https://www.icsalabs.com/ for more information.

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