Fully managed, locally deployed Alibaba Cloud infrastructure and services with consistent user experience and management APIs with Alibaba Cloud public cloud.

Available in China (Hong Kong)

Bring Our Public Cloud Services to Your Site

Alibaba Cloud deploys hyperconverged infrastructure, including computing, storage, and network resources, to your data center so as to meet your requirements for data compliance, on-premises data processing, and low latency.

CloudBox utilizes standard 42U racks and has been pre-installed. A delivered CloudBox device only needs to be connected to the power supply, linked to the network, and debugged with simple operations. Then, you can use the computing and storage resources in the CloudBox device in the Alibaba Cloud public cloud console. In addition, you can also use the PaaS services provided by Alibaba Cloud, such as databases and container services, on your on-premises CloudBox and use Alibaba Cloud services to operate and manage the resources in CloudBox.

Why CloudBox?

CloudBox adopts the same architecture as the Alibaba Cloud public cloud, which provides you with consistent services and user experience.
You can buy the out-of-the-box and fully managed cloud services on-demand.Learn More >

Item CloudBox Alibaba Cloud Public Cloud Apsara Stack
Consistent cloud capability
Elastic scale-out
Fully managed O&M
Low threshold and costs
Low latency
Data locality
Data processed in the on-premises data center
Strong physical isolation


  • Secure and Auditable Services

    CloudBox allows you to use cloud services with exclusive resources. You can view all the operation logs of CloudBox. CloudBox supports third-party auditing of its network connections. CloudBox provides comprehensive protection in terms of infrastructure, data, communication, and compliance. Learn more >

  • Lower Unit Computing Costs

    CloudBox uses the SHENLONG architecture of Alibaba Cloud public cloud based on the computing, storage, and network hyper-convergence technologies and reuses the central management and control capabilities of Alibaba Cloud public cloud. CloudBox can be sold in a single rack to reduce costs.

  • Consistent Cloud Service Experience

    You can have a consistent experience of cloud services on your on-premises devices with that in the Alibaba Cloud public cloud. You can seamlessly migrate your business code that runs on on-premises devices to Alibaba Cloud public cloud and vice versa. CloudBox provides consistent openAPI and O&M tools.

CloudBox Scenarios

On-premises Data Processing

When a considerable amount of on-premises data is uploaded to the Alibaba Cloud public cloud for computing, limits such as transmission fees, bandwidth, or time may apply. You can process large amounts of data on your on-premises CloudBox devices in a timely manner. The processing results can be uploaded to Alibaba Cloud public cloud for archiving over a virtual private network (VPN) . This helps reduce costs and time for data transmission.

Suitable for business scenarios, such as AI model training, rendering, and analysis of audio and video data.

Ultra-low Latency

In applications developed for scenarios such as industrial parks, industrial manufacturing, and warehouse management, a large number of calculations are performed on locally collected data and then the results are used to control equipment operation. If the Alibaba Cloud public cloud servers are remote to your location, they cannot interact with your on-premises devices and applications in near real time. CloudBox hardwares can be deployed in your specified locations to provide you with real-time computing and communicate with your local systems.

On-premises Data Residency

CloudBox is suitable for scenarios in which data must be deployed in industrial parks, data centers, or regions to meet regulatory, compliance, and security requirements. You can deploy CloudBox devices in your specified locations. CloudBox helps you ensure data security and digital privacy, and allows you to access numerous cloud services in the Alibaba Cloud public cloud.

CloudBox is applicable to various industries and industry associations such as transportation, aviation, and healthcare.

Centralized O&M of Multiple Branches

You may encounter the following scenarios: Organizations with multiple branches are distributed in different regions and need central management. You have arranged hardware facilities in an area that is inconvenient for O&M and require remote management. You can use CloudBox to operate and manage your hardware facilities and software services in the public cloud console.

Suitable for business scenarios, such as smart communities and factory automation.

Supported Cloud Services

CloudBox IaaS

After you purchase the CloudBox service, Alibaba Cloud deploys infrastructure such as computing, storage, and networking resources to your data center.

Computing resources: Elastic Compute Service (ECS)
Storage resources: Elastic Block Storage, Object Storage Service (OSS)
Network: Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

CloudBox PaaS

CloudBox provides basic computing and storage resources. You can use CloudBox to deploy PaaS services provided by Alibaba Cloud.

Databases: ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL, ApsaraDB for Redis Enhanced Edition (Tair), and ApsaraDB for MongoDB
Data warehouse: AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL
Container: Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) Pro
Office on the cloud: Elastic Desktop Service (EDS)

Cloud Center Services

CloudBox reuses the control and service nodes of the Alibaba Cloud central region. You can use the following services to operate and manage resources in CloudBox.

Network: Express Connect, Smart Access Gateway (SAG), and Classic Load Balancer (CLB)
Security: Security Center and Bastionhost
O&M: Application Real-Time Monitoring Service (ARMS)
Middleware: Enterprise Distributed Application Service (EDAS)
Tools: Resource Orchestration Service (ROS), Operation Orchestration Service (OOS), Server Migration Center (SMC), and Cloud Assistant

How CloudBox works

In the Alibaba Cloud public cloud console, you can manage cloud boxes and related resources in a centralized way.
In addition, you can purchase, configure, use, monitor, and audit CloudBox resources as needed. To use CloudBox, perform the following steps:


Step 1: Purchase CloudBox

You can select CloudBox resources in the Alibaba Cloud console and submit an order.


Step 2: Delivery

Alibaba Cloud conducts a data center site survey to install and deploy CloudBox.


Step 3: Use CloudBox

You complete the acceptance check of CloudBox and start using cloud services.


Step 4: Unsubscription

If you no longer need to use CloudBox, terminate the service after it expires or apply for unsubscription in advance.

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