What Is Private Cloud?

Different from public cloud, a private cloud is a model of cloud computing that provides a dedicated cloud environment to a single organization. Private cloud can be operated internally by an in-house IT team, behind that organization’s firewall, so an organization has more control of its compute resources. Private cloud is mainly used by enterprises, so it is also considered a type of enterprise cloud.

Benefits of Private Cloud

Private cloud resides on an organization’s intranet or in a provider’s data center where all of the data is protected behind a firewall. Private cloud is the cloud solution with the highest level of security, however the cost might not be affordable for all businesses.

Is Private Cloud On-Premise?

On-premises private cloud, also called internal private cloud, is when you host your private cloud in-house. This gives you more flexibility and complete control of your cloud servers. However the cost of provisioning and maintaining servers and other hardware, and paying software licenses, will increase consequently.

Is it possible to have a Private Cloud on a Public Cloud Provider?

Virtualization on the public cloud allows you to achieve a high degree of security, without the expense of private cloud. Each cloud server you provision is a virtual machine, with its memory and processes isolated from other public cloud users. Likewise, data on system and data disks is virtually isolated from data belonging to other users, and it is not possible for users to access each other’s data. VPC or Virtual Private Cloud networking also allows you to group your servers into isolated network groups that are not accessible to other people. You can even set up VPC groups which do not have any access to the internet, giving you very safe, private environment in which to work (you can access such a VPC group over a VPN or dedicated leased line).
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