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Tailored solutions and ecosystem support to businesses entering the Saudi market.


Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation market is thriving, driven by initiatives like Vision 2030. It encompasses various sectors, including retail, manufacturing, and e-commerce. With dual local data center launched in 2022, Alibaba Cloud offers tailored solutions and ecosystem support to businesses entering the Saudi market, providing our customers with a range of cloud-based technologies and professional services, local expertise, access to the extensive Alibaba ecosystem, and unrivaled speed to market.

Key Advantages

  • Dual Data Center in Saudi Arabia

    Multiple Availability Zones offer high availability, resilience, and fault tolerance by automatically failing over services and handling instance failures which greatly enhance disaster recovery capabilities.

  • Class C Certificate

    As a Class C certified Cloud Service Provider, we ensure top-level security and compliance for individuals and organizations in Saudi Arabia, handling data from public to top secret classifications. More details

  • Advanced Products & Tailored Solutions

    Unleash potential with our advanced products for dynamic environments. Achieve optimal performance and security in the cloud, with optional key management service and hardware security modules.

  • Complete Ecosystem

    Alibaba Cloud brings you More Than Just Cloud. We connect you into Alibaba Ecosystem, enables strategic footsteps, and takes a comprehensive portfolio of products and services.

Tailored Solution


Fintech most time are on-line business: user experience, transaction process, customer service is all on-line. So the infrastructure that supports business needs to reliable, scale and stable with reasonable cost.

Our Solution

  • This solution provides the ability to easily scale up and down with no upfront payment. Deployment on more than one zone will help the organization to achieve better user satisfaction and meet business continuity requirements. Database hosting services of Alibaba Cloud allow enterprises to spin up and scale database instances on demand. These services provide automated monitoring and backup and disaster recovery capabilities throughout the transaction processing. Additionally, security services like WAF and Anti-DDoS Service help FinTech companies focus more on application security instead of infrastructure security.


Automatically protects your service from DDoS attacks.

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Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Defends websites from common attacks at the application layer to ensure security and availability.

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  • Alibaba Cloud offers comprehensive services and resources to ensure a smooth migration: from pre-migration evaluation to migration planning, from data migration to business application migration, and from network migration (bring your own IP to the cloud (BYOIP)) to security services. The expert team has a proven record in migrating services from on-premises data centers and other cloud vendors to Alibaba Cloud.

Elastic Compute Service (ECS)

Provides elastic and secure servers to host your services on the cloud.

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Hybrid Backup Recovery (HBR)

It provides secure and efficient backup, disaster recovery and archive services for Alibaba Cloud ECS instance, files, ECS databases, NAS and OSS, as well as on-premises data including VMware virtual machines, large scale NAS systems, files systems and databases.

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  • Building the foundation for retail companies to transfer into a more consumer-centric data-driven business model


As a unified PaaS platform for intelligent data creation and management at Exabyte Scale, Dataphin applies Alibaba Group’s unique and proven OneData, OneID & OneService technologies to help enterprises thrive in the new era of digital transformation.

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One-stop big data development and governance platform

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PolarDB is a cloud-native database service that is developed by Alibaba Cloud.

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Conduct large-scale data warehousing with MaxCompute

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Realtime Compute for Apache Flink

Realtime Compute for Apache Flink offers a highly integrated platform for real-time data processing, which optimizes the computing of Apache Flink.

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Intelligent Speech Interaction

Intelligent Speech Interaction is developed based on state-of-the-art technologies such as speech recognition, speech synthesis, and natural language understanding.

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AI Service Dispatch for Field Service Management

Improve your efficiency with an AI-powered, centralized, real-time service dispatch product incorporating Vehicle Route Planning (VRP), suitable for a range of industries, including logistics, e-commerce, professional services, telecommunications and public utilities.

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Machine Learning Platform for AI

A platform that provides enterprise-level data modeling services based on machine learning algorithms to quickly meet your needs for data-driven operations.

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  • Alibaba Cloud’s one-stop media solution provides media organizations with a range of powerful multimedia services to produce, upload, process, manage, and deliver your digital media content with ease and intelligent insights across multiple formats, platforms, and locations.

ApsaraVideo VOD

Build secure, scalable, and highly customizable VOD platforms and applications with efficiency.

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Secure Media Archive

Secure Media Archive is an integrated solution using Alibaba Cloud services to help organizations to securely store content into the cloud.

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Real-Time Streaming

Provides low latency and high concurrency, helping improve the user experience for your live-streaming.

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Real-Time Livestreaming for Sports and Events

Stream sports and events on the Internet smoothly to worldwide audiences concurrently.

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Remote Rendering

Connect your on-premises render farm to the cloud with Alibaba Cloud Elastic High Performance Computing (E-HPC) power and continue business success in a post-pandemic world

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Personalized Content Recommendation

Help media companies build a discovery service for their customers to find the most appropriate content.

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  • Web3 provides new opportunities for businesses to innovate and grow based on the foundation of a new technology stack, including blockchain and user-centric security features. Alibaba Cloud helps build blockchain infrastructures based on high-speed and reliable global network and computing resources and supports the efficient and secure development of Web3 applications with end-to-end data asset protection capabilities.


The world's first cloud-based multichain IDE which has been officially categorized into multiple blockchain developer documentation such as Ethereum, BNBChain, Polygon, Conflux and etc.

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Hand-in-hand project development teaching can efficiently help students complete the whole process from the entry level to developing dApps.

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which help developers to facilitate the construction and operation of the blockchain under the visual operation interface, greatly reducing the development threshold and improving development efficiency.

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