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PolarDB provides the performance and availability of traditional enterprise databases and the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of open-source databases.Learn More>

  • Options:2C8G General-Purpose, PolarDB for MySQL/Dedicated PolarDB for PostgreSQL/Dedicated PolarDB for Oracle
  • User type:The first purchase users
  • 50GB Storage
  • Only one PolarDB instance is allowed to claim.
  • Free for each month
  • Available Region Australia(Sydney) | China(Hong Kong) | Germany(Frankfurt) | Japan(Tokyo) | Singapore | UK(London)

2C8G Always Free

ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL

High security level, more stable, 5x performance improvement.
Learn More>

  • Instance:MySQL 2C4G
  • User type: The first purchase users
  • Receive quantity: 1 instance
  • Enhanced System Disk: 20GB
    MySQL 5.7/8.0 mysql.n2.medium.1
    This free tier is not available in UAE, SAU.

2C4G 1 Month

ApsaraDB RDS for PostgreSQL

An on-demand database hosting service for PostgreSQL with automated monitoring, backup and disaster recovery capabilities.
Learn More>

  • Instance:PostgreSQL 2C4G
  • System disk:20 GB Storage
  • User type:New registered user
  • Receive quantity1 instance
    PostgresSQL 10/11/12/13/14/15 pg.n2.2c.1m
    This free tier is not available in UAE, SAU.

2C4G 1 Month

ApsaraDB RDS for SQL Server

An on-demand database hosting service for SQL Server with automated monitoring, backup and disaster recovery capabilities.
Learn More>

  • Instance: SQL Server 2C4G
  • User type: New registered enterprises
  • System Disk: 20 GB Storage
    This free tier is not available in UAE, SAU.

2C4G 2 Months

ApsaraDB for MongoDB

Supports the ReplicaSet and Sharding architectures and widely used for Internet, IOT, gaming, Finance, and other scenarios.Learn More>

  • Instance:MongoDB 4.0/4.2 1C2G
  • User type:New registered user
  • Storage:20GB
  • Nodes: 3 Nodes
    This free tier is not available in UAE, SAU.

1C2G 1 Month

ApsaraDB for Redis

A key value database service, applied for high-performance Web applications.Learn More>

  • Instance:1GB Community Edition
  • User type:New registered user
  • Type:High Availability
  • Replicas: 2 Replicas
    This free tier is not available in UAE, SAU.

1GB 1 Month

AnalyticDB for MySQL

Compatible with upstream and downstream ecosystem tools and can be used to build enterprise-class report systems, data warehouses, and data service engines.
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  • Edition: Data Lakehouse Edition
  • User type: The first purchase user
  • Receive quantity: 1 instance
  • Reserved Computing: 16 ACU
  • Reserved Storage: 24 ACU
    This free tier is not available in UAE, SAU.

1 Month

AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL

For personal learning tests, compatible with PostgreSQL and Oracle's real-time data warehouse.Learn More>

  • Instance: Elastic Storage Mode 4C32G
  • User type: The first purchase enterprise
  • Receive quantity: 1 instance
  • System Disk: 50GB
  • Nodes: 4 Nodes
  • Edition: High availability
    This free tier is not available in UAE, SAU.

4C32G 1 Month

Tailored Solutions

Elasticity Management

ApsaraDB for PolarDB provides cloud-native elastic management capabilities. It enables cluster upgrade/downgrade, storage scale-in/scale-out, and in-service upgrade to enhance business write performance and reduce the risks of changing resource configurations by traditional means. With features such as automatic load balancing and read/write isolation, it automatically routes read/write business. It also allows you to flexibly add and remove read-only cluster nodes in service to deal with query requests at high queries per second (QPS) during peak hours.

Spatio-Temporal Processing

New business scenarios, including map services, vehicle monitoring, logistics distribution, and trajectory analysis, pose new requirements to the storage and management of time data and spatial geographical location data. Ganos is the powerful built-in spatio-temporal operation engine of ApsaraDB for PolarDB. It provides spatio-temporal data models, indexes, and operators that comply with SQL and SQL/MM standards to achieve unified storage and seamless association with business data and facilitate integration. The spatio-temporal multi-model SQL engine provides dedicated data types and functions. It can comprehensively process information and respond to a query for 100,000 "locations and events" in billions of data records within milliseconds, providing a new SQL query pattern based on a 5G + IoT platform. It can be applied to intelligent map navigation, intelligent logistics, IoV tracing, city brain, and other scenarios

✓ Superior Performance
✓ Easy-to-Use
✓ Stable and Reliable
✓ Flexible Scalability

✓ Distributed
✓ Machine Learning and Analysis
✓ Data Integration
✓ FSecurity
✓ Hybrid Analytics

Alibaba Cloud provides the cloud-native workflow from the initial loan application to data analytics. Offload database management to the cloud saves time and money. The scalability and security we provide are essential for your online applications.

For the loan business, we can store the borrower's profiles and needs, carry out precision marketing with less marketing expenses, and achieve more efficient capabilities, with more applications handling per day.

With AnalyticDB, you can oversee and control risks after user login to protect against any abusive registration, malicious login, abnormal browsing, bot attacking, and suspicious transaction. By collecting user data, you can create a decision engine to set up backlist, whitelist, rules, models, and variable features, so it can efficiently handle fraud scenarios, such as account takeover and promotion abuse. You can also mitigate your account risk with multi-factor authentication (MFA) and a tagging/notifying mechanism.

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