Community Blog How to Claim PolarDB Resources for Free

How to Claim PolarDB Resources for Free

This article discusses the benefits of PolarDB and explains how to claim resources for free.

1. Preface: PolarDB Overview

PolarDB is a cloud-native relational database that provides fully compatible, enhanced MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle services for any scale. PolarDB is a proprietary product of Alibaba Cloud that fully supports MySQL and PostgreSQL with enhanced enterprise features in terms of availability, security, and efficiency.

2. Benefits Overview

Engine Options Free Duration Options of Free Specs Step 1: Submit the application form. Step 2: Launch a PolarDB instance for free.
Option 1:
PolarDB for MySQL
30 Days (Each Time) polar.mysql.g4.medium
2C8G General-purpose
50GB Subscription Storage
Exclusive Available Regions
The Application For PolarDB Free Trial Link
Option 2:
PolarDB for PostgreSQL
30 Days (Each Time) polar.pg.x4.medium
2C8G Dedicated
50GB Subscription Storage
Exclusive Available Regions
Option 3:
PolarDB for PostgreSQL (Oracle-compatible Edition)
30 Days (Each Time) polar.o.x4.medium
2C8G Dedicated
50GB Subscription Storage
Exclusive Available Regions

3. The Path to Starting the Free Trials

3.1. Fill in an Application Form

1.  Access the PolarDB landing page or any of the entries that show the PolarDB Always Free program

2.  Click Apply Now:


3.  Fill in the form and click Submit:


3.2. Launch a PolarDB Instance for Free

1.  Place an Order for Free

Go back to the PolarDB landing page and choose one of the engines to place a 30-day order for free:


You can access the buy page with the following links:

Please note your free trial is valid until the end of the month you submitted the form at 24:00:00 (GMT +8). If you fail to claim the free trial before the deadline, it will be revoked, and you must submit the form again (refer to Step 1).

2.  Complete the Free Trial Order

Change the region where you want to deploy the PolarDB instance and keep the other configurations as the default. Finish the order for free:


Since you have only one chance to launch a PolarDB instance for free each month after submitting the application form, please confirm the order configurations carefully before checking out.



After that, go to the PolarDB console, and a new PolarDB instance will be displayed with the Creating status attached:


3.  Wait for the PolarDB Instance to be Ready and Enjoy Exploring

After the instance changes to Running, you can use it. You may need the set up a network (whitelist and endpoint) and authentications (database user and password) before logging into the instance. Please use the following Quick Start for reference:

PolarDB Quick Start >


4. What's Next After a Free Trial?

4.1. How to Convert to a Paid Plan

Considering the configurations (such as Storage Type and Hot Standby Cluster of free trial instance) may not fully meet your business needs, we recommend launching new instances after testing (when you decide to implement PolarDB for production).

If you want to extend the duration of the instance after evaluation, you can continue with Renew to convert the free trial to a paid plan.


Also, you can upgrade specifications from the beginning and then renew the instance.



4.2. How to Release the Test Instance

You will not be charged after the free setup expires, but we recommend releasing the resource if you don't have plans to convert to a paid plan after achieving the goal of learning or testing.

Let's see how to release a PolarDB instance. It only requires two simple steps.

First, change the billing method of the instance to pay-as-you-go.


Click Release when the billing method is successfully changed. In order to avoid unnecessary fees, we recommend choosing Immediately Delete All Backups if the test data stored on the instance is not expected to be used again (especially for production). Otherwise, you might be charged storage fees generated by backup retention.



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