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Alibaba Cloud's comprehensive e-commerce solutions come with the same leading technologies that support Double 11, paving the way for advanced e-commerce scenarios such as Intelligent chatbot, omnichannel marketing, livestreaming, and personalized content recommendation. Alibaba Cloud enables your e-commerce business to grow beyond the great.

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How Can We Help Your E-Commerce Business?

Scenario1. Dealing with Sudden Traffic Spikes

Having faced countless challenges from large scale online promotions on our e-commerce websites, Alibaba Cloud products are capable of handling the sudden traffic spikes. Our products also automatically adjust the amount of the resources you need and distribute traffic among these resources, ensuring the performance of your application in a cost-effective way.

Network Enhanced Elastic Computing Service

Perfectly designed for applications that require strong PPS capability or with high concurrency scenarios like E-commerce websites.

  • 4.5 million PPS of packet forwarding capability
  • Latency - 66% by 10 Gbit/s internal network bandwidth
  • 5x better performance at a constant cost
  • Auto manage resources with free Auto Scaling and CloudMonitor
  • Auto dispatch the traffic with Server Load Balancer

Relational Database

Optimized for flash sales to resolve performance issues in handling large numbers of concurrent user requests to frequently used data.

  • 100x performance improvement on high concurrent scenarios than your self-built database
  • High security: supports IP whitelists, SQL injection prevention, SSL-encrypted data transmission, TDE.
  • Supports multiple deployment architectures
  • Complete monitoring and diagnostics


“Alibaba Cloud can deliver a complete range of cloud services locally in China(Hong Kong) and has a proven track record handling influxes of web traffic such as during the Double 11 shopping festival in China. This is one of the many reasons HKExpress considered Alibaba Cloud for its cloud infrastructure needs.” Learn more.

Scenario 2. Quickly Reach Your Users around Asia Pacific

Alibaba Cloud has 26 data centers in Asia Pacific region, taking the advantages of our presence and excellent network performance, your e-commerce websites can provide users with fast and smooth browsing and a better online shopping experience.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Our widely distributed nodes in Asia Pacific can effectively accelerate the response to user requests and increase the response rate.

  • 3200+ nodes globally with 180 Tbps of bandwidth
  • Supports major ISPs worldwide
  • 10-GE NICs' network
  • Less than milliseconds response time
  • Billed by Pay-As-Traffic or Pay-By-Bandwidth

Secure Content Delivery

Accelerate static and dynamic web content in a fast, reliable, and safe way using Secure DCDN (Dynamic Route for CDN)

  • Static and Dynamic Content Delivery
  • Edge Security with Anti-DDoS and WAF
  • Quick Start and Easy DevOps
  • The largest CDN network in China with local regulatory compliance


“In just two days the Lazada application supported over 1.3 billion visits and supported customers buying and shipping throughout southeast Asia. On the backend, Alibaba Cloud provided Lazada with the infrastructure and products to support its business.” Learn more.

Scenario 3. Tracking and Analyzing User Behaviors for Your Online Store

Obtaining user behavior data is crucial for data analysts, marketing specialists, and product managers. Alibaba Cloud Log Service provides you with the WebTracking SDK that you can integrate into your online store website. The user behavior tracking code implemented with the SDK can track and upload user behavior data. In this way, you can aggregate and analyze this data and then make marketing and product innovation decisions based on insights.

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Log Service

Log Service is a complete real-time data logging service that supports collection, consumption, shipping, search, and analysis of logs.

  • Collects data from more than 30 data sources within five minutes
  • Fully supports real-time and offline analytics
  • Seamlessly connects to Alibaba Cloud software, open-source software, and commercial software
  • Manages access permissions

Server Load Balancer (SLB)

SLB distributes traffic among multiple instances to improve the service capabilities of your applications.

  • Supports multi-layer disaster recovery and high availability
  • Supports automatic traffic distribution among multiple instances
  • Provides guaranteed-performance instances
  • Supports multiple SLB management approaches and billing methods

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Scenario 4. Safeguard Your E-Commerce Business from Web Attacks

Besides providing internationally compliant services, Alibaba Cloud provides comprehensive security solutions for your e-commerce websites and apps, including Anti DDoS protection, Web Application Firewall, and Managed Security Services to ensure your data stay safe.

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Anti-DDoS Premium

Protecting your business from loss of income and users as well as reputation damage caused by potential DDoS attacks.

  • Mitigates nearly unlimited DDoS attacks
  • Globally distributed scrubbing centers
  • 7*24 technical support with multi-tools
  • Record on defending against the attack over 1Tbps
  • Flexible monthly subscriptions to save your costs

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Web Application Firewall (WAF)

WAF secures your core business data and prevents server malfunctions caused by malicious activities and attacks.

  • Keeps your server response time to milliseconds
  • Fix vulnerabilities within 24 hours
  • Efficiently prevents CC attacks
  • Supports anti-crawler, anti-rush & anti-sabotage protection


“By implementing Alibaba Cloud’s CDN and WAF services and working with Alibaba Cloud’s security professionals, AirAsia identified 90% of the traffic as Bots. Now, Alibaba Cloud provides Air Asia with weekly security reports and regular updates.” Learn more.

Scenario 5. Creating Accurate and Precise Search Engines

Alibaba Cloud search-technology products provide simple, low-cost, stable, and efficient search solutions for your e-commerce websites or applications. These mature services are based on advanced machine learning or deep learning developed by Taobao, the world's leading e-commerce website, and are also used by all major business units of Alibaba Group.

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Image Search

Based on machine learning and deep learning, Image Search enables end-users to take a screenshot or upload an image to search and find desired products or fulfill other search requests by using image identification and search function. The product's search function is suitable for various business scenario, such as e-commerce websites and photo-sharing sites etc.

  • High accuracy and leading algorithm
  • Supports 10 billion+ images and milliseconds response to image queries
  • Easy to use: upload image, search and buy
  • Supports quick and targeted product search
  • High flexibility and compatibility: open API/SDK, support customized development


Widely applied to business scenarios like online shopping, o2o food delivery, travel booking, video website, and office management system,etc.

  • 100MM+ searchable documents
  • Millisecond level query delay
  • 10,000+ Query Per Second(QPS)
  • Supports two rounds of correlation sorting
  • Simple deployment and customization


“The technology required to visually search through literally millions of products, in seconds, was unprecedented - the fact that the user experience is so simple and seamless is a hallmark of what cutting-edge CX and UX design should be.” Learn more.

Scenario 6. Performing Big Data Analysis and Providing Intelligent Recommendations

Alibaba Cloud e-commerce solution also provides big data products, which can easily process massive amounts of data as well as automatically recommend related products to your customers in an easy, fast, scalable, and cost effective way.

E-MapReduce (EMR)

An all-in-one enterprise-ready big data platform that provides cluster, job, and data management services, it is ideal for large scale online promotion scenarios.

  • Supports the Hadoop and Spark ecosystem components
  • Cost-effective: by automated scale in and out
  • High stability by deeply optimized environment
  • Safe: supports Kerberos authentication & data encryption
  • Easy setup and well integrated with Alibaba Cloud products

Quick BI

Allows you to perform your data analytics, exploration, and reporting on mass data with drag-and-drop features and a rich variety of visuals.

  • Seamless integrates data on cloud and local files
  • Quickly build data portals with drag-and-drop
  • Flexible embedding into third-party systems
  • Full control of data access permissions
  • Supports OLAP modeling of data sources, and converts to multi-dimensional analytics models


Tokopedia is leveraging the end-to-end big data solutions starting from data ingestion, data storage, data processing, data analysis, and data visualization from Alibaba Cloud to get quick insights from its huge offline and incremental data sets. Learn more.

Scenario 7. Setting Up a Live Shopping Platform

You can bring the in-person shopping experience to online audiences through a fast and reliable global network by leveraging the end-to-end livestreaming and VOD solutions with high definition and low latency livestreaming and playback capabilities to engage shoppers via a live shopping platform across social media, apps, and websites.

ApsaraVideo Live

ApsaraVideo Live provides high-definition and uninterrupted live audio and video services that are convenient and accessible, with low latency and high concurrency.

  • Synchronous playback on multiple clients
  • Mature industry-tailored solutions
  • Over 3,200 Nodes distributed in more than 70 countries
  • Multiple security approaches including url encryption and video encryption
  • Video Capture SDK and Video Playback SDK for all platforms

ApsaraVideo VOD

ApasraVideo VOD supports video collection, editing, uploading, media management, automatic transcoding, video review and analysis, and video delivery acceleration.

  • Stable and smooth playback service
  • Customizable high-performance transcoding
  • Content auditing, analysis, and delivery acceleration
  • Multiple video protection functions, including anti-leeching and playback authentication
  • Short Video SDK for quick video recording and editing

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Object Storage Service

Quickly up/download your pics,videos, and static files with low cost.

  • Pay-As-You-Go

Platform for AI

Identifies shopping behaviors of your customers and recommends intelligently.

  • Pay-As-You-Go

Short Message Service

Drive growth by sending personalized and hyper-targeted messages to users.

  • resource package from $0.00


Send batch email quickly and efficiently without building your own email server.

  • resource package from $5.22

Intelligent Robot

Cutomized your knowledge based intelligent customer services.

  • Pay-As-You-Go


Costs 30% less than self-built solutions for data search and analysis.

  • from $60.18/month


Create a fantastic real-time dashboard monitoring your business data.

  • from $360/year

ApsaraVideo Live

Sell your products through a more interactive way by KOLs.

  • Pay-As-You-Go

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Recommended Software for E-Commerce

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Magento is a leading enterprise-class eCommerce platform.


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Opencart by Miri Infotech

OpenCart is a PHP-based web based shopping cart system.


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osCommerce by Miri Infotech

osCommerce is a simple and straightforward online store management system.


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Zen Cart by Miri Infotech

Zen Cart is used to sell virtually everything from the online store.


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Customer Success Stories

See how companies large and small are leveraging Alibaba Cloud to grow and improve their business

“Alibaba Cloud provided reliable infrastructure, which allowed us to deploy our application with faster and cheaper, which dramatically improved our time to market.”

Mr. Mui Man Bok, Chairman, Brilliant Group & Founder, FreshGo

Alibaba Cloud provided FreshGo a refined solution to fulfill their need for a live streaming solution with scalable usage at a lower cost (-70%) which allowed them to give a better and more mature service to their customers. By leveraging Alibaba Cloud's e-commerce and new retail know-how, they were the best and most reliable partner for FreshGo.

"Together with Alibaba Cloud, Cobalt is equipped with enhanced digital capabilities to build a digital ecosystem to shorten the development lead time of their customers, enabling them to capture opportunities in this digital era."

Together with Alibaba Cloud, Cobalt is equipped with enhanced digital capabilities to build a digital ecosystem to shorten the development lead time of their customers, enabling them to capture opportunities in this digital era.

"Given Alibaba's strong ecosystem and expertise, Alibaba can provide the tools that Bintraco holdings require to draft a clear road map and provide consultation on how to integrate several different business units. Through the solutions proposed, Bintraco will be able to better plan resources and gain stronger insights into customer service behavior and plan marketing campaigns accordingly."

Currently, Bintraco is in the first phases of its digital transformation. Moving forward, Bintraco hopes to continue to consolidate business units through a common data platform. To this end, Alibaba Cloud provides several powerful and well-integrated tools. In particular, the MaxCompute suite provides a common data consolidation platform. Next, Bintraco hopes to continue to create valuable business insights through predictive analytics using Alibaba Cloud's full-fledged machine learning platform.

Alibaba Cloud provides a comprehensive set of product portfolios ranging from IaaS, Big Data, AI, and Security to meet various use cases and needs of Tokopedia.

Tokopedia currently runs 20+ full-stack core applications with close to 1000 VMs and various kinds of managed services in a reliable, scalable, and cost-effective IT infrastructure on Alibaba Cloud. Besides that, Tokopedia is also leveraging the end-to-end big data solutions starting from data ingestion, data storage, data processing, data analysis, and data visualization from Alibaba Cloud to get quick insights from its huge offline and incremental data sets. Alibaba Cloud is also bringing the AI capabilities such as image search to provide more intelligence and better user experience to Tokopedia’s customers.

“Chemist Warehouse has been able to grow its digital presence in China with the support of Alibaba Cloud. We appreciate their responsive support and local engagement which enables us to deliver on our China initiative in record time."

Ki Bae, Web Development Manager

For Chemist Warehouse partnering with Alibaba Cloud became a natural fit. As a tier-one public cloud provider that has an exceptional data centre and network coverage in both China and Australia, Alibaba Cloud offered Chemist Warehouse the reach and ease of a unified platform to connect Australia with China.

Staying ahead of the curve, by implementing innovate technologies from Alibaba Cloud, means the future is undoubtedly bright for Fishpond.

Looking ahead, Fishpond are excited about what the future will hold for online businesses and the retail sector as a whole, as technology continues to allow brands and markteplaces to strengthen their connection with customers. “When used right, technology should empower and simplify the User Experience - in this case, we have achieved that in spades, and delivered an innovative new way to shop that is unrivaled in our market.” Powles explains.

Security and Compliance

We are committed to providing stable, reliable, secure, and compliant cloud computing products and services.

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