Flexible purchase options including Prepaid & Pay-As-You-Go

Simple and Transparent Pricing

Hong Kong
Mainland China

Worldwide: Singapore, Sydney, Frankfurt, Virginia, Silicon Valley

Mainland China: Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Zhangjiakou

Operating System:
* Each package includes an outbound Data Transfer plan. Any outbound data transfers in excess of your plan's Data Transfer allowance are subject to overage charges. Learn more
* The pricing above applies to both newly launched instances and renewals.

Product Pricing See detailed pricing information of Alibaba Cloud products below

Pricing Calculator

Our pricing calculator helps you easily calculate and estimate the cost of your Alibaba Cloud infrastructure configurations.

Pricing Principles

Alibaba Cloud offers cloud computing services to customers in 168 countries and regions with flexible purchasing options and easy payment process.

  • Prepaid and Pay-As-You-Go payment methods
    We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express (AMEX) and PayPal
  • All payments processed via your default payment option
    All billing in USD
  • Detailed billing items calculated on an hourly basis
    Billing support for customers from 168 countries and regions


Pay in advance and maximize your savings

- Provides you with the option to reserve resources
- One-time charge when you check out
- Monthly and yearly prepaid options
- The longer you reserve servers, the LESS you pay
- Auto-renewal at the end of each billing cycle


Pay only for the resources you consume

- Billing is based on per hour of usage
- Provides flexibility to try Alibaba Cloud products any time
- Charged at the end of each calendar month
- All products are supported
- No termination fee
- No upfront costs