A comprehensive DDoS protection for enterprise to intelligently defend sophisticated DDoS attacks, reduce business loss risks, and mitigate potential security threats.

Anti-DDoS service is based on Alibaba Cloud's global scrubbing centers, combined with intelligent DDoS detection and protection systems developed at Alibaba, automatically mitigates attacks and reinforce the security of your applications, reduce the threat of malicious attacks.

Core Features

Global DDoS Protection Network for Volumetric Attack Mitigation
As the DDoS protection system for Alibaba Group, Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS products have been deployed to scrubbing centers across the globe, serving as a secure network with over 10 Tbit/s total mitigation capacity. Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS mitigates around 2,500 DDoS attacks on a daily basis and succeeded in protecting against a DDoS attack of 1 Tbit/s.
Intelligent Protection against sophisticated attacks
As an AI-Enabled DDoS protection system developed based on big data and machine learning, Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS can automatically mitigate sophisticated DDoS attacks and quickly adjust protection policies based the specific circumstances of an attack. This can help you effectively lower operations and maintenance costs and ensure the stability of your businesses.


Anti-DDoS Premium

Common Protection Solution


  • Over 1Tbps mitigation capacity
  • AI-enabled for mitigating sophisticated attacks
  • Hiding origin server IPs


All Scenarios

Anti-DDoS Enhanced EIP

Anti-DDoS Origin is provided for EIPs in a pay-as-you-go billing mode


  • No requirements for additional DDoS access configurations
  • Support multiple IP addresses, ports, and regions
  • No need to activate the service separately in each region


Gaming Services | Cloud Migration for Services in Data Centers

Anti-DDoS Origin

Protection for multiple IPs or entire networks


  • No need to change the IP of applications
  • Sharing protection in an account
  • Protection supports cloud services and data centers


Online Education | Video Streaming | Data Centers | Enterprise

Features of options

Anti-DDoS Premium

Anti-DDoS Premium diverts network traffic to the Alibaba Cloud global Anti-DDoS network through DNS resolution, mitigates volumetric DDoS attacks and resource exhaustion DDoS attacks.

High-Capacity Network
Anti-DDoS Premium employs global distributed scrubbing centers to provide a protection bandwidth of more than 10 Tbit/s globally.

Comprehensive Protection
Anti-DDoS Premium provides protection at the network, transport, and application layers to mitigate a large variety of attacks.

Original Server Protection
Anti-DDoS Premium provides IP masking for real original server IP addresses and re-inject clean traffic back to Alibaba Cloud ECS, EIP, SLB, and WAF by adopting reverse proxy.

Original Server Load Mitigation
Anti-DDoS Premium reuses connection sessions without any information loss to reduce the workload of the original server and improve efficiency.

Anti-DDoS Origin

Anti-DDoS Origin provides DDoS protection service against volumetric attacks without changing original server IP address based on Alibaba Cloud-Native Anti-DDoS network.

Transparent Deployment
Anti-DDoS Origin prevents DDoS attacks without service architecture change and extra network latency.

Protection Resource Sharing
The protection resources by Anti-DDoS Origin can be shared among cloud services under your account to help you quickly upgrade the overall network security.

Infrastructure Protection
Anti-DDoS Origin supports BGP-based DDoS mitigation, it can protect entire networks in data centers outside Alibaba Cloud or Alibaba Cloud BYOIP (Bring Your Own IP Addresses) resources.

IPv6 Support
Anti-DDoS Origin allows the rapid deployment of IPv6-based Anti-DDoS protection.


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