Community Blog How China Is Different (Part 3) – Security and Compliance

How China Is Different (Part 3) – Security and Compliance

This article provides a brief insight into doing business in China and discusses how you should navigate through China's unique security and compliance policies.

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By Rosa Wang, Staff Solutions Architect

Security in China can be complicated. There are 800+ million Internet users and 1.5+ billion mobile devices in China storing a wealth of personal and financial information, making it a popular target for hackers. These attacks include volumetric attacks like DDOS, TCP connection attacks, application attacks, bot, human bot, spam, phishing, and ISP DNS hijacking.


Alibaba Cloud security technology is used to protect our own business and eco systems as well as our customers. All of our technologies are tested and matured internally at Alibaba before they are made available to our customers as products. Alibaba Cyber Security solutions safeguard the Double 11 Shopping Festival. It protects more than 37% of websites in China, defending Chinese Internet against 50% of daily DDoS attacks. Every day Alibaba Cloud blocks 200 million brute force attacks, 20 million web hacking attacks and 1000 DDoS attacks (source: https://www.alibabacloud.com/blog/safeguarding-the-double-11-shopping-festival-with-powerful-security-technologies_594163).


Globally new cybersecurity regulations come into play every year. The Cyber Security Law of the People's Republic of China came into effect on June 1st 2017. Similar to Europe's GDPR, it sets rules for cross-border data transfer and more. It was enacted to increase cybersecurity and national security, protect the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, legal persons and other organizations.

In the Article 61 of this China Cyber Security Law, failure to require users to provide truthful identity information could lead to a penalty. Article 21 of China Cybersecurity Law requires network operators to perform security protection duties like formulate internal security management systems, determine persons responsible for network security, and implement network security protection responsibility.

Every day, more than 1 billion videos and images are uploaded onto the Internet, and more than 500 million texts are posted on various social networks and media platforms. This huge amount of content is filled with many incontrollable and risky elements, such as adult videos and images, violent and terrorist information, and spam advertisements. As the government is enforcing increasingly strict regulations on these illegal elements, how to reduce and eliminate them has become an important task for all websites and platforms to deal with (source: https://www.alibabacloud.com/help/doc-detail/28417.htm).


Penalty might apply to failure to perform network security protection duties; failure to immediately take remedial measures for security flaws and vulnerabilities; failure to require users to provide truthful identity information; Infringe on personal information or failure to stop the transmission of prohibited information. The most severe penalties for network operators are usually suspension of business or shut down of website.

Alibaba Cyber security compliance solution help you to mitigate network security risks, content security risk, personal information protection, cross-border data transfer by providing vulnerability management and repair, virus and cyber-attack prevention, personnel training, network logs storage, prohibited image, text, video and live streaming recognition, real identity verification, data encryption and data leakage prevention services. Alibaba Cyber security compliance is based on 19+ years of operation experience to make sure you comply with China Cyber Security law.


China is a very different market. Consumer behavior, network infrastructure, security and compliance are all unique in China. Alibaba Cloud offers various differing services to help you be more successful in China.

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