Unified Analytics Warehouse

Vertica combines the power of a high-performance, massively parallel processing SQL query engine with advanced analytics and machine learning so you can unlock the true potential of your data with no limits and no compromises.

  • Analyze in the Right Place

    Analyzing your data not only in place, but in the right place – without data movement – while supporting any major cloud deployment for fast and reliable read and write for multiple data formats.

  • Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics

    Supporting machine learning at scale to transform the way your data scientists and analysts interact with data, while removing barriers and accelerating time to value on predictive analytics projects.

  • Freedom from Underlying Infrastructure

    Future proofing your analytics with the freedom to deploy anywhere – on commodity hardware, across multiple clouds, and natively on any major Hadoop distribution.

  • Performance at Exabyte Scale

    Bridging the gap between high-cost legacy EDWs and Hadoop data lakes with signature blazing fast ANSI SQL query execution at extreme scale.

The Race for a Unified Analytics Warehouse

The Convergence of Data Warehouse and Data Lake

When Hadoop vendors entered the market with the concept of data lakes, they presented a challenge to existing enterprise data warehouse (EDW) providers. Data lakes drew a lot of attention, but businesses quickly realized that it takes much more than a lake full of data to add business value. However, many EDW players recognized that this new idea of data lakes wasn’t going away. So the race between data warehouse and data lake began.

  • With Vertica, you don’t have to choose. Vertica lets you optimize your data and queries with the intelligence of an analytical data warehouse, and you can access vast stores of HDFS data, where it currently resides, and your analytics will run in record time, with columnar speed.

  • In a new white paper by the analyst group Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), Vertica’s “Unified Analytics Warehouse” is described as follows: “Instead of replicating the data in Vertica to run a query, Vertica can access the data directly in HDFS or S3 object storage. This eliminates the need for data storage duplication and enables much quicker answers to questions requiring both data stored in Vertica and in other data platforms.”

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