Internet Shared Bandwidth provides regional bandwidth sharing and reuse capability. After creating an Internet Shared Bandwidth instance, you can add all Elastic IP Addresses (EIPs) in the same region to the instance to achieve centralized management of Internet traffic. You can also enjoy a peak bandwidth at the Gbit/s level.


  • Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) paths with high bandwidth and high quality
    • Up to 89 high-quality BGP paths are available around the globe.
    • The bandwidth of an Internet Shared Bandwidth instance can reach 100 Gbit/s.
  • Centralized management of Internet traffic

    You can add an EIP to an Internet Shared Bandwidth instance from the same region. The EIP then becomes a pure public IP address and uses the bandwidth of the Internet Shared Bandwidth instance. In this way, you can manage and monitor Internet traffic in an easier and centralized manner.