Elastic IP Address

EIPs are independent public IP address resources, which allow you to decouple public IP addresses
from ECS instances and facilitate management.

Independent IP Resource & Flexible Management

An EIP is a NAT IP address that is located in the Internet gateway of Alibaba Cloud and mapped to the associated cloud resource through NAT. After a cloud resource is associated with an EIP, the cloud resource can communicate with the Internet through the EIP.

● A public IP address that can be independently owned
● Works with ECS instances, NAT gateways, and internal-facing SLB instances in a VPC
● Associates with a cloud resource or disassociates from a cloud resource when necessary
● Allows you to migrate IP addresses to Alibaba Cloud with insignificant changes to the system architecture


  • High Availability

    A high-availability architecture that eliminates single points of failure and supports cross-zone disaster recovery and automatic failover

  • High-Speed Access from Different ISPs

    You can use 89 high-quality BGP lines worldwide, and EIP bandwidth plans to increase the BGP bandwidth to 100 Gbit/s.

  • Flexible Billing Methods

    Supports the pay-by-data-transfer metering method and data transfer plans. Supports the pay-by-bandwidth metering method, subscription billing method, and EIP bandwidth plans

  • Abundant IP Addresses

    Supports contiguous IP addresses and allows you to retrieve specific IP addresses you have released

Features & Plans

Elastic IP Address

One IP address can implement high-speed access from different ISPs, establish standby connections, and perform failover


  • High-speed and stable lines deployed around the world
  • Scalability within seconds
  • Contiguous and specified IP addresses


Video Entertainment | Online Education | Gaming | Online Marketing

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Elastic IP Address - China (Hong Kong) BGP (Multi-ISP) Pro

Web services deployed in China (Hong Kong) can reduce the network latency for Mainland China users.


  • Connects directly to Mainland China with low latency
  • Easy configurations and out-of-the-box features
  • Free Anti-DDoS Origin Basic
  • Scalability within seconds


Real-Time Audio & Video | Internet Finance | Game Acceleration

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Elastic IP Address - (BYOIP)

Migrates your IPv4 addresses to Alibaba Cloud


  • Migrate your IP addresses to Alibaba Cloud
  • Hundreds of BGP lines worldwide
  • Unlimited anycast protection worldwide
  • Works with ECS/NAT/SLB


Workloads Migration to the cloud | Cross-Country Network Acceleration | Hybrid Cloud

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Migrate IPv4 addresses to Alibaba Cloud and reuse elastic bandwidth

1. The whitelist services and system architecture depend on IP addresses, regulations, and compliance requirements.
2. The current network connections have high network latency and poor scalability, and cannot meet market requirements.

Elastic IP Address allows you to:

  • Migrate public IP addresses to Alibaba Cloud without changes. This reduces migration costs and losses

Use anycast to achieve Internet acceleration worldwide

Application servers are deployed in Area A, and users are located in Area B. Users require real-time interactions and low network latency.

Elastic IP Address allows you to:

  • Provide real-time interactive services for users in different countries worldwide and improves the user experience

Reduce network latency for Mainland China users

Since web services are deployed in China (Hong Kong) and users are in Mainland China, network latency is high.

Elastic IP Address allows you to:

  • Optimize access for Mainland China users

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      Building a Global Network Architecture on Alibaba Cloud

      Alibaba Cloud offers a wide selection of services in major business centers worldwide. You can build a global network architecture across your key regions and use CEN to establish reliable connections between these regions, providing a smooth user experience for your customers worldwide.

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      Deploying Multi-Regional Applications on Alibaba Cloud

      This solution helps you deploy applications in multiple regions, connect regional networks to a central internal network, migrate an Express Connect-based deployment to a CEN-based deployment, and deploy replication between multiple cross-regional ApsaraDB for RDS database systems.


      Bring Your Own IP Addresses (BYOIP)

      This solution allows enterprises to bring their own public IPv4 address ranges from on-premises networks to their Alibaba Cloud accounts. Enterprises own their address ranges, but Alibaba Cloud advertises the address ranges on the Internet by default.

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