09:00 - 10:00(UTC+07) On Live On demand On Demand

Function Compute & Serverless Computing

Building Enterprise-grade serverless cloud applications to deliver business logic and actionable intelligence. Learn how to make the best of a fully hosted and serverless running environment that takes away the need to manage infrastructure such as servers and enables developers to focus on writing and uploading code.

Max Dasuki

Solutions Architect Lead, Alibaba Cloud

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10:00 - 11:00(UTC+07) On Live On demand On Demand

Kubernetes and Alibaba Cloud's high-performance Container Service

Container Service is a high-performance and scalable container application management service that enables you to use Kubernetes to manage the lifecycle of containerized applications.

Eric Purwoko

Solutions Architect, Alibaba Cloud

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11:00 - 12:00(UTC+07) On Live On demand On Demand

Alibaba Cloud Security Solutions - Protecting Your Data on the Cloud

An overview of Alibaba Cloud's security solutions that include Anti-DDoS security, Web Application Firewall (WAF), mobile security, and access management that help organizations safeguard their data and overcome all types of security threats while enjoying the benefits of developing technologies.

Gin Zhu

Solutions Architect, Alibaba Cloud Singapore

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13:00-14:00(UTC+07) On Live On demand On Demand

Alibaba Cloud Data Warehouse and Data Visualization

Big Data and Analytics are commonly-used buzz words nowadays and many times people are still confused about what exactly can be achieved with these technologies. This session we will use a number of our solutions such as MaxCompute and DataV to demonstrate the power of Big Data and present a high-level overview of Alibaba Cloud's approach with architecture design.

Alex Zhang

Solutions Architect, Alibaba Cloud

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14:00-15:00(UTC+07) On Live On demand On Demand

Diving into big data - Alibaba Cloud EMR Hadoop

In this session, we will be introducing Alibaba Cloud EMR which is an all-in-one enterprise-ready big data platform that provides cluster, job, and data management services based on open-source ecosystems such as Hadoop.

Eggy Tanuwijaya

Solutions Architect, Alibaba Cloud

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15:00-16:00(UTC+07) On Live On demand On Demand

Quick Start guide of Machine Learning and Data Analysis in Alibaba Cloud

Big Data and AI are two of the most popular terms of recent times. In this course, we will not only introduce how these technologies are linked in Alibaba Cloud but how they have paved the way for the technological progress we have come to expect to help us to win the second half of the internet era.

Derek Meng

Technical Training Instructor

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Elastic Compute Service

An online computing service that offers elastic and secure virtual cloud servers to cater to all your cloud hosting needs.

Alibaba Cloud Databases

Fully managed and less trouble database services

Anti-DDoS Premium

Protect against global DDoS attacks


A scalable and high-performance content delivery service for the accelerated distribution of content to users across the globe.


A secure environment for offline data development, with powerful Open APIs, to create an ecosystem for redevelopment.

Machine Learning Platform for AI

An end-to-end platform that provides various machine learning algorithms to meet your data mining and analysis requirements.


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